The REAL Reason I Dropped Out Of College…


The REAL Reason I Dropped Out Of College…

– Hey, everyone. It’s me, Sarah here from Wholesale Ted, one of the largest YouTube channels dedicated to giving you actionable advice on how to build a real
money-making business. And today, this month’s
storytime video is all about why I went to college and
what cataclysmic event made me drop out. Now I can imagine that a lot
of my subscribers are surprised that I went to college at all, because you see, when I was 16, I was running my first
successful online business, a video game store. Yep, most of my high
school friends earned money by working at the local
supermarket, packing groceries, and collecting supermarket trolleys for five to eight hours
each day on the weekends, whereas I had a much nicer gig importing secondhand video games direct from dealers in the USA and reselling them in my online store. I was having $100, $200,
sometimes even $300 days. My parents had been small
business owners themselves, and so they were really excited and supported me in my business ventures. Encouraged, I kept this business going all throughout high school. Towards the end of my senior year, I had a big choice to make. Would I go to college,
which here in New Zealand we call university, or would I skip it? I made what I thought was
a no-brainer decision. “So,” I excitedly announced
as I gathered my parents in our kitchen, “I’ve been able to build “a successful business
while also juggling classes “and exams. Just imagine
how much I could scale it “if I could focus 100% on it. “I’ve decided not to go to college “and to instead focus on my store.” I paused, waiting for a
round of praise and applause. My parents looked at each other. (laughter) – [Parent] Oh, no, no no. You’re not serious, right? – Well, uh, yeah. And so what do you think I did? Stand my ground? Tell them that it’s my life, not theirs, and that getting a degree
made no sense for me? Of course not. The very next day, I
signed up for college. A Bachelor of Liberal Arts
and Humanities, no less. A degree choice which
may surprise some of you, but don’t worry. I’ll explain why I chose it later. I really shouldn’t have
been surprised though by my parents’ reaction,
because as I’ve shared before on this channel, their business
had fallen on hard times, so they’d seen the darker
side of entrepreneurship. And so they told me to do
what they’d always been told growing up, “Play it safe. Go the college. “That will get you a good
job, no matter the degree.” But here’s the dirty little
secret of higher education. Increasingly, that pathway
doesn’t work like it used to. Today, there are more than
double the number of students enrolled in college in the
USA than there were in 1970. And it’s not just the USA; it’s global. In the UK, 19% of school graduates in 1989 went on to college. In 2016, it was 47%. And in Australia, there are nearly twice as
many college students enrolled than there were in 1996. The results are a classic
example of supply and demand. As supply for graduates has gone up, competition for skilled, high-paid jobs has dramatically increased, and the average rewards
for going to college are becoming less and less. As a result, in 2012, more than
half of graduates in the USA were either unemployed or working in a job that
didn’t need their degree. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise then that the price to go to college is rising eight times faster than wages, as graduates are increasingly
going into low-paid jobs. The average new graduate
comes out of college with a debt of $29,800 that follow then around
for an average 21 years. And while not quite the crisis of the USA, it’s getting worse in the UK. In 2012 in the UK, one-third
of graduates were in jobs that didn’t use their degrees. And in Australia, the average
weekly wage for new graduates shrunk from $946 in 2006 to $791 in 2013 as the number of students who found full-time postgraduate work dropped from 85% to 73%. Of course, it’s worth noting that some degrees fared better than others. 79.4% of Engineering students found work, compared to just 53.2% of Creative Arts and 64.3% of Humanities graduates. Yes, I’ll tell you now it’s the same situation in New Zealand, and our colleges love
advertising these degrees without disclosing the job numbers. So you might be thinking, “Ah, so that’s why Sarah quit. “She did Humanities, a useless degree. “She chose the wrong one. “Why didn’t she pick
Engineering or Computer Science “or a STEM degree?” Ah, good question. But you know what? I 100% believe that I
made the right choice. You see, those degrees had
classes with attendance credits. Roll call would be taken for each class. Be there or be square. But my philosophy and history papers, as long as you submitted your
essays and passed your exams, you were fine. So I picked courses I had
enough knowledge of already so that I could skip
classes yet still pass. And I could then spend
my free time working on, surprise, surprise, my business. I did once make a mistake though. I signed up for The Middle
East During The Middle Ages. As a history nerd, I thought, this is going to be a piece of cake. So I attended my first lecture to write my exam and essay dates, and all was going well until
my professor announced, “So I’m now gonna put you
all into small groups.” (dramatic sting) “Each week, you’re gonna
meet with your group “and discuss that week’s
class reading assignment. “I will be hosting each meeting, “and it is very important that you attend “because 25% of your grade
will be based on attendance.” Oh, no, no. What have I done? We were all given the first
week’s reading assignment. It was 20 long pages with
tiny text, and I was like, there is no way I’m gonna read this. I am sure no one else will read it either. It’ll be fine. So I walked up to my small
group class, and you know what? Everyone had read it except for me. The professor went through
the 20 pages chronologically. For each page, she’d ask
the class a question. Everyone had to answer one question each. If no one raised their hand to answer, she’d pick someone that hadn’t
answered a question yet. Everyone in the class was able
to answer theirs except me. She was not impressed. I went home defeated that day. I couldn’t read 20 pages each week. That was gonna take forever. I didn’t have time for that. So I sat down and I came up with a plan. The next week, right before class, I read the first page of
our reading assignment. And like clockwork, the
professor asked a question about page one at the
start of the session, and before anyone had a chance, my hand shot up. She picked me, and I
answered her question, and she was very, very
impressed at how eager I was. And that’s how I passed that class. I just read the first page
of each reading assignment and made sure that I always
answered the first question. Now I’m not saying that
if you’re watching this and you’re in college
that you should do that, but the reason why I did that was because even though I gave in and went to college because
everyone was telling me that I should do that, I
still never bought into it. Because here’s the thing. The people who are the most
successful in life got there not by copying others, but by coming up with new ideas
and thinking for themselves. But college teaches you to
do the opposite of this. It asks you to read the book assignments and regurgitate and copy other people. It teaches you to obey, not create. And perhaps even worse than
this, as I came to realize, the very nature of college
conditions students into thinking that the correct
way to make money in life is to exchange your time for money, rather than have your money work for you. Remember how I said that I dropped out? Yeah. You see, like usual, I had left
my 2,000-word history essay until the last minute. I had two days to write it and get it in. But I also had a stack of new video games that I wanted to list online in my store. I couldn’t do both. There simply wasn’t enough time. Hmm. I could choose to spend my
time writing my history paper. If I do that, I’ll make no
money, but I will pass my class. But if I instead choose
to list my games for sale, those games will make me money. With that money, I can hire someone to write my history essay for me. And actually, I’ll make so much money that I’ll be able to outsource all of my history essays for the year. Not only will I make money, but I’ll also pass my history class and regain a bunch of time that I would have spent writing essays and use that to again
make even more money. Pleased with this plan, I went onto Google and started looking up
essay-writing services, and as I started writing an email to the one that looked the best,
I had a sudden realization. Wait a minute. In the academic world,
unlike the business world, this isn’t considered smart. This is considered cheating. And so would you believe
that the very next day, I finally went and dropped out of college. My mindset was just far
too removed from college. A lot of people told me that
I was making a big mistake. “You’ve taken a lot of classes. “It would be a waste to not finish it now. “you’ll wish you did later.” Well, as a self-made millionaire
now, I can safely say that I’m glad that I didn’t
fall for that sunk-cost fallacy because I have absolutely
100% zero regrets. So yes, I didn’t want to do
what came naturally to me and cheat, and so I thought
the best thing for me to do was genuinely to drop out. I know that my opinions on college might be a little bit controversial, so let me know what you think
in the comments section below. And if you’re like me and you do not like the
nine-to-five life at all and you want to start your own business but you don’t know how, then you should be sure to
download our free ebook, “The 6 Steps that 6-Figure
Online Stores Follow “to Make Over $10,000 a Month,” and you’ll find a link
on how to download that in the video description below.

