The End of Trump? – The Fifth Estate


The End of Trump? – The Fifth Estate

I believe this is the
beginning of the end. I do too. It’s really the
beginning of the end. The beginning of the end. -[ Bob ] For Canadians, the
past two years have been like eavesdropping
as the neighbours’ marriage falls apart. He may be feeling the
walls closing in on him. All the walls
closing in on him. The walls closing in on him. -[ Bob ] Hearing the
raised voices next door. We begin tonight
with a bombshell… Donald Trump is in
a lot of trouble. Trump is in trouble. The President will resign. -[ Bob ] ..and the denials
that anyone else is involved. -[ US President Donald Trump ]
I don’t know Putin. I never met Putin. I have no dealings
with Russia. -[ Bob ] And inevitably, there’s
the feeling that our friends south of the border, may be
destined for a very nasty divorce from their President. Ladies and gentlemen,
the President Elect of the United States,
Donald John Trump. -[ Bob ] It may seem longer,
but it all started just two years ago, January 20, 2017,
Inauguration Day in Washington. The beginning of what’s already
become one of the most chaotic presidencies in
American history. -[ US President Donald Trump ]
I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear… -[ Bob ] And Donald Trump’s
inaugural address set the tone for what was to follow. -[ US President Donald Trump ]
Rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across
the landscape of our nation. -[ Bob ] A bleak vision of an
America victimized by crime, drugs, gangs and greedy allies. -[ US President Donald Trump ]
This American carnage stops right here, and stops right now. Thank you.
God bless you. -[ Bob ] When the speech
was over, former President George W. Bush was heard to say,
“That was some weird shit”. Donald Trump’s Presidency was
barely half an hour old and already, some were wondering
how long it would last. But Trump has hardly changed his
ways to look more presidential. Indeed, for two years,
things just got weirder. -[ US President Donald Trump ]
I can be more presidential than any President in history,
except for possibly Abe Lincoln with the big hat, I don’t know. -[ Bob ] At his campaign-style
rallies, the President still unleashes the version
of reality that his base clearly wants to see. [ Chanting ]
Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump! -[ Bob ] During the
campaign, his rhetoric invited violence… -[ US President Donald Trump ]
Get him out! Get him out! -[ Bob ] ..which
he frequently got. -[ US President Donald Trump ]
I’d like to punch him in the face, I’ll tell ya. -[ Bob ] And in the White House,
he’s continued the attacks. -[ US President Donald Trump ]
That’s enough. Put down the mic.
You are the enemy of the people. Go ahead. -[ Bob ] Casting the media
as the tool of the elites… -[ US President Donald Trump ]
They are the fake, fake disgusting news, -[ Bob ] ..whom he blames
for holding down his followers. [ ♪♪ ] Great to have you back on the
John Fredericks Radio Network. Trucking the
truth across America. I am your Godzilla of the truth. Coming at you live, today,
from your Nation’s Capital. -[ Bob ] Conservative radio
host John Fredericks is one of Trump’s first
and staunchest supporters. The, uh, Canadian
Broadcasting Company is here. So, the Canadians
are coming to town. So, they’re in here actually
filming my show right now. Uh, they look like
very nice people. Thanks for being here.
Hello Canada. -[ Bob ] Fredericks says
he’s known from day one that Trump’s enemies, especially
Congressional Democrats, would try to
remove him from office. Look, they’re gonna have to
start impeachment hearings. It doesn’t matter if there’s no
charges or what the charges are. It doesn’t matter. They’re going to attempt to
impeach the President in the House for putting grape jelly
on a peanut butter sandwich. -[ Bob ] According to
Fredericks, Trump’s true believers are convinced the
President has freed them after years of elite government,
which they say was an economic disaster for working people. Jobs getting shipped overseas,
manufacturing plants getting closed, wages going down. Nobody has cared
about the US worker. The manufacturing worker.
The blue collar worker. -[ Bob ] Let me ask you about
your perception of Trump, then. I lived in New
York for a decade. Donald Trump was everywhere.
He was Mr. New York. He was not the
champion of the little guy. Or the blue collar worker. Why do you see him as
this champion of that class? It’s his policies, Bob. They had no champion until Trump
came along with policies to protect jobs and raise wages. -[ Bob ] You are the
Godzilla of truth. Yes, thank you. -[ Bob ] Uh, no gibberish, no
nonsense, just common sense. You got it. -[ Bob ] How then, if truth
is at the heart of what you do, do you handle all the untruths
that have been coming out of the President’s mouth
since he was inaugurated? What has he lied about, Bob? -[ Bob ] Well, several
thousand times, according to the Washington Post and
