Stossel: Entrepreneur Saves Free College Courses from Government Ban


Stossel: Entrepreneur Saves Free College Courses from Government Ban

College costs a fortune. Most Americans can’t afford tuition. Fortunately some colleges now put their professors lectures online so everyone can learn. Here’s a sample How we derive energy from triglyceride This Berkeley video makes chemistry interesting. because carbon and hydrogen are nonpolar those are insoluble For five years anyone could access 20,000 videos on Berkeley’s website. But then President Obama’s Justice Department sent Berkeley this threatening letter Berkeley’s in violation of title 2 The Attorney General may initiate a lawsuit. It’s all because of a well intended law called the Americans with Disabilities Act. Both blatant and subtle discrimination A young Al Gore pushed for that law. President Bush senior signed it. Both parties applauded. Who wouldn’t? Who could object to a law that says “No individual with a disability shall be denied the benefits of services? But as usual, the good intentions had unintended consequences. All lectures are being deleted so now no one can access them. Berkeley took its videos down because closed captioning is expensive. It has to be done by a person who listens and then types out each word. Computers can transcribe cheaply but they’re lousy at it. When a Harvard video said “on our campus”, it was transcribed as “hot Kampen good”. Our experienced transcriptionists will perfectly transcribe your recordings. Berkeley didn’t want to spend millions on companies like this, so it blocked everyone from seeing its lectures. Everyone’s treated equally. Hearing people have no advantage over the deaf. Nobody gets to see the videos. Government equality police doing their work. But fortunately the videos will survive, thanks to the internet and pissed off entrepreneurs like Jeremy Kaufman. We’re gonna keep it available. Kaufman downloaded all the Berkeley videos before they were taken down and reposted them to his web site LBRY, spelled funny. The Justice Department might say you’re making life tougher for deaf people. I don’t think anyone thinks that it wouldn’t be better if stuff were subtitled for deaf people but at the same time it’s ridiculous to say this content can’t be available unless it’s subtitled for deaf people. Kaufman says he wants to help deaf people but when closed captioning costs millions, Is that a reason that content shouldn’t be available to everyone? Do you want to put a gun to someone’s face and say caption those videos? It’s absurd. It is absurd. But what government does is often absurd. Thank goodness for the internet and people like Kaufman, someone willing to spend his own money to keep information free.

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14 thoughts on “Stossel: Entrepreneur Saves Free College Courses from Government Ban”

  1. Christopher Michaud says:

    Thanks Obama for discriminating against people who can hear. Idiot!

  2. Joseph Farhat says:

    UC Berkeley is a joke of a educational Institution. They stonewalled the First Amendment. Literally an event called Free Speech week was locked down because of them and their intolerance for a difference of opinion F Berkeley

  3. Talha Ahmed says:

    Now if only libry credits became relevant lol

  4. Jimmyduudah says:

    Still the Government has achieved its aim here. Those vids are not on YouTube anymore. Most people will not know to go to LBRY to get them, and so they are in effect unavailable to the majority. The likes of Obama want you to go to Uni so that you are in debt for the rest of your life and thus can be controlled more easily should the need arise, and you come under the influence of the Left wing bias that pervades education.

  5. Eileen the Crow says:

    Ban stairs because they're hard for wheelchair access!

    building catches fire and everybody dies


  6. Warren Sal says:

    so you oppress everyone to make them equal, only in America

  7. Eileen Mynes says:

    So that's why the Harvard videos I was watching disappeared!

  8. Some SJW Male Feminist's Balls says:

    Everyone who isn't legally retarded must have brain matter removed until they are.

  9. Leone Maledetto says:

    Who is John galt?

  10. grant macneil says:

    fuck is up with that mustache.

  11. John Haubrich says:

    YouTube has a new CC feature that automatically adds captioning based on the audio track. AI saves the day again!

  12. TotEl says:


    People who seek to destroy oppurtunity to succeed because not everyone can access it are the worst.

  13. Lee Allen says:

    Is closed captioning available to hearing impaired students that attend the actual lectures?
    Maybe we should shut down all universities that doesn't do real time closed captioning that appears below the speaker. Since that technology doesn't exist then it isn't possible and hearing impaired should get a hearing amplification device and they can also do the same on the internet.

  14. hbarudi says:

    LBRY looks good and how it is saving all those videos to keep lectures available freely. But it requires downloading an entire file just to be able to watch it which is not good for hard drive space. But also where are those free online college lectures? I could not find them in LBRY, just became a refuge location to anything removed from youtube?

  15. Mason Stenehjem says:

    Thank you John Stossel

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