Support KU doctoral student in business awards

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Support KU doctoral student in business awards

I had my first experience at KU
while I was participating in a junior faculty development program, and I had
good working relationships with a lot of them. I knew it would be a place where as
a doctoral student you’d get lots of one-on-one attention. I knew a number of
the faculty, talked to some faculty. I felt good about it.
the financial support from the SELF Fellowship was was the thing that said
“Okay, I can do this.” This past year I received two awards from the School of
Business: the Tollefson and the Ducey teaching awards, and then I also received
a University level award called the Carlin Outstanding GTA Award. Without that
income, you can’t concentrate on research going really deep, I mean, because that’s
what the PhD is. You go way deep into a discipline, and if you add a big
financial burden to that, I think people burn out and end up bailing out on a
program. And it’s always a pleasure to know that you have been awarded one
because it validates your efforts in the classroom. It’s a type of giving that
gives back and gives back and gives back. And having a good PhD program, a solid
PhD program here at KU enhances undergraduate education because it’s
enhancing the creation of knowledge. We’ve all got skills and we’re
developing skills, and there’s personal rewards to developing your skills, but
ultimately, a Jayhawk is somebody who knows you, and once I’ve reaped some
of those personal rewards, you know then when I get my opportunity to give back,
to the be at the KU community or whatever community I find myself in, you know, that’s sort of how we we do things. So, I think that’s one of our major strengths

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