The Content Strategy & Marketing Course

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The Content Strategy & Marketing Course

Let’s s say you spent about $46,000 on a marketing
degree at Harvard – and that cost can go upwards of a couple hundred thousand if you choose
to go for an MBA. You worked for months to earn that degree,
and you’re in debt. But it’ll pay off in a career, right? Ok. Now picture this. You just got a job at a marketing agency. Your boss asks you to meet with their client
John and figure out his marketing plan. Turns out John wants a serious content marketing
strategy. His buddy Joe runs an agency, and all of his
leads come organically from their strategic content that ranks highly in Google. Plus,
John hates ads. So John�s asking you if your agency can
come up with a content strategy for his site and brand, set and prove content ROI, and
create a budget for him in a manageable way to where he can get awesome content, reports
and results. Now if all you had was that marketing degree,
would you know how to answer John? If you have been doing content marketing and
you’re struggling to keep up with or understand all of the latest and greatest skills, trends,
tools, methods, social media trends, SEO practices and more that go into the practical side of
building a content marketing strategy, then watch very closely because I’ve got something
super exciting to show you right now today. Hey guys! This is best-selling marketing author
Julia McCoy here, it’s time that you got up to date with today’s content marketing landscape
but first let me ask you a question. Have you ever wanted to seriously master content
marketing? Have you ever wanted to set up a brand kata strategy that sells products
and services for any brand in any industry while dramatically driving that brands profit
margins up and getting accurate on content marketing costs and conversion?
Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced content marketer, if so, get excited
because not only are you in the right place right now but there has never been a better
time to leverage content marketing is a powerful medium to grow a business online than it is
right now today. The problem is countless marketers, business
owners, consultants and strategists are putting together content marketing without a blueprint
or worse they’re still trying to work off strategies that are more than six months old
outdated or maybe don’t even fit that brain up, this cost far more than what they are
returning for their time and their investment. Content costs go up and conversions stay low,
thankfully it doesn’t have to be this way anymore, content marketing has gotten more
accessible than ever to all variants and marketers but to succeed you first have to know; A,
how to do content marketing. B, know all the elements of a successful content strategy
and C, know how to maintain and optimize that brain strategy for even more conversions.
While after building my own internal strategy training at my content creation agency and
using it to serve over 5,000 businesses around the globe with great content, I have officially
decided to launch the content strategy and marketing course, a completely brand new program
that will step you through every skill in profitable content marketing with greater
ease than ever before. Last year I published a book at over 360-pages
that accompanied this online course called practical content strategy and marketing.
It’s become an Amazon bestseller. If you’re wondering why take the course when the book
is available think of it this way, if you’re in college for an advanced course is it a
textbook all you need? Of course not, you need a classroom with fellow students, a teacher
to guide you, you need to engage all of your senses listening, reading, writing, watching
to truly learn and absorbed advanced skill training if you’re learning how to build a
high ROI keyword report for example, you need to watch the process of how those keywords
are discovered and why they matter to that brand.
There are live trainings in my course and video demos that are not in the book, plus
there’s a student community waiting and ready to cheer you on and by personal help along
the way. The content strategy of marketing course is the training you’ve been waiting
for, within just minutes of starting we’re going to dive into the fundamentals of what
you should know in content marketing with none of the fluffer jargon that really doesn’t
matter in the end to a profitable content strategy.
You’ll be introduced to advanced content marketing techniques that sets up a brand for SEO and
brand reach success, plus you’ll learn how to create a published content that turns fans
into raving customers. So, when you enroll in my content strategy and marketing course,
you’ll get access to six powerful modules, these contain tons of short bite-sized video
tutorials on all of the skillsets that I will teach you. These videos will show you precisely
how to implement content marketing for any brand, you’ll unleash your content potential
by learning the do’s and don’ts of content creation, you’ll uncover topic discovery methods
and SEO niche keyword Gold that you’ve never heard of before, guaranteed.
The difference between these methods and what you’ll find in any blog or web page online
is that what I teach you will directly improve a brand’s bottom one, these skill sets result
in profits for the brands that hire you to do content marketing for them, you’ll get
access to easy to follow, no fluff video tutorials and worksheets that will allow you to absorb
and learn every single skill, plus you’ll get access to templates that will help you
talk to your customers, guide them on content marketing service, price your services, consult
with and sell clients with ease and much more. So, here’s how you can benefit immediately.
You will get access to my comprehensive and up-to-date complete content marketing training
program where you can finally make your or your clients content marketing profitable
without spending thousands of dollars. So, what does it cost well it’s easy to enroll
and it’s even easier to afford, you can start the contest strategy and marketing course
today, get access to all the content for just $99, you’ll need to keep that payment up for
12-months or you could go in for the full upfront payment at nine hundred and ninety
seven dollars, you can do this with the confidence and knowing that this comes with a 100% money-back
risk free 30-day guarantee included. This makes it affordable for any freelancer
and marketer or entrepreneur at stage in their content marketing journey, looking to improve
their skills and results. Don’t lay on this class is about to begin any minute place your
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