Politifact and others who have been checking him. The fact is this President is
the first President in history that is actually trying
to do exactly what he said he would do. And so that is why people in
this town are going crazy over it because he’s going to
hold every politician to a brand new standard. -[ Bob ] But with the
Democrats controlling the house, John Fredericks knows they’re
now in position to hold Donald Trump himself to a
whole new standard. The subpoena cannons are coming
out and they’re fully-loaded and so for the next 18 months, what
you’re gonna get is subpoena after subpoena after
subpoena after subpoena. -[ Bob ] Congresswoman
Jackie Speier will be one of those wielding the subpoenas. The democrat from California has
been in Congress for a decade. A member of the House
Intelligence Committee investigating Trump for possible
election and financial misdeeds, especially with Russia. -[ Bob ] How will the shift
of power on the committee change your job? Well, we’ll be doing our job
for the first time in two years. The committee was charged
with the responsibility of investigating Russia’s
interference in our election, what our intelligence community
needs to do to be better prepared and to look further
into whether or not there was a connection between Russia and
the Trump campaign and trying to fix the election. -[ Bob ] Indeed, there are
now 17 investigations into Donald Trump, his campaign,
his inauguration, his corporation, his
foundation, and more. The allegations against
Trump personally include obstruction of justice,
undermining democracy, breaking campaign
finance laws, and of course, collusion with Russia. -[ US President Donald Trump ]
I have no relationship with Putin. I have never spoken to him,
I don’t know anything about him other than he will respect me. -[ Bob ] Over and over, Trump
denies any Russian connections. -[ US President Donald Trump ]
I have no deals in Russia. -[ Bob ] However, so far, more
than 30 individuals including 26 Russians, have been charged by
special counsel Mueller in his continuing investigation of
Russian interference in the Presidential election
and related cases. -[ Bob ] Among them, former
Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort,
Campaign aide Rick Gates, Trump’s former personal
lawyer Michael Cohen, former national security
adviser Michael Flynn, campaign aide
George Papadopoulos, also indicted, 12 Russian
intelligence operatives, and 13 Russian nationals. I now call
the House to order! -[ Bob ] In Washington today,
there’s blood in the water, and Donald Trump’s opponents
are baring their teeth. The halls of Congress ringing
with the chant that Trump has used for hecklers
at his rallies, “Get him out,” with enthusiasm
last heard in the capitol four decades ago. I shall resign the Presidency
effective at noon tomorrow. -[ Bob ] It was the summer of
1974, when Richard Nixon addressed Americans
to announce his resignation, the first and so far only
American President to quit. Vice-President Ford
will be sworn in as President at that hour. I think there are a lot of
lessons to be learned from Watergate, a lot
of similarities. -[ Bob ] And Jill
Wine-Banks should know. Describe when and
where this is, Jill. It appears to be just days
before we got the tape of the smoking gun that forced
Richard Nixon to resign. -[ Bob ] That’s a moment
in history. It’s quite amazing. -[ Bob ] As is now,
uncharted territory. Exactly. -[ Bob ] She was the only
female prosecutor assigned to investigate the break-in at
Democratic headquarters at the Watergate hotel in Washington,
and republican President Richard Nixon’s role in it. She sees a parallel between that
and the case being built against Donald Trump now. Is the relationship
between Trump and Russia, because he wants to build Trump
Tower to make money in Russia? These are things
we need to know, and he needs to be
held accountable for, and the same thing was
true back during Watergate, you don’t want
someone who doesn’t respect our justice system. People have got to know
whether or not their President’s a crook. Well, I am not a crook. -[ Bob ] At the time,
Richard Nixon famously proclaimed his innocence. But secretly taped
conversations in the Oval Office showed Richard Nixon’s guilt,
like asking his White House counsel John Dean
about pay-offs to keep the Watergate burglars quiet. I tell him, you know, it’s
likely all these people are going to ask for money, and we
don’t have that kind of money. And Nixon says to me,
“Well, how much could it cost?” And I pull out of thin air, what
I think is a number that will offend him, and I’m
just pure guessing. I said, “Well, Mr President, it
could cost a million dollars.” That’s about five and a half
million dollars in today’s dollars, and his
response is “Well, John, “that’s no problem, I know where
we can get a million dollars.” -[ Bob ] Donald Trump’s
payoffs were to a porn star, not burglars. And according to John Dean,
there’s another difference between Trump and Nixon.
