The Leader in Online Fire Education

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The Leader in Online Fire Education

[MUSIC] Two of the main things that drew me
to Columbia Southern when I started researching schools was one, the
scheduling, the ability to be able to work around my busy schedule here at
the county and the fire department. But two, I really liked the fact that
the professors at Columbia Southern were real life chiefs, my peers,
my colleagues within the industry. So I’m being taught by
those who truly understand what it is that we do in the fire circle.>>I heard about CSU from
the command staff and management here at Clayton County Fire and
Emergency Services. And how easy it fits into
the busy lifestyle that we have here at our workplace.>>My overall experience with Columbia
Southern during the course of both my degrees was phenomenal. My professors, the feedback they
provided was always on point and timely. My academic advisors throughout both
programs laid out the best course of action for me to take to finish
my programs as quick as possible. And then my interactions with
the other organizations, the Writing Center, the Success Center,
just everything that CSU offers.>>The faculty we have hired for
CSU to teach in the fire and EMS programs have a long
history in the industry. They are industry professionals,
retired fire chiefs, currently active as fire
chiefs in many departments. Our programs are recognized by
the National Fire Academy’s Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education
Program, commonly referred to as FESHE. If you reach out to anybody in
the industry at the moment, they will tell you that CSU, Columbia Southern
is the place to go for fire programs. After 25 years of not being in school, I
was really nervous of the online platform, but as soon as you click on it,
it’s very user friendly. If you have any questions, you have
your academic adviser right there. All you have to do is call,
text, or email.>>Many of my students are currently
working in the industry. And our project driven model allows that
student to immediately take that back and apply it to their everyday life.>>I’m a firm believer
in leading by example. So for me, going back to school,
completing my masters degree, sets that example for our young recruits, our young firefighters that
are just beginning their career. So that they can look to their chief and
say, well, if my chief did it, that’s the direction I need to go.

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