Student Athlete Bio – Tiara Filbert | Daemen College


Student Athlete Bio – Tiara Filbert | Daemen College

– You know, you’re always
looking to better yourself as a person and you always
wanna try and do better than you did the semester before and always looking to gain more knowledge and gain more experience
in whatever you know life may throw at you down the road. (upbeat music) My name is Tiara Filbert, and I am studying health and promotions with a specialization
with health and fitness. I am on the women’s basketball
team and I am a captain. I’ve been into basketball
since as long as I could walk, I come from a basketball related
background with my family. It’s always my go to sport, my
main sport that I’ve played, and it also just allows
you to try to kinda get out any frustrations or any
type of mental blocks you may have at that time. You know, going to the gym
is just like the one place you know you can be and you
can do what you do best. I felt excited when I came to Daemen as a student athlete. It’s a big decision to choose what college you wanna go to. And to know that where you’re going, they all support you and
all want you to do the best that you can and be the best person that you can be for your
future that you chose is just kinda like a great feeling. I’d say my teammates
definitely push me to do better just because you know,
we’re all out there. We’re all striving for the
same things in practice, we’re pushing each other in practice to make sure everyone is
continuously getting better and you know, pushing
past those mental blocks that people might put up. So I think it’s just to know that we’re out there playing for each other, and we’re doing it for like, the family that we have here, is great. I definitely think having
Daemen as a D2 school is, like the best of both worlds. Just because you do have… You’re at a high level academics and also at a high
level of sports as well. But having Daemen with all
the resources that they have, you know, your coaches, your
teammates, your teachers, they all want you to do
the best that you can and be the best that you can. So they’re always
willing to work with you, to work around your schedules. Sometimes the teachers
will stay extra with you. So I think it really helps
you to get both the academics and the sport side of it, which kind of will push you harder whether you realize it or not because you’re also
setting more expectations for yourself to do better
and overcome those challenges that you’re facing. (upbeat music)

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