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    Hi Sarah, forgive me for this but at 9:30 you say "I didn't want to do what came naturally to me & cheat" I'm sure you don't mean that cheating comes naturally to you. Do you mean that it's natural for you to hire someone to do your essay, -which would have also been cheating? best reagrds,Daniel

  88. Charles Mcfeat says:

    It depends what you want to do in life, if you want to be a doctor, lawyer, banker then yes a degree will be needed but some degrees are absolutely hopeless

  89. Trollis Trollkarlen says:

    More storytimes please!!!!

  90. superfluityme says:

    You are funny Sarah great life choices 🙂

  91. Jussi Tuukkanen says:

    Great video!

  92. Jussi Tuukkanen says:

    Lovely – Thank you for sharing

  93. Rodrigo Gibson says:

    "Drop out and drop ship" <- put that on a t-shirt…. you're welcome.

  94. Dmitry Fox says:

    I don't do dropshipping, but I watch every one of your videos because you are adorable, and I like your personality, attitude and this accent.. awww 8D
    Thumbs up!

  95. Patricia says:

    Dropped out of college earlier this year but working full time in order to research and build my online store! Tomorrow will be the grand opening and I can’t wait to use all the knowledge I learn from not only from your dropship club but also with other successful entrepreneurs!

  96. Nviaz says:

    hahahah Sarah you just gave me a good laugh 😛

  97. Marcio J. P. Cardoso says:

    Best video ever!

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