He says Richard Nixon understood the Presidency. Trump is the most incompetent
man we’ve ever had try to become President. He is not somebody who has
really any understanding of Washington, or the Presidency. And he seems, he seems to
have wanted the job as a form of advertisement for his business. -[ Bob ] But incompetence
is just one issue for the Trump Presidency. Alleged high crimes and
misdemeanours are another. A US President
can be impeached, removed from office
by a Congressional vote, but there’s an
unresolved question. Can a sitting President be
indicted for a crime, tried, even convicted? Impeachment is
certainly a possibility. Impeachment and
removal from office, which won’t answer the question
about criminal liability because there’s no question that after
he’s not the sitting President, he can be indicted. -[ Bob ] But Watergate
didn’t solve that because Richard Nixon evaded
both impeachment and indictment when he became the first
American President to quit. After the break. -[ US President Donald Trump ]
I know more about ISIS than the generals do.
Believe me. -[ Bob ] Is Donald Trump
fit to be President? There’s no way you can avoid the
fact that this is a person who you would not classify as
being mentally healthy. [ ♪♪ ] -[ Bob ] A year after
the inauguration, 2018, White House physician Dr Ronny
Jackson announced the results of the Presidential medical. Good afternoon, everyone. President Donald J Trump has
completed his first periodic physical examination
as President of the United States. -[ Bob ] He said Donald Trump
was not only in excellent physical health, but
cognitive health as well. A cognitive screening exam
using the Montreal Cognitive Assessment was normal,
with a score of 30 over 30. -[ Bob ] That was based on this.
The cognitive assessment Donald Trump took. A single page
with questions like, name these three animals,
read a list of 29 letters, read a list of five numbers,
and what date is it, and where are you? The fact that the President
got 30 out of 30 on that exam, I think there’s no indication
whatsoever that he has any cognitive issues. -[ Bob ] Is it a test that in
any way indicates somebody’s preparedness and capability to
be the President of the US? No. It would be extremely concerning
if he didn’t get a 30 out of 30. -[ Bob ] Dr. James Hamblin is
a physician who writes for the Atlantic. He wants a
different kind of test. An objective medical evaluation
so Americans can know exactly what they’re getting when
they choose a President. There should be some
standardized transparent process by which candidates are
evaluated in a way that the American people know if there
are issues that could compromise a person’s ability to execute
the duties of the office. I’m not suggesting that should
supplant a Democratic election, but the people
should know going in. -[ US President Donald Trump ]
I love you. I love you, folks. -[ Bob ] And there’s a
lot to know about Trump. His impulsivity
and anger issues … -[ US President Donald Trump ]
I’d blow up every single inch, there would be nothing left. -[ Bob ] Like threatening
North Korea with nuclear war… -[ US President Donald Trump ]
They will be met with fire and fury, like the
world has never seen. -[ Bob ] His grandiosity… -[ US President Donald Trump ]
I am very highly educated. I know words,
I have the best words. I’m very rich. I’m really rich. -[ Bob ] His pomposity… -[ US President Donald Trump ]
Nobody knows much more about technology, this type of
technology certainly than I do. I know more about ISIS
than the generals do, believe me. -[ Bob ] Dr Hamblin has
never examined Donald Trump… but he says even from afar there
are clues about possible changes in his cognitive status. -There’s a narrowing
of his vocabulary. He says things are the best or
the worst or the best he’s ever seen or the greatest. The number of
adjectives that he uses, the way he describes things. It’s changed over the years. We have a really unique
situation with Donald Trump in that you have audio and video
of him decade after decade which you can go back and compare. -Donald J Trump! -[ Bob ] And for those
who’ve observed Trump over time, his patterns of
behaviour seem troubling. -As someone who watched Trump
a lot and saw him both as a candidate and as a President,
there’s no way you can avoid the fact that this is a person who
you would not classify as being mentally healthy. I think Trump is a person
who has serious personality disorders, whose motivations
are incredibly suspect, who probably doesn’t have a high
degree of personal morality if he was a member of your
family, you would have concerns. -[ Bob ] Let alone if he
were the American President. -[ US President Donald Trump ]
I will faithfully execute the office of President of
the United States… -[ Bob ] The
fundamental concern… Has Donald Trump fulfilled the
Presidential oath he took to uphold the U.S. Constitution? -[ US President Donald Trump ]
So help me God. -Congratulations, Mr President. -[ Bob ] It’s just 35 words long
