Spotlight on Science Learning Online Video

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Spotlight on Science Learning Online Video

Amgen Canada in partnership with Let’s Talk Science has just released the first Spotlight on Science Learning. This is a report that looks at key indicators in STEM learning, which is science, technology, engineering, and math, and what it revealed is that while Canada is strong in terms of performance, we’re weak in terms of size. It turns out kids are dropping science throughout the system, and in fact by the time they leave high school the majority do not have the prerequisites for university, college, or apprenticeship programs related to science. Children love science, and yet what happens is sometimes along the way, that love is lost. Now what we want to do is bring back the passion for science. Remember what I said, the black one touch the black one, the red one touch the red one. [laughter] Oh, stop mucking around! We simply must invest more in science learning programs that motivate and inspire young people and help them to see the diverse careers that would be available to them if they do have a background in science. As a brewmaster, science plays a very important role in my everyday life. I wouldn’t be able to complete my daily tasks without using science a dozen times during the day, so science is very important. Creating a culture in Canada that supports science learning demands collective action. We need to work together. It’s a shared responsibility between youth, parents, educators, industry, and government to make this become a reality. And as countries around the world are rising to this challenge, it’s critical for Canada to do exactly the same.

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