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well oftentimes business education today
and I see it all the time kids come out of college the best college is Wharton
and Harvard and Stanford and some of the great business schools and they’ll come
out and they won’t have practical experience there’s too many case studies
that aren’t practical you know we ask kids that are 60 to 18 years old to make
$100,000 debt decisions when they go off to university and they are not prepared
for that they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into they just assume
okay I’m gonna pay for years of education 225 thousand a pop and when I
come out the other side somehow I’ll be able to pay it back right that’s not how
life works anymore there’s no need even to have a college
degree at all or even high school isn’t it
but I mean if somebody graduated from a great university that may be an Indian
indication that they will be capable of great things but it’s not necessarily
the case you know if you look at say people like Bill Gates for Larry Ellison
Steve Jobs these guys didn’t graduate from college but if you had a chance to
hire them of course that would be a good idea I think having the flexibility to
explore a lot of different things which you can do when you’re in college which
is one of the amazing things about being in colleges you can work on all these
hobbies and and encode a lot of stuff and try a lot of different things
if this amazing flexibility that I think most people take for granted and once
you decide okay I’m gonna start a company and I’m gonna do it with someone
else you immediately now need to convince
someone else if you want to change your mind on something and I think people
really undervalued the option value and flexibility I think explore what you
want to do before committing is really like the the key thing and keep yourself
flexible and know I think that that’s yeah I agree yeah it’s actually kind of
funny you know if you’re like what is it occasionally basically downloading data
and algorithms into your brain and it’s it’s it’s actually amazingly bad in
conventional education it’s like it shouldn’t be like this huge tour
if someone’s standing up there kind of lecturing at people and they’ve done the
same lecture twenty years in a row and they’re excited about it and in fact
I think a lot of things people learn probably there’s no point in learning
them because it that they never use them at that in the future because like kids
just in school kinda puzzled as to why they’re there I think the people who are
doing the work that we care about are figuring out what to do next not
following the person who told them what to do next and the problem with most
colleges is they are high school but with more binge drinking the entire
purpose of a good university is to give you a foundation to fail not a
foundation to get an A and if you graduate from college with straight A’s
you have to do some serious soul-searching as to why you chose to
spend your time doing that a student’s work for the B students the C students
run the businesses and the D students dedicate the buildings it’s like the
newspaper industry write more printing presses more big buildings write makes
this look grander we have brains that we’re putting them out there there’s
there’s a point of diminishing returns in terms of what it’s worth for a
college education and how much debt you’re willing to settle yourself with a
lot of people file a lot of people are following really if not we’d have
problems we have too many entrepreneurs we have too many successful people like
look how many people go through business classes if everything you need it was in
that actual business plan in that book it be too many successful business
people how many people graduate matter of fact the professor wouldn’t have the
time to sit there and teach you he knows this book
damn near verbatim page by page he knows right because he’d be entrepreneur he’s
too busy I’m – I’m doing way too much right now cuz I got the palm trees and
then we don’t be selling so much right stuff but I’m going there I ain’t quite
got time to teach class right now because I’m winning

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