and his critics believe he began to violate it almost as
soon as he finished speaking. Representative Jamie Raskin,
a democrat from Maryland, is a former constitutional
law professor who sits on the judiciary and
oversight committees, two of the bodies taking
dead aim at the President. -Presidential indictment,
the indictment of a sitting President. You’re a legalist. Is that possible? Look, there’s nothing in the
Constitution which says that the President may not be indicted. The question of whether or not
the President may actually be prosecuted while in
office or jailed that is a different question. -[ Bob ] The President himself
seems to think he would get a pass; even for murder. -[ US President Donald Trump ]
I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot
somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, ok? It’s like incredible. It’s hard for me to believe that
if the President shot somebody on Fifth Avenue to take
Donald Trump’s example, that he couldn’t be
indicted for that. I mean maybe there’s an argument
that he should not have to be prosecuted until
after he leaves office. But would anybody really believe
that that would not be within the power of the government
to render an indictment? It’s hard for me
to believe that. This message brought to
you by our good friends at America First. -[ Bob ] Not surprisingly,
the Godzilla of Trump truth, radio host John
Fredericks, doesn’t buy that. Can a sitting President, i.e. Donald Trump, be
indicted, tried, convicted? No.
No. Absolutely not.
-[ Bob ] Why not? Because we have a
process for that. It’s called impeachment. -I will fight every day
until he is impeached! -[ Bob ] Impeachment seems to
be a recurring theme in U.S. politics for, both
parties, if you can’t beat ’em, impeach them. We’re going to go in there,
we’re going to impeach the mother- [ Bleeping ] -[ Bob ] Individual
house members have already filed
notices of impeachment. But practically, Democratic
leadership knows that for now, rushing into
impeachment could backfire. Impeachment is a very
divisive approach to take and we shouldn’t take it for anything
other than the facts and the law. -[ Bob ] It may be the only
thing speaker Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump’s
base agree on. If he is impeached in
the house, which is 50/50, he’ll get
exonerated in the Senate, pretty quickly, and, uh, people
are going to react to that. -[ Bob ] In the
opinion of John Dean, Richard Nixon’s
White House counsel, the best course for Trump could
be for him to be the second U.S. President to quit. What would I do if I
was White House counsel? I would tell this man
that he should resign. And he should
resign for his own good, the good of his family
but most importantly, the good of the country. -[ Bob ] Donald Trump may
seem an unlikely candidate to sacrifice himself
for the greater good, but there is another
constitutional remedy. It’s the 25th
amendment to the U.S. Constitution which provides
a process should the sitting President become incapacitated,
in other words unfit, physically or mentally. But here’s where it gets tricky. The 25th amendment allows a
small group of people in the administration, including the
vice-President and at least 8 cabinet members, to decide
if the President is unable to perform the
duties of his office. If so, his powers
pass temporarily to the vice-President. Some in Washington see
that it as pipedream, others, a real possibility. Where, if anywhere, in your
frame of mind were the notions of impeachment, of indictment
of a sitting President, or of the 25th
amendment to the constitution? I can’t say that the
thoughts didn’t cross my mind. This is a President
who was inaugurated, engaging in a series of actions
that arguably constituted high crimes and misdemeanours. The President’s been collecting
payments from foreign princes, kings and governments,
you know all of those things were on my mind. The 25th Amendment is one that
I began to focus on early as I really began to study
the patterns of behaviour. -[ Bob ] One more
thought about this. There’s a theory making the
rounds in Washington that may sound like the
ultimate conspiracy. It goes, what if Donald Trump,
with the help of vice President Mike Pence, were to invoke the
25th Amendment against himself? There’s also been rumours that
maybe the President would resign under the 25th
Amendment for 15 minutes, get pardoned by
the Vice-President, and then resume his office. Anything’s possible. -[ Bob ] So is that 25th
Amendment scenario far fetched? Undoubtedly. Could it happen? After all we’ve seen in the past
2 years under President Donald J Trump, why not? And a word of caution. Matt Taibbi believes this may
well not be the end for Trump if the Democrats continue to be
obsessed with him and not with changing themselves. They’re focused on stuff
like the 25th Amendment, Russiagate and the impeachment. And that’s what I really worry
about is that they’re going all the way to 2020 having not
thought about this again and they’re gonna re-elect the guy.

