The Master of Computer Science in Data Science: A top-ranked degree that fits your life

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The Master of Computer Science in Data Science: A top-ranked degree that fits your life

There are some 200,000 jobs in the data
sciences that go unfilled each year. The MCS-DS degree unlocks those career
opportunities. The main thing that that we learn from the students is they value
practice, and you have to show how what you’re talking about in the fundamentals
and in the theory actually applies to the real world. The assignments for the
courses link up well with real-world work. Our programming assignments are
done through Github and Gitlab, just like you would at your actual job. The best fit is working with the professors working with the faculty, working with
the TA’s. At the same time, when you work in the projects, you work with your other
working professionals. We had to work with so many classmates from so many
places, like from China, from Taiwan, from Canada, from Australia, from here. Everyone has their own perspective and we get to learn from each other. That’s really
unique. I’m a mom with two young kids, one is eleven and one is six so I definitely
I’m really busy and then I have work. If you do not have time to attend the
office hours you can post your questions. All these videos are self-paced, so you
can watch them whenever you have time and if you have any questions you can
always ask. You’re able to take more classes if you have more time, or if life
gets too complicated or too busy you can actually take a semester off. I really love the fact that it is platform agnostic, so I could be on my phone, on my tablet, on my computer– I can access it just the same way. I just graduated from the MCS-DS program. I’m working as a software engineer where we are using all these
cloud computing technologies, like AWS Azure and everything. How simple and easy it can be to get a degree with your full-time job, that is the most awesome thing, and from such a great university. I feel great that I got opportunity to work with the one of the best universities, and at
the same time I have got chance to work at my own schedule. It will elevate
my life, my family’s life overall to help me grow my career further into the
latest technology trends. If you are passionate about learning about data science, and if you are like me who is full-time professional
and who wants that flexibility but also cares about the quality of the program,
it’s definitely worth taking a plunge. It is worth it.

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