Southern New Hampshire University Staff Thank a Nurse Hero during National Nurses Week

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Nurses are some of the most inspiring and
positive individuals. They always just make you feel like it’s going
to be okay, regardless of what okay means in the end. They come in, they talk to you, they get to
know you as a person. They comfort people and make them feel better
in the worst times in their lives. Nurses have to deliver hard news to families
and their patients. They have very sharp minds, they’re very care-giving. Friendly, they’re always willing to help and
listen to you. Most of them I’ve met are funny! They have a good sense of humor. My stepmother and my grandmother were both
nurses. They continued to provide exceptional care
to all their patients, regardless of what they were going through themselves. My mom actually was diagnosed with stage four
breast cancer. The nurses really went out of their way to
help her, and in turn, help our family. So it really showed me that it really is more
than just a job to a lot of these nurses. Just over a year ago, I actually suffered
a traumatic brain injury. I saw one of the nurses up there that was
with my neurologist. She is one of the biggest heroes in my life
and she probably has no idea. Nurses are heroes because they’re on the front
line of it. They put others first and are truly invested
into others’ well-beings, even if they’re complete strangers. I think it takes a special person to be a
nurse. I think it’s important for every nurse to
know that they matter. They’re amazing. Nurses are amazing.

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