Study Abroad as part of your UEA undergraduate degree | University of East Anglia (UEA)


Study Abroad as part of your UEA undergraduate degree | University of East Anglia (UEA)

I decided to do a year abroad as part of
my degree because I felt like it would be a better experience overall, and the opportunity to live somewhere for a year. Study and travel was something that I
couldn’t really miss. Being an international student I realised
how easy it was to travel and move into a country and
overcome your homesick. I wanted to experience a new culture, and
that’s why I really recommend anyone who’s an international student to do it. Hong Kong was a place that
I’ve never been to before. So a completely different culture to
literally anywhere I’ve been. And it was such a good experience
because you could travel, it was like a hub
to travel anywhere around Asia. So it was a lot of fun and a lot of
exploring and travelling. Every day was different because Hong
Kong is a mixture of urban life, beach life, university life. Every day we
just wake up with a new agenda and go
out and explore. Definitely one of the best parts of Hong
Kong and one of my fondest memories is
the people I lived with. I lived with six girls, they all came from
completely different places of the world. So I got to experience a new experience
with them, and even though all the travelling was so
good, Philippines is definitely my favourite place. it was just so stunning and it’s a place I’m
so keen to go back to. Just how is it was to meet people and get
to places so easily, even those countries that I thought I
could never reach before. We got to pick modules that you didn’t
have the option to pick at UEA and you’ve got to do an elective so
something that was completely different
from the degree you’re studying. And it was very group orientated so you
were just left to it, and worked in groups a lot of the time,
so you were never alone. UEA was always good at supporting us,
and reassuring we are okay. Therefore being so far away, I never felt homesick or anything
because they always kept in touch with us. If we ever needed any type of help or
we were missing home or anything, send an email straight away
we got a reply. It was a very easy process to apply to,
UEA was so helpful on what uni you
wanted to apply to, and if that was your first choice they do
everything to help you get there. That’s why I really recommend people to
just get out their comfort zones because you would really yourself once
you get there. I think my year abroad has benefited me
in so many ways, I got to go to places I’ve never been to
before, and I probably wouldn’t have the
opportunity again. I made friends from all over the world,
and experienced so many different cultures. Because you experience the Hong Kong
and Asian culture, and then the people you were living with,
where they were from, you’d experience their culture as well
because you were living with them.

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  1. Abdou Smail says:

    This looks so motivating
    You mind if I ask you
    How much money it costs to apply there for international undergraduated students and can I pay you through paysera or PayPal cus I don’t have a bank account yet

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