TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School Overview Video

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TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School Overview Video

SCHOOL LOGO] A tuition-free online public school in Massachusetts Adam: My name is Adam Goldberg. I’m the Principal
of TEC Connections Academy. It’s the Commonwealth’s Virtual School. One of the strengths and one
of the hallmarks is that it personalizes and customizes the learning experience for all
students. Elizaveta: I would explain TECCA as a very
unique web-based school with a very flexible schedule, great interactive, very personal
teachers, and very diverse cast of students with whom you are able to interact on a daily
basis. Randy: It’s more than just sitting in front
of a computer. There’s actually a lot of working with the parent, a lot of working with the
teachers. Sean: We’re here today at the Museum of Science
and I can honestly say that I have such a great, close relationship with those families
that I teach. Most of the time, I’m speaking with the majority of my students every single
day. That may be responding to a web-mail or I may be speaking with them on the phone.
I might be holding a large class live lesson session. Luke: All the live lessons are my favorite. Esther: What a live lesson is in the TECCA
environment, is it’s almost a mix between a Skype page and a Powerpoint and I can show
presentations. I bring in the small groups to talk. Michael: Science, we do like online virtual
dissections and stuff. It’s all cool. Adam: I learn about that the wooly mammoths,
they live a long time ago. Michael: I’m learning things that I actually
want to know and I’m doing high school curriculum stuff like, “I’m in 8th grade, here’s the
Pythagorean theorem.” Elizaveta: Every day I have my lessons outlined
in a planner and I’m able to set my own schedule on when to complete the lessons. If, for instance,
I want to go to a museum with my mom, I can put the lessons on hold and then I can go
complete them in the evening. Esther: The goal for the Boston Museum of
Science field trip was two-fold really, to have an educational interaction with students,
but also to really build relationships. Randy: Michael socializes actually really
well. They can talk to each other during classes a little bit. He has gotten in touch with
a lot of the other children and then when we’re on field trips, he knows some names
already, he knows some of the other children. Michael: My favorite thing about today was
one potato, two potato, thumb o’ war, and her name is Lea, and she’s a girl. Randy: He went from saying, “I’m stupid,”
all the time to realizing that he actually can accomplish quite a lot of different things. Michael: I want to be a field zoologist and
go study animals in the wild. Therefore, the better I do here, the better I’ll do next,
and high chance of me getting the job. Adam: This school is a gem for students who
are finding that something about where they are and need is not being met there. Randy: I wish I had done this years earlier.

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