Teens & College Kids React To YouTube Rewind 2019


Teens & College Kids React To YouTube Rewind 2019

– I strongly dislike this. – This is such a better
Rewind video than last year’s. ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (gasps) YouTube Rewind.
– Oh, is this the Rewind? You’re kidding!
– I always get nervous before it starts, ’cause I’m like,
“Is it gonna be a good year or a bad year?”
– (group) K-pop! – Oh my god! I hated
that part of 2018! I was like, “No, this is
already cringy. I hate it.” – (group) K-pop!
– Oh my gosh. I actually love these. I don’t know why it
gets so much hate. – (woman) That is so
awkward to watch. – Oh, they actually put RiceGum
in this. That’s awful! – Right.
– (man) The most disliked video in the history of YouTube.
– Yeah, I didn’t like it to be honest. – Oh! They’re aware. (laughs)
– “In 2018, we made something you didn’t like.”
Yes, we know that. – “So in 2019, let’s see
what you did like, because you’re better
at this than we are.” – Oh, so they’re getting videos
based off of likes. That’s actually stupid smart.
– Oh my gosh. Eugene’s video. That was so sick.
I love the dancing in that. (gasps) NikkieTutorials. Tati.
– To see how this is gonna play out is gonna be
kind of interesting or me, ’cause I already am kinda like, “Eh.”
– Is that a shoe? Did she just eat a shoe?!
– It’s a good start. Jenna Marbles, still relevant.
– Oh my god! Connor! I love him! – Emma Chamberlain! Oh my god!
– ♪ …turn me to a savage? ♪ ♪ Rather be tied up… ♪
– KSI. (laughs) – Oh, oh. This is the UCLA student.
She kills it! – “You made these the most liked
creator videos of 2019, duh.” (laughs)
– Oh my god. Shane is the king of YouTube.
– Okay, so we’re making a little bit of a chart.
That feels safe. – James Charles. – ♪ Lashes and diamonds,
ATM machines ♪ – This format is weird.
– 54 voices. That’s pretty cool. That’s some talent.
– This is edited so fast. I just can’t keep up. – (claps) Congrats to PewDiePie.
– MrBeast. All right. Dude, MrBeast had the best year
on YouTube. – Is that the boy, Lil Nas X?
Billie Eilish too? Oh, [bleep]. – We got a lot
of really good music this year. – T-Se– oh my god!
Why does that feel like a lifetime ago?
– Ooh. Chicken noodle soup! – Lil Dicky’s pretty cool.
– Oh, Ariana. Yup. She’s the queen.
– Lil Nas X, the most wholesome dude in the rap game right now.
– Old Town Road. Billie Eilish.
– Oh! BLACKPINK! – These numbers are insane.
– Of course, BTS. – All right. BTS, yeah.
They had a big year. – Of course they’re number one,
because they’re the whole love couple everyone’s talking about and [bleep]. – Oh, dance videos.
I spend hours with these. – Is that one of the top categories?
‘Cause I don’t know– that’s so weird. – I don’t know how I feel
about this format, but it’s fun to look back on it.
– I’m not liking this. I mean, it’s just showing
what is the most liked. – Of course. You got the video games. ♪ (Billie Eilish, “Bad Guy”) ♪ And then “Bad Guy” playing
in the background. – Roblox. Don’t know how.
– I’m not even focusing on what’s actually on the screen,
’cause Billie’s playing in the background right now.
– I strongly dislike this. The more I’m watching it,
the more I’m getting bored. – Fortnight’s only two?
Oh. Of course. Minecraft’s number one.
– That’s so insane that Minecraft made such a big comeback.
It was so 2012, and this year they’re like,
“Psych! We’re back!” – These guys make so much money.
It’s [bleep] crazy. (laughs) Jeffree Star! Another– oh my god.
– Oh, the beauty community. Ooh. Does anyone have tea
that I can drink? – Oh, Kylie Jenner.
Bro, I wanna meet her one day. She’s so cool.
– This whole little series that Shane and Jeffree Star had,
it’s about makeup. Why was I crying? – James Charles.
– And of course, James Charles coming in at number one.
– ♪ Did a full 180 ♪ – Okay, that’s cool.
They’re giving a shoutout to breakout creators.
Normally, they don’t really do that. – Oh, this is the coolest.
I like this idea. – Why are they including this?
– I did recognize the girl that lives in her van.
I love her. – Noah Schnapp created a YouTube.
See, I didn’t know that. – That’s cool.
– It’s good that the international people
are rising up. – ♪ I’m not where you left me… ♪
– I really like this format. It’s so much better.
