Stanford researchers help close achievement gap in online courses


Stanford researchers help close achievement gap in online courses

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Humanities Project is about bringing large
classes of students into Special Collections to
use manuscripts, archives, rare books, materials
that usually are not available for those
kinds of courses. It’s very easy to
bring a classroom of 10 students, 15 students,
small discussion classes to the archives. And so the question
became, is it possible to bring 60 students
to Special Collections, 150 students to Special Collections? And this isn’t going
to be a show and tell. This is going to be
materials out on the tables. These are going to
be students trying to develop their own
questions and problems. And it’s going to be a context
in which we, the instructors, have not read every single page
of every single primary source the way that would be true if
this were a reader that you buy at the bookstore. I always compare that
experience to really digging in your grandmother’s
attic, which is something that I think a lot
of people do just in the course of
their own life– is that they turn up
in interesting things from another time period. I think that’s one of the
really exciting things that you get to do in
historical research which it’s hard to really
duplicate in the classroom. It’ll be a lot easier
here in the library. We’re really pushing this
idea of the laboratory for the humanist in a sense this
really is kind of benchwork. Really encouraging
collaboration, really encouraging exploration,
and asking students to connect history with
their surroundings. Special Collections and all
of the other rich archival holdings of this campus become
the “primary source reader.” My students will
come nine times out of 10 weeks to
Special Collections. 60 students will spend
basically every week of the course in one way or
another at Special Collections. By the end of it,
let’s make that as common as a cool
glass of water. For more, please visit
us at

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  1. Shawn Afshar says:

    they should start to offer online bachelor degree programs

  2. Allen A says:

    i like this guy, he might even be clever

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