Students Shout-Out to Faculty – Humber Lakeshore Campus | S05E03

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Students Shout-Out to Faculty – Humber Lakeshore Campus | S05E03

David Sylvester: Hi there, my name is David
Sylvester, I’m in third year program of Public Relations at the Humber College Lakeshore
Campus. Today I’m giving a shout-out to two teachers
that I think have really distinguished themselves for a variety of reasons. The first one was an elective teacher I had,
by the name of Tyler Shipley, it was a history course called Democracy and Dictatorship. Just brilliant insight that he provided on
the subject material, overall, it was just an extraordinary teacher. As well, it was a core course, the second
one, in presentation skills, and the teacher was John Rose, and he had a real passion for
the subject, and he just really made a difference, and made it a pleasure to learn every single
day. Alvis Pereira: Hey there, my name is Alvis
Pereira. Janey Buzugbe: And I’m Janey Buzugbe. Alvis Pereira: And today, we’d like to give
a shout-out to Kathy [Saunders]. What can I tell you about Kathy; she’s such
an amazing professor. Not only because she helped us during the
course, but also after the course, she helped us to get internships, she helped us for so
many other things, she’s such a good teacher to speak to and communicate. Janey Buzugbe: She really does care about
our personal growth and professional growth. She literally does care, she’ll help you
with internship questions, if you have an agency, because she has a lot of experience,
so she’s one very good resource to ask questions from, and give you good insight about that
agency, or that company, and generally, she’ll honestly, genuinely wants to the best for
us. Oh Kathy, she’s a sweetheart.

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