The Best College Degree For Entrepreneurs


The Best College Degree For Entrepreneurs

one of the most frequent questions i get from young people is what is the best degree to get for an entrepreneur I think I have a pretty good answer to that let’s talk about it before we get started guys if you’re new here if you like this stuff i’ve been doing on my channel go ahead and click that subscribe button be part of the community that we’re building here to help entrepreneurs learn and grow. now going to university going to college getting a bachelor’s degree is really seen as like a milestone for a lot of people it’s one of those things that get some started in the professional world and it can seem like a huge decision where to go what to study know what your major should be all these things and you have people telling you all types of different things well a lot of the big questions I get about if you want to be an entrepreneur if you know that’s what you want to do what is it that you should study there’s a lot to answer for this question so let’s get into it first off guys if you don’t want to be an entrepreneur if you just want to be employee for someone and work for someone else and this is the wrong video for you go to university study engineering, actuarial science, mathematics, computer science, any hard science, pre-med those degrees that are going to give you the highest earning potential and that’s what you should study because if you want to work for someone else you want to make as much as possible or don’t even go to university learn a trade become an electrician or plumber and you’re going to make a very good living without a degree. but i think most of you guys are here because you want to know what the best way to become an entrepreneur what you should study at university is and that’s what we’re going to talk about it’s a complicated answer so let’s start to break it down first things first guys something more important than what you actually study is don’t go into debt to get your education it’s not worth it if you want to be an entrepreneur you’re not positioning yourself well for entrepreneurship if you’re taking on debt there’s a lot of options out there to help you pay for university and you need to find them and take advantage the first one being grants and scholarships these what this is one of the things i did I got a lot of grants and scholarships throughout my whole education to help me pay for and it’s one of the ways i avoided going into debt the second way is to start out at Community College again this is something i did my very first degree was from the Community College of Rhode Island it was my associates degree it was very affordable I didn’t go into any debt to get it i paid for it all myself with grants and scholarships and money I earned and i was able to take a lot of electives there that really were beneficial to me in the long run and i’ll talk about how you leverage that a little bit, but guys no matter what you study if you want to be an entrepreneur do not incur debt to get your education under no circumstances that worth it now that that that issue is out of the way and that really is the most important thing here guys what degree should you study what what major what subject should you study in the short answer is it doesn’t matter pick something you’re passionate about let that passion motivate you and Drive you because if you can’t be successful it’s something that you really feel passionate about what’s going to motivate you what are you going to be successful in pick that subject that you’re going to be interested in right if its history study history if its computer science study computer science if its literature study literature it doesn’t matter just be passionate about it bring that to the table bring your passion to the table when you’re studying and I think that will go much further than any specific degree would that being set be smart about you’re elected every degree has electives guys take electives that are going to benefit you long-term and like i said when i was doing my associates and my bachelor’s i picked electives that we’re going to benefit me that I knew were going to help me in the long run to be an entrepreneur take programming classes guys learn how to code because that’s important no matter what your business’s know the basics of computer programming take accounting take marketing marketing is going to be one of the most important things for any business to build your brand to get it out there you know take these types of classes public speaking I took a public speaking class that’s generally considered a flop class it paid off for me tremendously i speak all over the world now take a law class a basic law class understand the law of contracts business law anything like that is going to go a long way to helping you be an entrepreneur and have a better understanding of the moving pieces of any business guys the next thing that’s still more important than what degree you’re actually getting what major you’re studying is the people you surround yourself with and I’ve talked about this on this channel before because the people around you heavily influenced your motivation in what you’re doing so you want to surround yourself with driven people people who are passionate and take advantage of being away at college of being at a university surrounded by completely new groups of people who you don’t know get to know them push yourself surround yourself with people who are driven fine professors who can mentor you who have experienced that you can draw on it’s not just the people closest around you guys expand your network get to meet as many people as you can because you never know what someone is going to open up opportunities wise to you in the future or how you can potentially help someone who you meet through a business contact making a connection this is all part of the power of networking and expanding your personal Network surrounding yourself with positive people next on the list guys take advantage of being a student and I don’t just mean using your student ID to get a discount the movies take advantage of you know being around professors who can mentor you who have experienced that might interest you take advantage of your projects to interview businesspeople and get close to them contacting a business and say hey I’m a student on doing a project I’d love to interview this person the CEO this head of marketing for my project can we arrange that is a great way to get access you would otherwise not have you no joint activities that are going to give you exposure to different industries guys sitting on lectures that are just topics that are going to expand your knowledge these are the type of things you need to take advantage of being a student don’t just be a passive bystander in your education take an active role and actually hack your education get the most out of it guys find internships that are going to help you get experience with small businesses and startups most schools are going to have an apartment that’s dedicated just to finding internships for their students and matching them with companies now don’t just rely on that department to find you the right internship because a lot of those going to be a big corporations are going to be structured internship programs with a stick you in a cubicle and you report to some manager with a overinflated sense of importance what you want to do is go out identify companies that you want to learn from you want to find companies with high performing teams small businesses that’s going to give you a much better perspective on the day-to-day operations that’s going to be a great learning experience for you i would make contact with that internship Department your university from day one and just make sure they know who you are and what you’re looking for so if something does come in that you’re fit for that’s a fifth for you they’re gonna cab you in mind they’re gonna let you know make it known what you want and go after it so guys that is pretty much it it doesn’t matter what degree you get if you want to be an entrepreneur don’t go into debt and use these steps to hack your education get the most out of that experience I promise you guys the majority of the useful knowledge that you get as a college student is going to come from outside the classroom so don’t miss those opportunities find them and take advantage of them finally guys if you have any questions about how I want all the way through my PhD without incurring any debt leave those questions down below in the comments and I’ll answer all them for you if you guys like this if it added value give me that thumbs up guys show me that you like it and share this video to let someone else know who’s can about going to college but wants to be an entrepreneur how i recommend they do it or how i did it until next time guys keep making your ideas a reality

