Teaching English Online from Bali, Indonesia with Melissa Ann Maida – TEFL Day in the Life


Teaching English Online from Bali, Indonesia with Melissa Ann Maida – TEFL Day in the Life

(upbeat synthesizer) – Okay, I’m heading
out on my morning walk, usually I listen to an
audiobook while I’m walking but today I’m going to talk to you guys. So I live on the second
floor of this house, I guess so it’s an apartment
kinda of feel to it. (gate opening) Locking up my gate. This dog always hangs out
here, I’ve named him Larry, I don’t know why, he
looks like a Larry to me. So I just kinda walk down the street here. Try to just get a little
exercising in the morning. And it’s usually pretty
hot during the day, so I like to get out as early as possible when it’s still pretty cool out. Okay, let me take a minute
to introduce myself. My name is Melissa. I am 29 years old. I’m originally from
Chicago, but had been living in Las Vegas for about 10
years before I came traveling. I took the ITA TEFL course in person in Chicago last January, January 2018. I’ve now been traveling throughout Asia for about 10 months, just over 10 months. And I’ve been teaching online
for two of those months. I taught in Bangkok, Koh Samui,
and now here in Ubud, Bali. Okay, I’m going to show
you around my place. So we come up the stairs here,
like I said before I live on the second story of this house. So just up the stairs here. Here is my patio. A nice little outdoor bench and chair. Beautiful front door. You walk into the dining area. There’s the kitchen over there. Bathroom Sink Now I do have a roommate, this is my roommate’s bedroom door. And then we’ll go into my bedroom. So you can see my classroom
setup there in the corner. My big queen size bed. My little homemade yoga studio. It’s a really really nice size. – Excuse me! (motorbike engine) (casual crowd) – Okay, we are at my
favorite vegetarian warung. Warung is just the name
of a restaurant in Bali. The first time I came here I thought I was walking up into somebody’s house. And here it is. I just made it. (motorbike engine) Okay I’m teaching a
couple of classes tonight. I have three total. So I’m just gonna talk to
you a bit before they start, I have about 15 minutes until they begin. So welcome, this is my classroom. I found this yellow paper
at a convenience store in Bangkok and decided to
go with an emoji theme. Literally all I had was white paper, yellow paper, and black markers. So I think I pulled it off pretty well. The smartphone over here
in the corner is when I teach the younger
kids, the reward system is the smartphone gets a happy face, yay! For the older kids, they don’t really vibe with that, so I have this coin. If they do a good job, I flip the coin. If it lands on the question mark, I ask them a fun question not necessarily related to the lesson
like what’s your favorite color or your favorite
food that sort of thing. The other side is a music note, so instead of a question we do a silly dance. That one… Okay, now that I’m done teaching
and I got a little snack I can talk to you guys a little more. So I work for two different companies. I work for VIPKid and for GoGoKid. I really enjoy working for both companies. With VIPKid, I teach
higher level students. So I teach levels four and five. Most of my students on VIPKid
are 11 and 12 years old. So I’m teaching a lot more higher level reading comprehension and
vocabulary which I really enjoy. With GoGoKid, I teach a
lot of entry level classes. So a lot of 3, 4, 5 year olds. So it’s more like letter
sounds, simple words, sight words, that sort of thing. Which is also a ton of
fun, a lot of songs, a lot of TPR. Happy!

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4 thoughts on “Teaching English Online from Bali, Indonesia with Melissa Ann Maida – TEFL Day in the Life”

  1. The Stuffed Vegan says:

    Thanks for sharing teacher Mel☆☆☆☆☆ so the air quality is not that great in Bali?

  2. Sani Laomahei says:

    Very interesting. I’ve just come back from my first visit to Bali in January and want to go back with a lifestyle change. Definitely something to consider

  3. Jess L says:

    Thank you for sharing! How affordable is it to live there? Did you have to sell your belongings in Chicago? (car, etc)

  4. Katlyn Fincham says:

    Thanks, Melissa!

    Did you get a work permit to do this there? I want to teach with Gogokid on the side while I live in Indo, but I reeeeally don’t want to go to prison because I didn’t go through the complicated steps of getting a work permit for it. Haha. If you don’t have a work permit, do you just pay taxes to the U.S? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to know what your experience is 🙂

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