South Carolina Connections Academy Online School Overview Video

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South Carolina Connections Academy Online School Overview Video

South Carolina Connections Academy is a
public charter virtual school serving students in grades K through 12 across
South Carolina. What I believe is great about South Carolina Connections Academy
is our ability to reach students throughout the state of South Carolina
and offer them an educational curriculum that is second to none. We like
everything about South Carolina Connections Academy. It’s everything that
we had hoped for it gives our children the opportunity to grow at their pace, to
learn at their pace, and to continue to be the best that they can be. Today we
are celebrating Fall Festival, we’re spending time with our students and our
families, and engaging with them and getting to know them a little bit better. The difference with South Carolina
Connections Academy is the relationship that the teachers build with their
students and the fact that students genuinely get personalized learning in
our environment. We are a close-knit family of educators and a close-knit
family of teachers and students. We do build very close relationships with them
through phone calls, through LiveLesson, through web mails, I’ve been at
South Carolina Connections Academy for about seven years since the teachers
know me. Through the live lessons they’re very interactive with all the other
students and it’s very fun. South Carolina Connections Academy helps me be
better in school by letting me come on tack my teachers whenever I need to, and
to be able to work at my own pace. One thing that’s different about South Carolina Connections Academy versus other schools I’ve worked at is the amazing amount of
flexibility students have. If they want to pursue a sport or dance or something
outside of education they can do that while doing schoolwork at the same time
so it works well for them. You have all of the resources they’re provided for
you. The teachers are always there is a backup to provide support and
opportunities for the child. We work together to make sure that we’re
supporting students and we make sure that we are fostering a positive school
culture so that we can provide the best learning opportunities for our students.
we’ve just been so happy with the teachers the staff and everything about

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