Sunnyside School District – Online Registration

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Hello, and welcome to the Sunnyside School District Online Registration video tutorial. Sunnyside School District is pleased to provide online registration for students the process takes approximately 30 minutes and can be done from computers, tablets or mobile devices. Let’s find out more shall we? Let’s go ahead and open up the web browser get started. Take the cursor and highlight the text on the address bar of the web browser. now type in the district web address: then you click return. You are now at the district home page. The page is designed for ease of use and fast navigation. Notice that if you hover over one of the main category links with the pointer that each category also contains subcategories with even more information. On this tutorial we will hover over the families link and then click on the online registration link. You are now on the online registration landing page, please note that an email address will be required to create your account. If you do not have an email address and all offer the option to create for email accounts. Notice that you have two options to start the registration process for a student new to the Sunnyside School district click the register new student link to register a current sunnyside school district student click on the register returning student link a Returned student is one who will finish the school year in the district and continue in the district in the fall If you would like to view more information regarding the online registration process and what you will need and click the appropriate Registration brochure at the bottom of the page the brochures are designed to provide you with information that will make the registration process click and easy Click on the register new student or return student registration link to continue Account sign in if you don’t already have an info snap account please click on the create account link provided on the page Once you have created and verified your info snap account. Please return to this page and select the appropriate registration option To register a returnee student you will need a snap code or access code The snap code is specific to each student and it’s signed by your child’s school If you have not received a snap code please contact your school or general registration questions Please contact your school or family engagement department at 5:09 836 872 for technical support please visit info snap Zendesk calm or you can also click on the contact us link from any district web page? Thanks for watching and good luck please contact us if you have any additional questions

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