Success Story: Osmara Gets a New Job with an ASU Online Degree


Success Story: Osmara Gets a New Job with an ASU Online Degree

– My name is Osmara and I currently live in Gainesville, Florida. I decided to go with ASU Online, even though I do live in a
different college town. I really looked at the courses for all the classes that
they offered and liked the kind of classes that they had and that’s why I
chose ASU Online. Coming back to school was kind of a tough decision, because I
had been laid off on my job and it’s really hard to find a job after you’ve been
working for 17 years and you’re supposed to be hitting retirement instead of
starting over. I said what I need to do is get my degree. For me, in my particular
case, it was really special that I got to be up on stage. I got recognized as an
outstanding graduate, which was not something that I had expected, but I’m
certainly very proud and honored. Hopefully it’s something that I can pass on to my kids and they’ll do as well, if not better. – I’m really proud
of my mom, because she did so well in school and she always helps me with my
math homework and my algebra. I’m really proud that she got this award. – The best part of this whole experience
is the sense of accomplishment that I have that I got all this done. Going online is
definitely convenient, but it’s not easy. People think that because you’re not
sitting in a classroom it’s gonna be easy. It’s not. You still have to put in
just as much effort, if not more. I think the ASU Online program worked
for me. I already have a job, which was the point of getting the
degree. I applied for my particular position in February and got hired in April.

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