– Most viewed creators. – Azzyland. Dude, Azzyland is top 10? That’s weird.
LazarBeam, all right. – Oh okay, MrBeast. Oh, this
is the whole planting trees thing. – (MrBeast) Let’s plant some trees!
– MrBeast had a good year. – Dude Perfect. That’s cool.
David Dobrik. – David Dobrik! Honestly,
he’s so cool. – Jelly. I used to watch him,
just not my style anymore. – YouTube is such
a vast field, though. – Felipe Neto.
– PewDiePie. He’s in it twice. That’s a first.
– He’s always gonna be number one. (laughs)
– “Thank you for a record-breaking 2019.”
– ♪ Don’t show up ♪ ♪ Don’t come out ♪
♪ Don’t come out ♪ ♪ Don’t start caring about me now ♪
♪ About me now ♪ ♪ Walk away ♪
– I really like the format of this one.
It gives so much recognition. – This is such a better
Rewind video than last year’s. – Kurzgesagt. Oh,
Kurzgesagt is awesome! – ♪ Don’t come out ♪
♪ Don’t come out, out ♪ ♪ Walk away, walk away ♪
– T-Series. You’re really– they’re really still praising T-Series! – Oh, my queen, Rosalía, yes! Yes! – ♪ Walk away, walk away ♪
– I just love how it’s so international.
This is so cute. – ♪ Walk away, walk away, ah ♪ – That was so good. (claps)
Good job, YouTube. – I liked the breakdown,
to be able to see all the records. I think that’s super cool.
But I almost don’t feel as entertained as I have in the past.
– They could’ve done better for the end of the decade. Even if
they did it horribly last year, that doesn’t mean you should
scrap the whole format. – We don’t really need to see
what the top things are, ’cause we already know.
We’re the ones watching it. – This didn’t recap the year.
This just showed, “Hey, these people existed in the year.”
The thing about YouTube Rewind that made it special was seeing
all these content creators together and doing something really cool.
– (FBE) So, here at FBE, we have a tradition of covering
YouTube Rewind and have been doing so for several years now, actually.
We’re gonna go over what other people are saying about this
in just a second. But before we do,
what did you think about this year’s Rewind
compared to past Rewinds? – This is actually
the best one to be honest. I think showcasing the YouTubers
and showing what video was and everything, I think that’s
what YouTube’s all about. It’s like, show the recognition
to the people that make these videos. They work so hard for it.
– It’s awful. It captures nothing
what YouTube was like this year. They didn’t mention all the trends
that have happened. They’re just showing, “Hey,
this is what we think you like, because you watched this stuff.”
– Growing up, I loved to be like, “Oh my god. YouTube
Rewind’s coming out.” And you’d get to see
all your favorite creators almost come into
this giant music video. This felt like they were
playing it safe, but it was still really,
really impressive to see all the numbers and how big
of a platform YouTube really is. – (FBE) So, we’re actually
filming this right after the video was released,
so we wanna take a moment and have you go live in the comments right now
and see what people are saying about this.
– Oh my god. Oh, no. – I wanna see what the liked is–
(laughs) Last time I checked, it was
at 10K likes and 3K dislikes. It’s now at 46,000 likes
and 40,000 dislikes. – “They actually made a top 10
YouTube Rewind video.” It’s like a WatchMojo video.
That’s all it is pretty much. That’s not what I expected.
– “This one’s even sadder.” Wait. (chuckles)
It’s not sad. I thought it was
really heartwarming. Wait. – “So basically, you compiled
a bunch of statistics in a five-minute video.
Nice work, YouTube. Any competent YouTuber
would’ve done a better job. Screw you, YouTube. I’ve been
waiting six months for this.” Unnecessarily negative.
YouTube’s listening at least. That’s what matters is
that they’re pointing themselves in the right direction.
– “So instead of actually having a Rewind, they literally
just took clips of creators’ videos and said, ‘Yeah, a job well done.'”
So, it seems like people are agreeing with me.
They’re like, “This video’s boring.” – (FBE) As you saw,
in this year’s Rewind, they decided to only use clips
from videos as a list of the most liked content on the platform.
Last year’s Rewind, titled “Everyone Controls Rewind”
received a heavy amount of hate from fans and became
the most disliked video on YouTube, currently sitting at
over 17 million dislikes. – (chuckles) Holy [bleep].
That’s painful. – (FBE) What do you think they
changed based on the response to last year’s Rewind to help try
and make this one more accepted by the YouTube community?
