Student Life: Campus Tour with Ruksar

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Student Life: Campus Tour with Ruksar

Hello I’m Ruksar and I’m a masters
Public Relations student here at Manchester Metropolitan. I also studied
my BA in economics here. I love the campus because it’s really vibrant and it has
an amazing atmosphere, but I get it’s big and can be confusing at times so today
I’m gonna give you on a campus tour, let’s go! This is the All Saints park where you can come and
chill out. Rumour has it that there is almost 16,000 bodies buried here as it
was a burial ground in 1800s! The Faculty of Arts and Humanities
covers a variety of subjects from photography to languages, from social
sciences to architecture. These span across loads of cool buildings across campus
such as Benzie and Geoffrey Manton. At the end of each academic year they hold a
massive exhibition called the Degree Show. Just a short walk from All Saints Park
Park is the Student Union. Here you can grab a bite to eat, stock up on stationery supplies and relax. You can also find the
opportunities office here where you can join societies, clubs and find
volunteering opportunities. Less than a 10-minute walk from the
Union is the Brooks building which was opened in 2014. It is home to the Faculties
of Education Psychology Health and Social Care. It was designed as one of
the greenest facilities in the UK and uses a number of environmental
technologies to minimize the University’s environmental impacts and
enhanced biodiversity in the local area. Let’s head back towards Oxford Road
where the Business School is and where I’m based This is the Business School, which is connected to our School of Law. The Sandra Burslem building where you’ll
find our Faculty of Business and Law. And did you know we have court room here.
Right next door you’ll find the All Saints Library. Open 24 hours a day and
it has been improved this summer. So there are more study spaces, PCs and books. And
the librarians at the front desk are always happy to help. If you need a break
from studying you can always catch up with friends in the chat zone. Heading back down Oxford Road you can find our Faculty of Science and Engineering. This is the John Dalton
building, which you guessed it is named after John Dalton, chemists, physicists
best known for introducing the atomic theory into chemistry and also his
research into colour blindness, which is sometimes referred to as Daltonism. Across the road on campus is the Sugden
Sports Centre. Here you can get involved with active campus classes and also join a
sports club. Students also get a discount on gym memberships. Whether you’re a new or returning student I hope this tour was useful. If you need any further
information please check out the website.

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