SNHU 2016 University College | Speaker: Kelsey Carnell

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SNHU 2016 University College | Speaker: Kelsey Carnell

Thank you,
President LeBlanc. President LeBlanc, Provost Lynott,
Dean Lorrenz, faculty, friends, family, loved ones,
and the class of 2016 – welcome to commencement. This is it, guys. This is the day we’ve all been waiting
for and working for since preschool. Today on paper, all your hard
work, goals, and schoolwork will be recognized as we walk across
that stage and become SNHU alum. As I think back to myself,
senior year of high school, opening my SNHU acceptance
letter with confetti flying, a large pen and pendant,
I can’t believe that these four years have flown by so fast. But they are the years
that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’ve met some of my best friends,
learned a lot about myself and others, taken many
challenging classes, been exposed to diverse
cultures and people, been on trips and conferences
to places I would’ve never imagined, and met some amazing mentors,
professors, and people. As we’ve all paved different
paths for ourself and written our own SNHU story,
we all share one thing. That is Penman pride
and the love for SNHU. My friends sometimes joke
with me because I could talk for days about the world-class
education that SNHU offered me and all of my amazing positive
experiences in my short four years, but I’ll limit myself
to 500 words for your sake. We all share the pride
of being an SNHU student, receiving a diploma, and we all
went through the emotional rollercoaster
of college together. Back freshmen year, when we
were greeted by a swarm of orientation leaders
that helped us move in and made it seem so effortless,
to the orientation welcoming programs, that made us scared little freshmen
already feel so welcome and embraced by
the SNHU community, and, of course, those late nights
at Library Learning Commons. SNHU has provided me
with endless opportunities, and it is up to us to use what we’ve
learned and the opportunities given to us to succeed
in life after college. Don’t be afraid to step out
of your comfort zone. I want to challenge you today
to get out of your comfort zone. You have so much incredible
potential on the inside. As we walk across that stage today,
remember all you’ve accomplished, memories last forever, and
sadly, that SNHU student ID won’t work anymore
as your lifesaver. Naps will be limited. No one can cook an omelette
as good as Fast Eddie. And college is the
time of your life. Celebrate, remember,
and embrace the day because Class of 2016 –
today is your day. So please, believe in yourself,
know your greatness, and take pride in
your accomplishments. I wish you guys all the best
of luck in your future endeavors and know that you
always have the incredible faculty, staff, family and friends
that had your back as it did when you were
students on campus. Congratulations SNHU Alum. Welcome to adulthood. Show them who’s boss. Thank you.

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