Sparks Fly At Third Dem Debate – Colbert’s LIVE Monologue


Sparks Fly At Third Dem Debate – Colbert’s LIVE Monologue

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100 thoughts on “Sparks Fly At Third Dem Debate – Colbert’s LIVE Monologue”

  1. Quality Unquality says:

    A Trump reelection becomes more and more clear everyday

  2. brikrantz1 says:

    2:40 – Laughed myself out of my chair! Thanks, Stephen. Your commentary is more important than these fucktard debates will ever be.

  3. brikrantz1 says:

    3:30 – Leave Uncle Joe alone. He's been thru a lot of shit and shouldn't be running for Prez. Too much shit to clean up, so let him retire and vote for Bernie. OR, let him be Bernie's running mate and he can be VP again, if that's constitutional? Have we done that yet?

  4. brikrantz1 says:

    9:53 – Did anyone else hear Mr. Batiste comment "with all the guns"? Love that guy. He's got a great gig, but won't suck the corporate dick like the programmers have to.

  5. Vinotag says:

    Can't wait to vote for Trump!

  6. Geoffrey Cass says:

    Who doesn't think Trump is the dumbest president you Americans ever had? nROOR hit the button!
    Who will ever have a good word for the Repulsive Republicans again?

  7. Michael Cmar says:

    This dude must be a Italian cuz he talks of his hands so much

  8. Mahin S says:

    Bernie2020 <3

  9. Jason McKenzie says:

    I wish Stephen would give Bernie more support. He does a great impression though.

  10. Salina Mcmaster says:

    Finger licking bad lol

  11. Billy Mech says:

    We get it colbert Sanders was sick…. Jesus..

  12. GGR TheMostGodless says:

    Has anyone remarked on how similar the president of Mexico and Bernie Sanders are??… even on policy they are very similar.

  13. Hannah Brading says:

    Colbert can do that Biden voice though

  14. Daniel Mitchell says:

    I think Stephen is secretly a Bernie bro.

  15. meh! says:

    I love his drinking game.

  16. readyandsettochangeplace says:


  17. Eduardo Michel says:

    Yang gang

  18. readyandsettochangeplace says:


  19. Michael Hernandez says:

    It’s not really funny if he keeps on making jokes and giving no one true perscpective on the debate

  20. Vinh Tran says:

    Biden is a nicer version of trump. But everything else is just as bad as Trump. Forgetful. Stutter. Ineffective communicator. slow on his feet. Not very smart to be running for president. His high poll is because he’s living off Obama shadow and Obama’s voters.

  21. WAIMATE TE RIPI says:


  22. Matthieu PERRON says:

    You're soooo corrupted Stephen it's not even subtle 😂

  23. Frank Forster says:

    Anything to get rid off Trump but frankly, I don't trust Biden either. I trust him not to be a racist wannabe dictator who'd sell out the country for his own benefit to Saudi Arabia or Russia but that's about it. Biden can't defend himself in a solid way and I got no faith he could be great at fighting for American interests. Kinda shocked he's called the frontrunner

  24. Fredy Rosales says:

    Donate to Bernie.

  25. ALIEN CHASE says:

    Bernie Sanders. So be it. ♥️

  26. FlexyyR6 says:

    im seriously struggling to laugh at his so called jokes

  27. Zaya says:

    Love this! It's funny when you make fun of all the politicians

  28. Marc Templer says:

    As for Colbert's closing comment – "Good luck with that!"

  29. rolback says:

    Looking forward to watching this propaganda show after President Trump gets re-elected.

  30. Verity says:

    All Colbert's little lefty lemmings scurry to his show after any news event to check if their thoughts match his. Then they adjust accordingly. Eco chamber dimwits!

  31. Nigel Van Buskirk says:

    You can tell who Colbert's writers and staff are being paid to support. Support Warren unconditionally, trash Biden at every chance, play Harris' slurs coincidentally after drinking alcohol on screen, misrepresent Yang and DO NOT TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY, and playfully jab at Sanders without really commenting on his performance

  32. Anos Anosn says:

    Biden is a joke, honestly. lol.

  33. Donna Campbell says:

    I will NOT vote for Biden!

  34. Luis Avila says:

    can't wait for 2020 to see you lib bitches cry again haha

  35. Zabro Zeiro says:

    Doctor Emmett Lathrop "Doc" Brown" the inventor of the DeLorean time machine or better know as crazy bern totally out of meds 😹😹😹

  36. Micah Buzan says:

    If Sanders wins we'll have our first female president.

  37. FromLeft says:

    I could live with Yang, Bernie or Warren no one else worth it.

  38. Sharon Wood says:

    I got to ask, Stephen, what does Sanders think about you sounding like him? It’s damn good

  39. Seetiyan says:

    Lol! Stephen, you're having ENTIRELY too much fun with the Sanders jokes.

  40. Xeccelerator says:

    12:41 And that person is Bernie Sanders. He is our only hope.

