Student Vs. Teacher (2019)


Student Vs. Teacher (2019)

Your son is a failure He’s barely passing my class and with grades like this. I’m just not sure what kind of future he’s gonna have What do you have to say for yourself? You’re supposed to graduate this year Listen to Mr johnson What kind of future do you think you’re gonna have? With all due respect Don’t call me a failure Failure is an event, not a person in fact And you talk about the future Mr. Johnson, But you’re not preparing us for that Excuse me? Just listen to what I’m saying This should be good Would you agree that In the future Most careers will become automated? Yeah… So? So the people who succeed will have to be Curious Innovative with resilient to adapte to new changes What’s your point ? My point is, the focus in this school is not on that it is on that it is on regurgitating information
and tests taking And that’s just real… but in today’s world creativity is the most
important leadership skill. Oh, that’s how you feel..?? you feel you don’t have to believe me
but maybe you will believe the 1,500 executives who recently said creativity
is the most important leadership skill see pretty soon no one will be hired
because of what they know because who cares what you know or if you’ve
memorized the fact we’ve got Google and Siri for that in the future people will
be hired because of what they can do with their knowledge
can they creatively solve real-world problems not just follow instructions or
directions and Bubble in a multiple-choice questions so mom that’s
why I’m stressed cuz these robotic tasks we learned in school should stop because
no one can do a robot’s job better than a robot
billionaire founder of Alibaba Jack Ma said that we should not compete with
artificial intelligence but instead focus on developing unique human
intelligence mr. Johnson drills are for teeth not the human mind so these
repetitive knowledge-based tasks we must leave behind or in the future you’re
gonna find a lot of people graduating out of your class right into the
unemployment line see many top companies today don’t look at grades Mon that old
way is expiring Google has been quoted as saying GPAs are worthless criteria
for hiring founder of Tesla Elon Musk agrees so I say this with unease and
sorrow if you continue to teach today as you taught yesterday then you rob us
students of tomorrow mr. Johnson I’m gonna keep it real with you
sometimes sitting in your class is tough I’m constantly thinking that if I don’t
look up at the clock maybe it’ll speed up so I listen to you do my work and pay
attention feeling like an hour had to have gone by but it was only three
minutes so if you wonder why we’re bored in class look you want to get a kid to
hate reading give them this a school textbook and some people think it’s all
falling and that hurts me they say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t
make them drink and to that I say no firstly you could put salt in that
horse’s hay and make them thirsty and if you bring joy in your classroom and you
can make any bad student, nerdy as he or she discovers the beauty of truly
learning mr. Johnson I mean no disrespect you have the most important
job on this planet you build create and save lives but if you really care about
my future like you say then you have to fully commit and ask yourself honestly
how do I prepare a child for future that doesn’t yet exist here’s a hint the
answer is not found in this it’s using this and this see in the future we would
need more passion and compassion people with inspired hearts and wisdom to
uplift this planet and mom I love you but can I be real go ahead you want to
know one of the biggest factors for childhood success it’s not IQ its family
meals and we haven’t had one of those in a while
see I know sometimes you don’t feel proud cuz I may not be a straight-a
student but I’m not stupid these tests maybe 70%
of my grade but there’s zero percent of my future but don’t worry
I’ll pass this class and get through this but I need you to give me the space
I need to be me and live true cuz the best feeling in the world is that your
own parents get you there’s a passage in a book called the Prophet by Kahlil
Gibran and if you don’t mind I’d love to share it with you go ahead
so he says your children are not your children they are the sons and daughters
of life longing for itself they come through you but not from you and though
they are with you they do not belong to you you may give them your love but not
your thoughts for they have their own thoughts you may house their bodies but
not their souls for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow so mom I’d
appreciate it if you give me the love that I need to pursue my dreams see if
we are to succeed all three of us need behavior change on all fronts we talk
about the future but the future is now and it is created now by all of us I’ve
never heard you speak like that before yeah I didn’t know but I’m gonna reach
out to administration and try to change some things you have my word

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100 thoughts on “Student Vs. Teacher (2019)”

  1. Prince Ea says:

    Does School Prepare Us For The Future? If not, should it?

