The Benefits of Online Learning

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The Benefits of Online Learning

Each class is eight weeks and you usually
take two to three classes. Some can run 16 weeks but the OTA run eight
weeks at a time. Every three weeks you have either midterms
or finals and the midterms and finals usually follow the week after a lab so you’ll have
lab on Sunday and finals or mid terms on that Friday. I set a schedule everyday and study.The kids
go to school, I take the kids to school, I come home do 30 minutes of light housework,
chores to clean up a little and then I sit down and I go through what needs to be done
that day, what needs to be done that week.I have about three different calendars. One comes with me wherever I go, I have reminders
in my phone, and I also have a calendar on my fridge so I have about three or four different
places where I can stay organized. I study from about 8:30 in the morning to
about 4:30 in the afternoon. I take a break to be mom and then depending
on the day, I get back to studying at night after I get the kids to bed for another hour
or two and that’s not really studying, that’s just reviewing what I did that day.

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