Tampa Bay area police, firefighters, engineers buy fake college diplomas


Tampa Bay area police, firefighters, engineers buy fake college diplomas

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19 thoughts on “Tampa Bay area police, firefighters, engineers buy fake college diplomas”

  1. Amellia Mendel says:

    Just leave these people alone

  2. Brian notafan says:

    fire him

  3. John Connor says:

    Crime isn't always in the hood.


    He got his degree in B.S = Bull Shit lol

  5. Cody Patino says:

    This makes me think how many government employees in my local community have fake degrees.

  6. Palaz Ane says:

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  7. Artem Rayskyy says:

    Yeah because it fucking sucks if you have the killer skill and no diploma and some asshole with zero skill but mama and papa paid for school lands a job of your dream, not their dream, YOUR DREAM. sucks!!!!!!!

  8. Chris says:

    Wow, this is crazy. If people are willing to buy a fake degree, who knows what else they are putting on their resume to get a competitive edge. This displaces quality people out of jobs they worked for.

  9. Pimpishone says:

    So wait does this mean when employers do a background check they have no idea if our degrees are real or not, Do employers even check to verify whether our degrees are legit?

  10. Black Introvert says:

    Employers don't do background checks?

  11. Pimpishone says:

    They really need to investigate all those who are in the military because they too have fake degrees to get into certain positions for better rank and pay.

  12. Zachary J says:

    Lol 😂 Rather a college visit granddad or non-accredited it’s still illegal and it’s still an acceptable degree what’s the legal loophole in the United States … Do you only people that are hating on the stupid fuckers that went to school for five years I’ve got in debt 150,000 lol 😂

  13. packingten says:

    If you can do the job properly so what….

  14. Archimedes Blackhearr says:


  15. Charles Santee says:

    outright fraud.

  16. Dr. Zaius says:

    well if they can do the job…. what does it matter? college is overpriced anyways.

  17. Dr Ninh Pham Ph.D says:

    There are so many immoral individuals who are bought and support faked degrees to get higher positions, and top positions on the job, especially the public service sectors that damage the lives of others and innocent people. There is no such thing can do the job properly. Low level education has low level performance for jobs. In order to get degrees in 100% regional accredited, you have go through so many years of all the hard work to gain scientific knowledge and skill approach. Real degrees indicate how much scientific knowledge you have in general education in math, trig, algebra, calculus…, knowledge on the jobs, and among many other requirements. Importantly, higher degrees cost lot of money and times. When you buy a faked degrees clearly for just for entertainment, not be supposed to using these faked degrees to get adequate jobs and receive top promotions, especially in public service jobs, law enforcement, lawyers, psychiatrists, criminology, and many others which damage to public safety and national security, and the lives of others. These individuals who using these faked degrees are lacked of moral values, lacked of human dignity, lacked of ethical principle, in addition to no self-respect & no self-values that no different from criminals & terrorists have been using faked degrees for lie, cheat, steal, murder, threat, harass, stalking innocents for money and profits that against social norms, crimes & justice, and has been doing illegal and unlawful mean. The countries are going downhill, and less development and going to collapse by these immoral individuals

  18. Dr Ninh Pham Ph.D says:

    To respond to faked Dr. Zaius; In scientific standpoint and comprehensive analysis; however, as your level education you may not understand my doctoral comprehensive, literature, theory & concept, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate my points; thus, on your opinion, people should buy degrees rather than go through colleges and universities? That is the most stupid and lowest level education and moral values in the planet. How China keep development in higher physics & cyberspace science technology surpass every countries in the world? Because they have scientific and knowledge leadership, in addition they spent millions, may be more to famous universities around the world to gain scientific knowledge and skills and invent a new things in both physics & cyberspace science technology. As the top level education in the United States and the world, because of humble of the United States' Scientist & Researcher & Scholar & Ph.D in public safety & criminal justice & national security & cybersecurity & beyond in 13 years of study in 100% accredited colleges and universities, I am respond to your stupid responds although the your low level education, low human dignity & low moral values without self-respect & self-values. I am not sure where are you came from, but with you immoral actions & behaviors, your country never develop any advance tech toward world stage. Whole bunch criminals & terrorist, gangsters, and psychopath mind, you and others made your country very bad reputation, and low level technological innovation compared to other countries. Scientific knowledge and skill approach required extensive education, extensive study to gain knowledge, skills & intelligence that lead countries to the 21st century. May be your country do not need any college and/or university at all, just buy degrees then work on the jobs. How do people like you can build high technological hardware & software & intelligence to defense and develop country in civil & military application when you bought degrees do not give you any knowledge or skills at all. May be I wasting my time to explain and teach you and others to understand that it is so immoral and criminal acts to just buy degrees and use them to get higher positions, jobs, and more…Meanwhile others have to go through so many years of studying to obtain their goals, and could not get the jobs because the companies, manufactures, governments, public service jobs, law enforcement, attorney, criminologist, psychiatrists, and among other important positions because low level moral values, criminal & terrorists similar to you and your point of view. Scientific knowledge and skills, intelligence in higher education need to earn which money cannot buy. Either you understand or not, I only respond once because so distance between top level education and individual just bought degree and proud of it.

  19. Alicia Page says:

    Three years old, wonder how many more fake cops and other first responders are getting paid while good workers lose their jobs.

    Noticing white men faking their education. White american men don't have balls, they have guns, but they don't have balls. Gonna ask cops if their education is fraudulent. Already know about fraudulent local psychiatrists, they say they have never heard of basic terms. Truth, honesty, education, taxes, economics.

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