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    Lawyers make worst presidents. Our best presdents Ike Truman

  57. AFL says:

    My goodness why hasn't the fifth state make a video on the evil Obama did, Hillary Clinton. All this people are democrats with and agenda, he is for the people and made America. Better with jobs What the fk is wrong with all this people they are the most evil I have ever seen. Wow this video is nothing but a joke

  58. Stephen Mitchell says:

    Fake News and why is this lie on conservative citizens and President Trump still up!

  59. gary robinson says:

    Best President in our history

  60. Shane Puckette says:

    This is old s*it, Trump's been cleared. Up date please.

  61. stu Lee says:

    if they succeed in removing trump you will see civil unrest in Washington and all the other big cities like nothing else ever in the history of this country. it will either be a revolution or a long IRA style civil war. .mark my words!

  62. Sunset Cliff says:

    best president EVER!

  63. n m bst says:

    Canadian media is so corrupt that they make cnn look reasonable.

  64. Joseph says:

    SUPPORT TRUMP TO 2024!!!๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  65. Beth McHugh says:

    Dream on FAKE NEWS fifth estate…Trump will win by a landslide….the Russian HOAX has gone down the toilet….what card are you going to pull now to attempt to brainwash the masses against Trump

  66. scotsrfun scotsrfun says:

    Better him than those Californian's ruler's that have totally ruined that state , 9 billion dollars in dept. per year. More people are moving out of that democrat controlled state that are moving into it. They are ruining this country . Why don't you report on that, that is the real; problem wake the f+++ up you marrons. California is ruining this country and other pro democratic states. One rule with no checks and balances spell disaster. Moron

  67. Ralynn T. Rowe says:

    This is a piece of crap! Nothing you have said in this crap is a lie! You are the crazy ones!

