The Benefits of Teaching at a Virtual School

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The Benefits of Teaching at a Virtual School

(engaging music)What I see as the key difference betweena brick and mortar school and a K12-powered school is we have so many more resources at our disposal. Our students and our faculty alike, we have the opportunity to use our time so much more efficiently. What I can do is take a student comment and think about it and give not the fastest response that I have to do very much on the fly like you do in a brick and mortar setting, but I can think about it, I can look things up if I need to and give the most quality response back to that student. Something that I think would be surprising to a lot of people who are not familiar with K12 or Wisconsin Virtual Academy is that we have so much more opportunity to develop those relationships. I have students who in the middle of the day send me an IM message and sometimes it’s asking a quick question about the class. Sometimes it’s saying Dr. Stueck I got into this school or that was such a thrill last year when that happened. I had several of my students saying that I got into this school or I got into this college, or asking me for a letter of recommendation. So in that way we can develop such a much closer relationship with our students. What was very unique with my experience with Wisconsin Virtual Academy is that we work as a team with our faculty in so many more diverse ways than I have had that experienced in a brick and mortar setting. Just less than an hour ago I was having an impromptu online meeting with one of our Special Ed teachers regarding how we’re going to adust the writing assignment in my class for our students with Special Ed to adjust to their needs. The brick and mortar traditional setting is so wonderful for so many students but it’s not wonderful for all students and for those students we wanna say that we’re here and we’re here to help them. (engaging music)

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