  41. MrDostoeyevsky says:

    Yang 2020 🇺🇸

  42. Austin Butler says:

    I'm really curious to know what that black lady running for president in the blue suit was going to say after the interviewer just totally burned her Ass. Sorry I don't know either of their names. But if anyone has a link to a video clip of what she said in response to that really damping question please put in the response to this comment. Thank you.

  43. Aaron DiDonato says:

    I'm no Yang supporter, but you're being so disingenuous and intellectually dishonest here it's ENRAGING. If a presidential candidate says people are too obsessed with money (clearly implying because they don't have enough) and his solution is to give you $1000 on top of whatever income you have, that is obviously A REAL SOLUTION TO A REAL PROBLEM. I love you, but on this, fuck you!

  44. omambia nelson says:

    You people are mean to uncle Sanders. He is the best candidate.

  45. Ben Frank says:

    This man does a spotless Bernie even when he’s got a sore throat!!!!

  46. Biggus Dickus says:

    Biden, Front Sleep Runner. Another non winning ticket like that Hilary. Wall street democrats do not want to win, they are more comfortable with trump as "president" than their own candidates.

  47. Jacqueline White says:

    Biden is a huge mistake, I believe that he is not on the side of the American people, he’s on the side of the rich American people. Bernie is the one you need, he will do right by the American people, you know, the people who work hard for their money. But I’m willing to bet that the Democrats will go with Biden, he talks their talk, you know……rich person talk.

  48. Biggus Dickus says:

    I am voting for Andrew Yang, Sanders, or warren.

  49. Jacqueline White says:

    If more people ate a plant based diet the Amazon wouldn’t be burning right now. The reason the Amazon is burning is because the animal farmers are burning to clear the forest to have animals on the land and to grow crops to feed animals that will be killed for people to eat them. That is a fact.

  50. Igor Schmidlapp says:

    This is much funnier than the DEAD monologues…. ;-P

  51. Rivera Robert says:

    Lmao that bernie impression

  52. CoraMendi says:

    Could someone please teach Booker how to pronounce "no" in Spanish? We're a poor language señor: when we write only one vowel, we say only one vowel.

  53. ExotikZBoy17 says:

    That was a great Bernie impression.

  54. Brigette Anderson says:

    Notice that the ONE candidate that he didn't poke a lot of fun at is Elizabeth Warren!!! That's because she's actually a serious contender who doesn't come off like an accidental comedian during the debate!!! Warren 2020!!!!

  55. Éamonn Síoċáin says:

    Biden is not the frontrunner. He can't garner the under 30 vote or the EC vote.

  56. peixe coruja says:

    Please, Americans: Biden is a sure loser. Go with Bernie or Warren.

  57. Rene Suarez says:

    Stephen Colbert should stop this nonsense already and just run for President in 2020! He's the only one who can counter Trump's hate-filled rhetoric with thoughtfulness, intelligence, and most importantly, biting wit!

  58. Na ya says:

    I won't say no to President Sanders if it comes down to it, but where my Warren gang at?

  59. obsever viewer says:

    Biden Never visited my city and community in 2016 …just saying.

  60. Shaneb73 says:

    I can’t fucking STAND THIS MORON, ASSCLOWN!!!! He’s such a complete DOUCHEBAG!!!🖕🖕🖕

  61. elliott cook says:

    President Yang all the way

  62. Laura Douglass says:

    Why does whenever Andrew Yang speak it sounds like a shark tank pitch

  63. littleblueclovers says:

    I am ready for a president Sanders!

  64. A. Q. says:


  65. Coffee Cats Kimchi says:

    Colbert: No one likes Castro making old people jokes.

    Also Colbert: BERNIE THO AMIRITE?

  66. Ádám Arany says:


  67. Multi Lito says:

    The media is managing this campaign as they always do, they know Bernie is coming for them and all of a sudden the polls show him as second or third. He is #1 people don't let them discourage you. Make your vote matter!

  68. Andrés Fincher says:

    "the president" YES HE IS!!!!!!!!

  69. Scorpius Jones says:

    Bernie bros are as bad as trump supporters.

  70. YJM YJM says:

    I think I got quiplash from these debates

  71. G. P. says:

    Colbert was too hard with Kamala Harris. So she said the guy in "The Wizard of Oz". The point was, he wasn't a wizard at all, just a con artist, which is exactly what Trumpf is.

  72. Kemoshea says:

    I understand treating all of them equally, but Stephen is better than making fun of people for things they cannot help, especially someone working as hard as Bernie Sanders.

  73. 55karatekid says:

    Colbert is on fire, nearly broke down at work

  74. Drew Berry says:

    We're doomed look in the seat in front of you for the pamphlet to see what to do

  75. Ata Maden says:

    literally no jabs at warren smh

  76. B McB says:

    Question for any americans in the house…would that 1000 dividend even cover healthcare insurance for a family for a month?

