Tanya Deering: Educational Specialist in Online Education `18, University of Missouri

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My name is Tanya Deering. I live in Winfield, Missouri and I just received my Educational Specialist for Online Education through the University of Missouri. My current profession is an administrative intern for the Fort Zumwalt school district at the Mike Clemens Center. I always consider myself a lifetime student. There always something I want to more know of. Because technology is become so huge and is such a growing thing in the public school setting I just wanted to be able to know more about it and be able to get my hands into it and know how to do those things and be able to take that information in the district that I’m in now. I had always wanted to go to Mizzou, even as an undergrad and it just never came to fruition. So when I was looking for online classes and happened to find this one and it dealt with technology and online and is my Specialist, I’m like, it just was kinda like a lightbulb “ah ha” moment that, this was calling, that I needed to do it. The peers were, what I really loved about it, is that they weren’t all in education. Like, there were nursing students. There were business professionals There was someone who was in Law Enforcement It was kinda all walks of life. It was great, learning from them, as it was learning from the professors. I remember being in high scool going, “I want to go to Mizzou. I want to go to Mizzou.” And things didn’t work out the way that I wanted it to. So to be able to say, “Yeah, I’m a Mizzou graduate” is … it’s pretty amazing that it’s taking me a lot of time, but, hey, I’m able to finally get there and say that “I’m a Tiger. I am a Mizzou alum and proud of it.”

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