The Mughal Empire Important MCQ Questions For SSC CHSL,CGL ,RAILWAY-Online Colleges Classes


The Mughal Empire Important MCQ Questions For SSC CHSL,CGL ,RAILWAY-Online Colleges Classes

fall of mughal empire mughal dynasty family tree mughal dynasty family tree mughal empire rulers mughal emperor akbar the mughal empire mughal empire family tree mughal dynasty family tree

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39 thoughts on “The Mughal Empire Important MCQ Questions For SSC CHSL,CGL ,RAILWAY-Online Colleges Classes”

  1. ANAND KUMAR says:

    lecture is good but you make in english which has more beneficial

  2. Mamta Rani says:

    very nice video sir bahut easy way se smjhaya or ek que se 4 que kabar ho gye well done sir

  3. Vinod Panday says:

    so good I think. there should video of every empire. of india

  4. RISHI SING says:

    thnks for it sir

  5. RISHI SING says:

    modern history k important questions ka vedio bna dijiye sif

  6. Ajit Lakra says:

    Hello, sir.. is it also helpful for KVS exam?

  7. chinu singh says:

    medival history keep auro being questions upload like he kya apne…..

  8. Vipin M says:

    it's very helpful.
    but it would be more helpful if you use english. because most south indians have trouble with understanding hindi.
    thank you

  9. Shivani Saxena says:

    thanks sir

  10. abhineet khare says:

    #Babar to kabul me dafnaya gaya naa?

  11. Geeta Prajapati says:

    very gud video sir well done

  12. Ravi Pandey says:

    tq's tooo useful questions

  13. Mafiz Ali says:

    sir informative video

  14. Rajob Ali says:

    sir can u make video on economics?? please sir..

  15. subhnlha bout acha says:

    bhut accha hai vedeo sir

  16. Danish khan says:

    nice collection

  17. divyam taneja says:

    very well explained regarding each option in MCQs.

  18. baap says:

    babur ko kabul me dafnaya gya tha..

  19. Pranesh Pradhan says:

    Babarnama written by Abdul hamim not babar

  20. Sewa Singh says:

    good collection

  21. Priyanka Kashyap says:

    Very helpful

  22. Bhumi Sahu says:

    nice sir

  23. Bhumi Sahu says:

    nice sir

  24. Ajeet says:

    the best way of teaching… maan gaye sir….👍👌

  25. blaaack and whiite # # daily update says:

    thanks lot sir thanks aa lot koi kumi nhi lagi …sabh bahut achhe se samjh ayea

  26. Kumar Sarwan says:

    Sir aap haryana se ho na?????

  27. blaaack and whiite # # daily update says:

    bahuuuutttttt nice

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  29. divya thakur says:

    good job sir !..😃😄

  30. jolly battoo says:

    hi, video is good, but actually you have not covered even a single topic, Battles, Monuments nothing and don't say that this video is enough….!

  31. Juber Ansari says:

    Thank you sir for great knowledge

  32. Monika Ray says:

    Give the questions in English

  33. JASVEER KAUR says:

    useful video sir

  34. Mohit Lodhi says:

    babur koi udaar raja nhi tha mandir tudwake masjid bnwae the usne

  35. tarvinder singh says:

    Sir bhut acche aur bnaiye plzz

  36. parth mishra says:

    Birbal kon tha

  37. md tabrez says:

    Babur wrote tuzuk e Babri not Babur nama Babur nama was Persian translation of tuzuk e Babri by abdur Rahim khane khana

  38. Jugnu Chouhan says:

    Ur technique is too gud.Bhulne ke chances bahut kam ho jate hai.plz continue .make more videos like this…

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