– So, what they took out is the personality and the creativity
and instead they replaced it by objectivity by just going off
likes and numerical values. – YouTube, I guess,
saw all the comments that this isn’t what they liked,
so they were really thinking hard about what they did like.
And they took it too seriously and took it by the actual amount
of likes on each video, and that’s now how it works.
– It was more the fun they took away of it, because if you watch
the old ones, it looked like everyone was having so much more fun.
– What they did last year was at least a Rewind in a sense.
It was just cringy. This, they just made a list
saying, “This got views. This got views.
This got views.” Even though they were trying
to stay on the safe side, they went about it all wrong.
– They took our vote of likes to prove, “You guys liked this.
No matter what you say or not, this is what you statistically picked
over everything else, so this is what we’ll show you.”
– (FBE) The first YouTube Rewind originally came out in 2010.
And since then, YouTube has released a new Rewind every December
as a recap of the memes, viral videos, trends,
and music from the year. Throughout the years, YouTube Rewind
kept getting bigger and bigger, trying to include all the big names
from the platform, leading to more and more fans being upset
by the things that were missing. Was there anyone or anything
that you wished had made it into Rewind this year?
– Like YouTubers? – (FBE) Yeah.
– The Dolan twins. – I wish Cody Ko had made it.
– I did not see animators there. I didn’t see Jaiden.
I didn’t see James. – There’s a guy in SlowMo Guys
named Gavin Free I love. And I wish he was in there,
because he’s been in all the past previous ones.
And Rooster Teeth, even, like, them ’cause he’s also
a part of that, like Achievement Hunter or something.
– Tyler Oakley has been in every single year’s,
and this time he’s not? That’s disrespectful! (laughs)
Where’s Miranda Sings? She’s still iconic.
She just had a baby! – Me Me Big Boy wasn’t there.
Jacksfilms wasn’t there. I mean, obviously, us.
– We missed the entire meme culture of it, because they were
just giving us the stats of everyone who made it big.
We didn’t get everything that was actually trending.
– PewDiePie should’ve got some recognition besides being
the most watched creator of the year. They didn’t say anything
about him hitting 100 million subs. They put that clip of him in there,
but if you’ve never seen that video or you don’t really know the context,
then it doesn’t matter. Even MrBeast, though he was in
one of the most liked videos and one of the most viewed creators,
they didn’t mention Team Trees, which is something that YouTube
actively shouted out and donated towards.
– (FBE) When YouTube was first created in 2005, the world of social media
was pretty different than it is now. Now that there seems to be
so many new social platforms like TikTok, Twitch, and more,
how does YouTube compare from just a few years ago to now?
– Oh my god. It’s changed so much.
Now there’s so many people on this platform,
and I think that’s the thing, watching and creating.
It’s almost diluting everything to where it’s like
there’s so much happening. I didn’t even know half the people
that were in that. – The content that people put out
is definitely a lot different. I feel like it doesn’t follow
such a strict– like, oh, it has to meet
these guidelines or whatever. I feel like you can find
anything and everything on YouTube now.
– I used to feel like YouTube was sort of this platform
that people could go to and watch their favorite creators.
Now I feel like YouTube’s sort of just like a filing cabinet
for everything you can think of. So, I feel like, that being said,
over time, it’s kind of watered down what YouTube really was
back in the day. – There’s just oversaturation
of content right now. YouTube used to have
this small community feel, where you were a part of something.
I went to VidCon and I knew all the top creators. It was
a small inside joke you were in on. – It’s more the quality
of the content. You have the YouTube Red series
and then people like Shane Dawson, they’re not even charging for
these type of documentary-type films. – (FBE) So finally,
what do you think next year’s YouTube Rewind will look like?
– They’re probably gonna incorporate TikTok stars.
Maybe one day, a huge TikTok star will migrate over to YouTube
and then start their own channel and then make it big there,
and they’re gonna be featured on Rewind 2020.
– YouTube’s continually gonna expand, so there’s gonna be even more
niche, weird content that blows up. – There’s gonna be the circle
of relevant names, and then there’s gonna be
a new wave of a few people, and we’re all gonna love them,
and then that’s gonna be it. That’s what happens
every year. (laughs) – Thanks for watching FBE’s
annual reaction to YouTube Rewind. – Subscribe and hit the bell,
so you never miss an episode. – What did you think
of this year’s Rewind? Let us know in the comments.
– Bye, guys. – Hey, guys. It’s Sierra,
producer here at FBE. Thanks so much for watching us
react to this year’s YouTube Rewind. If you wanna see our other episodes,
including some of our reactions past Rewinds, check out those links
down in the description. Bye, guys.

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