The 5 Tiers Of Friendship


The 5 Tiers Of Friendship

Welcome to Lesson 1 Of The Bee Friend Course. This is a course that will teach you how to
befriend others. To become more likable. And to gain the ability to form deep and meaningful
relationships wherever you go. We’re going to start off the course by discussing
the 5 types of people in our lives. Also known as the tiers of friendship because,
just like a pyramid – the majority of the people will fall into the lower tiers while
only a select few make it to the top. Make sure you watch this video till the very
end because the rest of the course will be built upon the concepts we discuss here. You will have an extremely hard time understanding
what we talk about down the line if you do not watch the entire video. Ok? Let’s get started. The first tier is the stranger. Strangers make up the majority of people that
we encounter in our lives. You may have seen them passing by during your
commute to work, in front of you in the supermarket, or they might even be someone that you happen
to share some classes with. What makes someone a stranger is the fact
that you’ve never really interacted with them before. You might have exchanged glances, you might
know their name, but you’ve never had a conversation with them. Both of you may acknowledge each others existence,
but that’s about it. Strangers do not fulfill our need for human
interaction at all. The tier above this is the acquaintance. Most people have a couple dozen acquaintances. These are people that you’ve interacted with
a couple of times in the past. You’ve probably had a conversation or two
with them. Most of the time it’s nothing special, just
small talk. You say hi if you bump into each other, but
that’s it. You never hang out with these people, and
if you do it’s because a mutual friend invited them – not because of you. Acquaintances do very little in fulfilling
our need for human interaction. The tier above this is the friend. Most people have just a handful of friends. Friends are people that you’ve spent a fair
amount of time with. You’ve shared a couple of enjoyable interactions. You invite each other to hang out at events
and parties. These are people that you’ve had many conversations
with. Mostly surface level stuff but you’ve shared
a decent amount of good laughs together. These are people that you feel somewhat comfortable
around. Friends fulfill our need for human interaction
to some extent. The tier above this is the close friend. Most people only have a couple of close friends. Like 2-4. Close friendships are friendships that have
stood the test of time. These are people that you’ve interacted with
over the course of at least a year or more. Close friends are the first people that you
think of when you want to hang out. They are almost always invited to any event
or party that you host. These are people that you feel extremely comfortable
around. And because of this you’ve likely shared some
deep and personal secrets with them. Close friends fulfill our need for human interaction
by a lot. In fact if all we have are a ton of close
friends we’ll be pretty well off. Now – very few people in our lives will make
it into the last and final tier. That of the significant other. With the exception of our families, Most people
only have just 1 significant other. Significant others are the people that we
value the most in our lives. They the ones that we spend the most time
with. The ones that we have the deepest conversations
with. The ones that we trust the most. These are the first people we think of when
we host any sort of event. And for the most part these are people that
we share a romantic interest with. Somebody like a girlfriend or a spouse. Of course there are exceptions to this rule,
but they are very rare. And because of this – it’s very important
to note that we’re not going to spend too much time talking about how to get into this
tier. See – developing a romantic relationship and
getting a significant other is a bit different from developing your typical friendship and
it would probably require it’s own course. But this doesn’t mean you should not pay attention,
because what you’re going to learn in this course will absolutely play a huge role in
getting to this final tier. Now I know I said that there are only 5 tiers
of friendship but the truth is there are actually 2 more additional tiers. But before we get into that I do want to mention
something very quickly. See – I’ve been coaching people for quite
some time now and I’ve noticed something very concerning. The large majority of people who go through
courses like the Tamed Course or the BeeFriend Course do not take action and reap the benefits. In fact it’s estimated that 80% of the people
who purchase a course will either not finish the course or not take any action. Only 20% of people actually get something
out of it. Once I realized this I decided to create some
sort of service to help those of you that really want to make a change. I’ve been working on a coaching program to
go along with the Tamed Course for about a year and have just started working on an educational
program to go along with the Bee Friend course. If you are someone who is very serious about
making change and you’re willing to invest money in yourself – please sign up for my
mailing list in the description box below. Full disclosure, if you join this email list
you will receive emails about future programs and services that are NOT FOR FREE. These are services that will cost money (and
we’re talking about a decent amount of money) but will be worth every penny. They are designed to significantly increase
your chances of making lasting change. In fact – I’ve been testing out the first
program for close to a year and so far we’ve had amazing results. So again if you’re interested and you’re willing
to invest in yourself – the link is in the description box below. Ok, so what are the two additional tiers? The first one is a tier that I like to call
the Neutral tier. If you’ve never seen someone before – if
you’ve just met someone. They will initially fall into this tier for
a couple of seconds. The reason people only stay in this tier for
a couple of seconds is because that’s how long it takes for our brains to sort out whether
this person is a potential friend or a potential foe. If the person is someone who doesn’t seem
like they will pose a threat then we will automatically sort them up into the stranger
tier. However, if they are giving off the wrong
signals or they come off a certain way we will automatically sort them into the foe
tier. The foe tier is reserved for people that we
think could potentially hurt us. You’ve probably come across someone who looked
out of it. Maybe they were wearing rags or looked like
they were on drugs. Maybe they looked very angry or looked like
they might be hiding a weapon. The way our brain see’s it, someone like this
is a huge potential problem. Potential to physically or mentally hurt us. And because of this we will subconsciously
try our best to avoid them. If someone is forced to interact with what
they consider to be a foe they will enter a flight, fight, or freeze state which is
extremely uncomfortable. We’re not going to dive too much into that
but what’s important to note is that this is a tier that you want to stay out of as
best as possible. And we’re going to cover exactly how in a
future video. Now that we’ve learned about the different
tiers of friendship, a very important question remains, How exactly do we move up the pyramid. Right? because in order to build strong meaningful
relationships with people we need to develop the ability to climb this pyramid as effectively
as possible. Which is why in our next lesson we’re going
to learn about the 4 key factors that determine how fast we can climb up these tiers – also
known as the Formula Of Friendship. Remember to subscribe and hit the bell icon. Because the best way to help the channel out
is by completing the course, reaping the benefits, and helping us make this world into a better
place. Again you can sign up for the email list to
hear more about future programs and services I will be offering using the link in the description
box below. Besides that guys – stay tuned.

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