  2. Waleed Bajwa says:

    In my school you will learn about the future cuz you are being prepared

  3. Waleed Bajwa says:

    When I say I teach freedom I'll teach freedom

  4. Waleed Bajwa says:

    I'm lucky to be in my school otherwise I would be complaining like every other student in this world

  5. Mobilegamer says:

    well thats not gonna work on my parents and teachers

  6. Kelzo1011 says:

    only if teachers didn't send people outside and let people say what they want

  7. DJDANCER4 says:

    What words can do

  8. Janellelynn123 says:

    This is so amazing. Your so inspiring

  9. evan doge says:

    Maybe this is why jake paul made that disstrack

  10. Isaac A says:

    This man should be president. No cap

  11. Liam Kee says:

    By the way, our school need to have one person to speak like that in order to reach teacher, and the teacher need the ability to speak like that too… And most probably no one dare.. it's sad

  12. R0CK1NGCART says:

    Make this a thing with pre-K to 1st grade then high school tell you when jobs would you want and bill/grown up shyt no middle school none of that past shyt waste of time

  13. Colton Petrasek says:

    How do people dislike this stuff

  14. Kenichi Muit says:

    Your gonna work so hard just to past and spend like 24 years going to school without a 100% having a job.

  15. and i oop says:

    me attempting to give the speech: it’s not I.Q’s, its family meals. and we havent had one of those in a while.

    my mom: girl shut yo ass up im the one paying bills

  16. Kirby Zack says:

    I finna try that

  17. Frag men says:

    Teacher still gives F

  18. ImaScam says:

    proceeds to fell the class

  19. Strawberry Jan says:

    Who watching this before school starts

  20. Agent Scyther says:

    I’m waiting for you to run for president

  21. SUSHMITA RAI says:

    Dam he ended that mans whole career

  22. 溫子杰 says:

    in the real world –
    Mr. Johnson: get the xxxx out now!

  23. Jose Feliciano says:

    When you said “these test might be 70% of my grade but 0% of my future” answered the question “Does school prepare us for the future?” And no it doesn’t and shouldn’t because when we take those test even if we do pass the test after it is taken the teachers then say you could keep it or throw it away so no school doesn’t prepare us for the future because if it did why would it let us human beings that don’t know anything on the test take it to fail. So my answer to the question is no it doesn’t help us for the future.

  24. Kondanani Miti says:

    Come tell my teacher

  25. Ab PlayZ says:

    Play this in 1.75 X it will be a song LOl

  26. trap bait says:

    My teacher in school is more annoying than a female dog

  27. Theresa Floresca says:


  28. Ken Russel Bartirzal says:

    Say it to the principal

  29. medina 15 says:

    Can this guy be a president of the world

  30. Harout Arakelian says:

    Man ive always hated school more than anything and anyone i still do it is boring it is a waste of time and it does not help with education as they say

  31. lenn 04214 says:


  32. Karan Gill says:

    Go ahead

  33. KralleFar says:

    I treid this …ehh don't do that

  34. Murshade says:


  35. Francesca MUCHMORE says:

    If I did that in a interview with my teacher….. I wouldn’t even be able to make it 2 minutes with out being intrupted.

  36. idk says:

    yeah this is too beautiful to happen,,, its hopeless

  37. Gage Spencer says:

    Yo, prince ea is a boss. And super smart.

  38. Harry Potter Gacha says:

    School doesn't prepare us for the future!

  39. Led Ski says:

    Send this to deped

  40. fat _emma says:

    Every minute passes and he is still carrying that back pack my back hurts.

  41. Stuts says:

    I completely understand your points and I don't mean any disrespect, Mr. Ea. I respect you a lot because you always have great points that make me think, but sadly, this is simply what like is. See, it's true that employers don't look at our grades in high school, because those aren't of any importance to them. But they DO look at what college we go to. Because people that go to an Ivy League college are more likely to be hired than people that go to a community college. And the undeniable truth is that we students, are under so much stress to get the best grades because colleges are the ones that look at our high school grades. Just like jobs, students with straight A's and a perfect GPA and SAT/ACT test scores are more likely to be accepted into Ivy Leagues than students that are failing their classes, that have a lower GPA and lower standardized test scores. Now, I do realize that our grades don't determine our worth, but this is why they DO determine our future.

