SNHU Earns 10th Consecutive “Great Colleges to Work For” Award

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SNHU Earns 10th Consecutive “Great Colleges to Work For” Award

Even a bad day working here it’s still a
great day. This place actually allows you to dream and bring your ideas into
fruition. The thirst for knowledge and understanding of this global community
that we have is just it’s a cool thing to be a part of.
I’ve always felt comfortable and expected here. Independent of background
people are trying to get the job done trying to the best thing for the
University. Everyone believes that we are here for our students.
The success of the employees is the success of students. That changed my life
to know what it’s like to work in an environment like that, to work for an
institution that really believes in what we do and lives it every day! When we think about mattering we often
think about that in terms of our mission what we do every day at work, what drives
us, but we also think about that in terms of what happens outside of work, what
happens in our community. The university gives every employee a volunteer day.
The organization allows every employee to have eight hours a year of volunteer
time off so that is time that every employee is paid to go out to the
community and contribute to something different. Every day
I come to work knowing that we make a difference. It’s not just about our
internal community and who we are as a University, it’s about who we are in the
world and how we want to be citizens in the world. It’s something that, you know,
we’re proud to be a part of. We serve tens of thousands of students
today, tens of thousands, and this is our tenth year on the list. Here’s to ten

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