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29 thoughts on “The Best College Degree For Entrepreneurs”

  1. Aishat Akinyemi says:

    Very helpful especially at this point in my life when I'm so confused about what to do next education wise. Thanks.

  2. T K says:

    The best thing about New Zealand is that if you take out a student loan with the government you don't really experience the payments. The bare minimum is small and you only accrue interest if you leave the country. Mine is 50k but that's because I took a lot of extra courses otherwise it should have only been about 30k. Not too bad, considering I have a whole life time to pay that off.

  3. BubbasGarageTv says:

    I did the same thing started with a community college much much cheaper went for business. I had no loans and well paid my way through. Great information my friend. Gotta have that passion for sure.

  4. Haley Hall says:

    I was expecting the best college degree advice is not to get one. I do have my associates degree though. I just have a very negative outlook on universities and the quality of education compared to the price. Especially with the internet being an endless source of knowledge. Still good video though. Basics of coding, marketing, and accounting all very important.

  5. Marshall Villanueva says:

    What a boss. Way to go, man.

    I graduated in Computer Science, but part of my major was minoring in something else. I chose Business Administration. I'm really glad I did because it's had a lot of real world benefits already! And I took basically all of those classes you listed out, so that made me feel cool haha

  6. Christopher Endswell says:

    This video is mistitled

  7. ThinketeerRC says:

    Accounting. Learn to manage your money

  8. Lamont Branch says:

    Money makes money, look at the president it's useless

  9. marco montano says:

    Awesome I liked it ,thanks so much.

  10. Alex esparza says:

    Thanks, this video really help me understand better, I'm going, to be honest, is my second year of community college I didn't have a passion for something until last week, I been always the type of person how has different ideas to others, originals to be exact! I also have the privilege of been first generation to go to college which I been working hard since my first year of HS, I was about to give up because of personal reasons on my first year, but now I know what I want and I know what degree I want to get! Thanks again and you got a new subscriber.