  68. troy short says:

    "dr. hamblin" , says Everything I need to know….

  69. Sig Hope says:

    Trump is the President of the USA. EST president of all times.

  70. Billg Wagner says:

    Hillary thru 1 billion dollars$$ away trying to get elected and lost…๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  71. Paul Williams says:

    Canada? Go home. LOSERS

  72. Greg Yost says:

    Mueller should be jailed with the rest of the low life criminals like Nadler etc.

  73. Bobbo L says:

    My chosen will be your last president against him is against me. Attack my chosen and you will all fall, across the entire WORLD. Amen IAM. Word of my Father.

  74. Glenn Reynolds says:

    Trump will win by a landslide in 2020๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  75. Vickie Garri says:

    Trump is doing great 20/20

  76. Vickie Garri says:

    CNN or MSNBC and most of out MM are fake news CNN and MSNBC or the worst,not just fake news but lies

  77. Vickie Garri says:

    This sucks, must be part of CNN

  78. Mark Sanders says:

    Trump 2020

  79. Mark Sanders says:

    Obama is the most Illegal being Kenyan Born !

  80. Mark Sanders says:

    The Most American President America has had Since George Washington !

  81. perfecto bayna says:

    It's the globalist communists against patriot nationalists worldwide and the propaganda media outlets are with the suppressors. They have hordes of zombies that are indoctrinated by the leftist institutions and imported anti American foreigners

  82. D Smith says:

    Dream on
    6 more years

  83. R says:

    It's too bad the public is not intelligent enough to understand. The people who run things are not the clowns we see on TV. This crap is all designed to divide and distract the populace to misdirect from what they are doing to society.

  84. robert feeley says:

    Scummy freks

  85. Beverly Joy Cook says:

    Best PRESIDENT #TRUMP2020 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ #MAGA We LOVE Our ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธPRESIDENT ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธhe's the most๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ AWESOME AMERICA has had!!!๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  86. sarah deason says:


  87. Mr M clark says:

    Trump isn't going anywhere and this liberal bullshit is a joke, Trump will win again in 2020

  88. Ramon Estrada says:

    How stupid they look.

  89. Brother Amartey says:

    Sorry to disappoint all the folks with Trump DERANGEMENT SYNDROME, it's TRUMP 2020!!

  90. Ronnie Hopkins says:

    What have he lied about you don't have to be the smartest person in the world to see what trump lied about if Trump said he look good that's a lie

  91. Cobus Byleveld says:

    Mind blowing ,how everyone ,wants to blaim somebody ,for their own stupidity, humans destroy humuns,think before you do anything, think before you say anything, at the end ,humans destroy the planet and each other. Without thinking.

  92. Dallas Dunston says:

    The Internet creating millions of irrelevant left wing unamerican marxists who are to stupid to realize their days are numbered.

  93. Phillip Romero says:

    This is all news getting really boring going nowhere around in circles into a culdesac down A dead-end Street Saul stupidity you can shove all this b***** up you guys is a square is making these false accusations against our great president

  94. Andre EWERT says:

    Andrew Yang's emergence as a DNC Candidate is the real Game changer., especially if he teams up with Marianne Williamson….lol

  95. Andre EWERT says:

    It will take more than Mud Slinging against Trump by the Liberals ..err Democrats

  96. Fernando Martinez says:

    Behind the plan.

  97. MRS Sperry says:


  98. Andi Leigh says:

    Nope. He's got this
    The other options are SO MUCH worse.
    Who runs this ridiculous channel?

  99. Franaflyby says:

    This world is done for. The Lord will let his wrath upon us soon.
    The bad weather and natural disasters have begun. Get right with God or you will parish with the rest of the lost.
    Invite Christ into your life.. Turn from your wickedness and live with the hope of eternal life.
    No government or any one man can fix this messed up world..
    Only God can change things now. We've gone to far from God and his laws.

  100. roger silver says:

    the fifth state is the same thing as the swamp

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