Successful People Explain Why A College Degree Is Useless! Why Legendary Marketer Is Useful!

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Successful People Explain Why A College Degree Is Useless! Why Legendary Marketer Is Useful!

hi this is Julie Barkley
and I just wanted to take a moment to put this quick blurb on YouTube and let
the world know or whoever takes the time to visit my youtube channel see behind
me are an array of accolades that are supposed to indicate that I’ve made it
my associates in art my bachelors in communication and a master’s degree in
psychology and as I sit here before you they’re really pretty plaques is what it
amounts to they really haven’t brought me the type of financial security that I
thought they would in acquiring them and moreover I’m probably going to spend the
greater part of my life making restitution on student loans I’m I’m
sharing this because I beg the question there has to be a different way or a
better way and I found it I actually went online in search of how
to increase your income how can you use the internet to make more money and
found legendary marketers and I was pretty blown away about the information
that I took the time to sift through and then research a little more and had
communication with the people that are on the other side namely David Sharpe
and the coaches Anthony and Bill and today Andre I got to tell you I’m I’m
really blown away about the integrity and the packaging and the the whole
process has been kind of a hand-holding if you will every step of the way I’ve
been in touch with someone who’s helped me to understand really what I’m working
with here and what its gonna require of me to make
it work for me I I just wanted to get online and let everyone know today I
worked with what is a coach who’s going to help me to get my presence out on the
Internet that unto itself is worth so much having
been around this industry for well over ten eleven years consistently and not
having the type of results that were promised by so many when I got started
this is the real deal these guys have been more than words can say helpful and
beneficial in so many levels and so I wanted to take a moment and let others
know that it is possible no matter what your story is and we all have one that
you can find a way to have a better lifestyle live the life that you like
which was my search in acquiring all of my degrees to find that security I could
go on and on but essentially the gist of my sharing is that don’t be stuck in
your rut or think that what you have is enough and you’ll settle for that I know
what’s going to happen working with these guys who’ve been just so there for
me that if they continue and provide me the type of support that I’ve
experienced so far the sky’s the limit and I’m looking really forward to where
that’s going to take me and where hopefully and do time I’ll be able to
help others and take them there as well maybe that’ll be you thanks so much for
listening and as they say make it a great day

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