  11. Belias says:

    Thanks dude this was really helpful just subbed!

  12. Noobie747 says:

    You spoke like wolowitz

  13. notup2much jefferson? says:

    «Lets Get Into it»-sidetracks

  14. Shah Rahul says:


  15. Amani ndoroma says:

    Thank you man

  16. Amani ndoroma says:

    Anybody gonna tell me what business administration deals

  17. MAMBA SNEAK says:

    You don't need to go to college if you want to be enterpreneur you can sell products on Amazon and Shopify and different places

  18. miamiwax says:

    Pretty generic advice

  19. Natalie McCray says:

    Thanks for this video!!!! I, also, went to a Technical/Community College to get my Associates Degree! That does cut down on the cost… But, I would like to know how you went through college debt free! I am currently getting my Masters in Entrepreneurship and I would really love to cut down on the debt, or just alleviate all together!! Thanks!!!

  20. Valmir Gjeloshi says:

    great and informative video, thank you

  21. lilgod says:

    Could I take a architectural class?

  22. Json Coding says:

    But books is the best answer I got my friend to send me all his online lecture notes nd tutorials for computer science nd there is mit opencourseware website that teaches u everything for free

  23. Vlad Miron says:

    Econometrics, Computer Science or Accounting are most useful in entrepreneurship. Plus they provide a solid plan B and a steady flow of income in order to bootstrap your business

  24. Chris Hickey says:

    In my experience, being an entrepreneur can't be gained with a qualification, it's either within you deep rooted or its not. I left school without a degree but 3 A Levels so reasonably educated. Unsure of what I wanted to do I joined the Air Force to travel and gain valuable skills. On the leaving the military I left with a goal to become wealthy and I made it happen. Started in the professional world, purchased properties and eventually started my own firm, in the process of opening my second firm. I studied as a mature student as I knew the areas I wanted to either gain skills or take to a new level. Good luck to everyone reading this. Set a Goal, that's the first step!

  25. csitwlgigpxf tistdfyopgodwqf says:

    Guys please help me
    Although,I'm science student and going to become doctor (💗)
    But as doctors are in abundant
    I want to become dermatologist and want to open my brand (my cosmetics,creams)
    So, it's business, right!
    So, what should I do for fulfilling my dream to become entrepreneur+dermatologist (doctor)
    Guys,I'm doing doctor study
    So should I have study business administration for that??
    If you've at least least knowledge about the topic I'm talking about , plzzz help me🤗👍

  26. Wilson Garcia says:

    You should do a draw mylife

  27. Ace Reed says:

    The little tease of asking what's the best degree then saying, "it doesn't matter" shows ignorance. The best degree that has been proven is a "generalist" degree. Thus, philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE) is one of the best. You then top it off with MBA or MS in Finance or Accounting; a law degree will also allow you to be entrepreneurial. If your area of entrepreneurial focus is tech, then IT and Computer Science makes sense. The key to being an entrepreneur is finding human problems and solving them (it) through a commercial offering. Sometimes it's solved by sales or marketing or tech or finance. It varies. Therefore, if you want understand how to think rather than what to think, a PPE will teach rhetoric and fallacies, complex arguments, logic and reasoning; authoritative power structures and how to interact with government entities, how the masses are persuaded; you'll learn choice theory and supply and demand structures. The English elites make a big deal about studying and earning a PPE from Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) and it's a common degree among business leaders.

  28. E says:

    Hey! I have a quick question I’m thinking of being an entrepreneur, I’m recently going to college is business& management major good for actual being an entrepreneur? And if so what job should I do to actually get an idea of being an entrepreneur to get into the businesses

  29. TheTruthExposed says:

    I’m looking into my career path and I’m at ccri right now what a small world! Thanks for the input

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