  42. Kyle says:

    Even if i SHOW my teacher this, ill get detention

  43. Felipe Falcão says:

    5 thousand teachers disliked the video

  44. Genius Banana says:

    My teacher math techer call me stupid make jokes to me like you wilp never be something Whit no math and she say i will never join to a college whit no math and now im on a good college

  45. Samavia Ali says:

    Ya know if I said all that my mom would be like, “if you know all these facts then you could just use that same brain to get good grades!”

  46. Meadow Bal says:

    I just wish parents and teachers would listen

  47. XCQT deadpool2 says:

    I totally agree with you there that so true thank you

  48. Glazah says:

    Says the guy who is huge on YouTube. Hopefully that teacher spread that information to others

  49. David Fl says:

    Thank u for ur videos it makes me thinks a lot

  50. Leo Cardenas says:

    I think grades are important. It shows if someone really knows their stuff. I do agree with him on one point, Schools from 1st to 12th grade should be taught math, science and reading. Everything we will use in everyday life. This video does have a lot of flaws to be honest but, for the most part I kinda understand where he’s coming from.

  51. Daniel Grześkowiak says:

    Taki chuj jak słonia nos

  52. ThatKidYouKnow 11 says:

    I said that to my teacher and he said Detention

  53. Cupcake Queen says:

    All teachers need to hear this it is so inspiring

  54. Gucci Boi says:

    Fuck students , teachers are right

  55. azozitbb Fortnite says:

    Teacher is slowly mocking him…prince ea:GeT tHe F*** oUt Of My RoOm Im PlAyInG mInEcRaFt

  56. ROD MADOW says:

    Teacher: explain me why you've failed every grade?!
    Me : 00:00

  57. Hudson Wood says:

    There are so many mistakes in this also Jesus you make so many videos about school like go to a different school you have millions of dollars

  58. monkey 355 says:

    Me after every grade knowing theres another one: AH SHIT HERE WE GO AGAIN

    Honestly i bully my classmate out of bourdom in school

  59. Dan Denis says:

    I need to show my teacher this, do you have a 3 second version because that's the maximum pacience i can get from my teachers

  60. First officer Brian says:

    You should run for president and try and change the world

  61. TheStatiK says:

    I wish that would be the reaction if I gave a speech like that, I would probably just get shot down by the opposition that's not even listening to me

  62. Cute Hamster says:

    This is so right

  63. Lerissa C says:

    SomeBody put this man for president Already Geez

  64. Demoted : says:

    So ik this hasn’t nothing to do with this video but if y’all like fortnite I would really appreciate if you can check me out, thank you for your time 🙏

  65. John Fuentes says:

    If I did this imma get my ass whoop

  66. Julie Is cool says:

    I’m happy I have happy joyful classes that teach things I’ll need

    Edit:I want to be an artist when I grow up for me my art is singing drawing painting and EATING and I’m a teachers pet but doesn’t mean I have good grades she doesn’t give me good grades but I don’t really care I’m also a gifted child somehow so

  67. Claudia Farfán says:

    In mathemathical reasoning tests I have the bests notes, because the teachers want to teach formulas to reasoning, the people in my country thinks memorize is easy to learn. And what about think about that?
    It's stupid.
    I have the luck, my brain is like Dory, a fish-brain, forgiving all the maths formulas, so it make me to find another way, I not memorize, I make my own creative ways to solve it, in my tests you can appreciate the art to write three random numbers and mark the correct answer. My teachers doesn't matter this if I found a solution, because the course have in the name "reasoning".
    I'm replicated this method to all the courses and works wonderfully.

    Even in my other school I'm teaching to the teacher why the formula works and why my own method is better than those. And this is the reason why I leave this place.

    Pd: sorry for my bad English, I'm trying to improve whit no help of other people. If you can find and error and teach me what is wrong I will be grateful.