  77. charbel maroun says:

    These polls they keep saying that Biden , is leading in the polls? How in the fuck is that true, like people listen to this guy and think that’s def my guy? Wtf

  78. Garrett Crenshaw says:

    That "freedom dividend" sounds super ridiculous… 😂😂😂

  79. Edforres says:

    I’m sorry but Biden just doesn’t seem in fit condition to become president, my man is really old and forgetful. But you and Obama were a great combo while it lasted

  80. Aika240 says:

    The only things he could tease burnie about is that he needs a losenge and looks like doc brown. That says a lot. Why is Joe called the front runner?

  81. Steve Nakamura says:

    Yang is the smartest guy in the lineup. Sick of the same old political BS word salad.

  82. FalloutJack says:

    The Day After Tomorrow can't be today. Number one, it was a shitty movie. Number two, nothing that rapid and cold has even been seen in Antarctica. And number three, it was a shitty movie. I'm not downplaying the climate problem, just Hollywood's interpretation of it. Let us not borrow inspiration from shitty movies for real life events.

  83. Josny13 says:

    Well, "the guy in 'The wizard of Oz' " is probably the correct way of saying it. For "the wizard of Oz" was a fictional character even in their fictional universe. The small dude was pretending to be him, but there is no wizard of oz. There is only the small dude.
    Whereas, in Rambo, the guy in Rambo is actually Rambo. But, funny joke I guess.

    10:00 This guy clearly never heard of being caught up in a war without starting it.
    "Do you have a time machine?" Another "funny" joke, but for all I know, his point with that statement was: "Well it sux that it was actually started. Now we have to be "caught up" in it and deal with it appropriately. Though ideally, I should never have even happened."

  84. freakbag420 says:

    Hes old as shit but he fights for a good cause. Leave the old man his health alone

  85. Pepe Raphael says:

    I would appreciate if he would show some respect for Bernie, he could be his dad and he's working harder than Stephen ever will probably work on anything.

  86. MrTry says:

    11:57 so Biden got technological when talking about education? Are you sure there Stephen? It wasn’t about racial issues? Stop batting for Biden

  87. Thorn Bush says:

    Betto….Does the Second Amendment mean anything to you? You so easily think that removing guns from millions of responsible gun owners who have not and will not go on a shooting rampage will solve the real issue of mental health deficiency? The ratio of responsible gun owners to mentally sick individuals who have gone off the rails, is staggering. These mentally ill individuals will use any means possible to cause the harm they want to inflict, be it guns, cars, bombs, who knows where their sick minds deviate to. Instead of jumping on that "they love the gun control" issue which you think will give you the win, you should focus on the real issue if you want to make some difference. Because, the "hell yea we are coming for your guns" is not gonna work out real well. No gun owners are saying.."ok Beto…here you go". But don't you have body guards around you that carry guns? How dare you think that your security is more important than the rest of us!!!

  88. Valsorim24 says:

    Yang is trying to bribe his way in!

  89. doedicurus says:

    "Everything revolves around the almighty dollar" was a fact, not a moral argument. Was Colbert hoping Yang wish that away rather than work within the system? Not a good look Colbert.

  90. Molly Spurgeon says:

    What state are we in when we're making fun of having too many plans?!

  91. Molly Spurgeon says:

    I'd rather an old dude who has the mannerisms of an old man than the brain. If the words come out make sense then it's not a big deal if they're in a voice of an snl character. Lol

  92. Kathleen McKee says:


  93. nawlulu says:

    Berni is too old ,and always angry . He needs free healthcare desperately.
    Biden is always forgotten to say the right words .
    Yang thinks everything will happen with the money.
    Latinos are not fit to be a president . Look what they have done to Mexico.
    Beto has a big mouth . Hope he will not be shot.
    Harris has a dirty mouth . It’s not presidential speech *Little dude *.
    Warren has hypertension . She needs to see psychiatrist.
    Cory Book is Fast and Furious. He should be in ICE instead.
    Amy looks like she needs help herself.
    So no democrat will win in 2020 😢

  94. Spencer Calvert says:

    I can’t wait till there are no more jokes about president trump. I am positive we will have just as many great jokes about the impeached trump we just won’t have to be crying inside.

  95. Spencer Calvert says:

    Bernie has one of the healthiest hearts out there his arteries are clean the rest are ticking time bombs.

  96. Tayce Sells says:

    I love how Biden predicted the future by accidentally calling Bernie the president.

  97. asionline says:

    6:40 Joe Biden old man..

  98. Timothy Lee says:

    "phlegmsalvania"? The writers should go work the for tRUMP administration. If the facts don't fit the joke, just make shit up. Senator Sanders is from VERMONT. What the hell, neither state is NYC so it really doesn't matter. Colbert sucks, he's a one trick pony.

  99. kinikia says:

    I don't get why Pete buttigieg isn't doing better. He has the perfect background and when he talks he makes sense.

  100. Steve D says:

    Biden is a sad sack.

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