StarDing the online literacy tool for Primary Schools

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StarDing the online literacy tool for Primary Schools

We see when a student logs in
they see the task that I have set. A traffic
light where the student can give information to the teacher about how they are getting
on. So if they were to click the red traffic light the alert is sent to the teacher or
the parent in real time. On the teacher’s screen if they click in here
we can see that Tom Smith is writing and we can see that he needs help and this is
very useful for parents who are away from home or while children are doing their home
work or for the teacher in the class working with children in the class with different
abilities. The teacher can leave feedback.
The teacher submits the feedback. it’s been submitted
successfully. Teacher goes into published work because Tom has published his work. Teacher
will now decide to give feedback with a star and teacher is going to give a star. And a Star is given.
and if Tom goes in here to my stars. Tom will see that his teacher has given him a star.
So we have red for teacher and we will see Tom getting his star and his ding in real
time. Scrolls down he looks at his examples, his
last saved work, published work, and we look at his feedback and we see there that he has
got a StarDing from his teacher.

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