  68. rayhan davis says:

    facts bro

  69. wew. says:

    when we voice out to our admin we get nothing.

  70. XBro Dude says:

    I've never been this excited about going to a Parent-teacher conference lmao

  71. Hopper flopper says:

    Im just soooo scared what the future holds because the latest study showed that they found some microscopic pieces of plastic in are rain and I'm so scared because we have someone that China just dumped so much garbage into the ocean and I'm just so scared I'm 12 and I'm worrying about this scared I'm not worrying about school I'm worrying about future Generations and I hope everybody else is 2

  72. Julio Cesar says:

    I am a head administrator in the Los Angeles unified school districts and I agree my staff and the district or not on that I will make sure I do something about it and make sure to start school later a teens mind doesn’t work till 9:00 o’clock or 10:00 o’clock and make sure they teach better and do a lot for my students future.

  73. xxanimaz1ng道の says:

    Yeah i tried this
    Now im suspended 🙂

  74. The Muffin Man says:

    That dude looks like mortys teacher

  75. Dead Skull Gaming says:

    ċǟռ ʏօʊ ɮɛ tɦɛ ռɛxt քʀɛֆɨɖɛռt?….

  76. kurt cobain says:

    My mama would beat my shit cuh she thought i was disrespecting the teacher..

  77. stark X Gaming says:

    The reality is far worse then this 😕😕

  78. Poke Empire says:

    “A single piece of paper cannot decide our future”

  79. fox sin Ban says:

    OMG 😱❤️😭
    Hello Mr future President❤️

  80. Rebecca Tang says:

    AP classes at my school make your parents sign a waiver so that families know the stress that the students are put under. Basically, parents can’t sue the school for students becoming depressed, anxious, or burnt out. I think that says something about school.

  81. Evil Seagull says:

    This is literally what I’m going through

  82. Lora-Bel Malikova says:

    you are talking sh*t. That‘s not true. Without knowledge we won't be successful because when we are smart we know how to do something. I'll rather be smart and not every day happy because I don’t know how to solve a problem in math but then in like 2 hours I know how to solve it and I am happy. Knowledge is power. If you want to be stupid and happy then go-ahead.

  83. diggers says:

    Lets raid school!!!Who is with me!!!!!!!!!

  84. suhan hudda says:

    you r awesome

  85. suhan hudda says:

    be the change that u want see

  86. JAYDA ASHER says:

    👐🏼👏🏼👐🏼👏🏼👐🏼👏🏼👐🏼👏🏼👐🏼👏🏼 I love it am going to cry 😢

  87. Anime Queen says:

    Ok but like even though you gotta be creative which is a big part but you can’t be having no trash grades, like straight Fs that’s not it. Also that teacher in the vid and mom most of the time don’t even be like that in real life but this was motivating.

  88. Anime Nerdy OFFICIAL says:

    error here – teacher and parents should watch this not student lol

  89. Barbara Wróblewska says:

    In real school (in my school) nobody answer like this :/

  90. Riana Rahman says:

    I'm gonna show my test papers to my mom, and when she grabs the belt, I'm gonna show her this.

    She's still gonna beat me.

  91. jaggernut -123 says:

    Not alot of people will take us students seriously
    Thats the biggest problem

  92. Ati Rosmiati says:

    I'm going to show my teacher this

  93. noel ninan says:

    5.3k dislikes are from the teachers and nerds.

  94. Peeper says:

    Wth is creativity

  95. Jason Chen says:


  96. SAMUEL VARGAS says:

    School prepares us for more school when they should teach us more about creativity and taxes so we’re ready for our future

  97. AutumnSnow x says:

    No one understands our words…
    But we when we grow up we will let our children do what they want to do and understand their feeling

  98. KEVIN GAMER 007 says:

    I'm not sure if I should show this video to my teachers, because all they will say it's : why is your phone out!? Detention!
    My parents watched this video and they agreed on giving more space (surprisingly)
    About my teachers… I mean, I know some of them will agree, but others will be angry for just pulling my phone out in class

    (Liked my own comment ;-;)

  99. I'm Imran says:

    Is it just me or did this 6 mins felt like 15

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