The Tango – Scent of a Woman (4/8) Movie CLIP (1992) HD


The Tango – Scent of a Woman (4/8) Movie CLIP (1992) HD

Right now ? l’m offering you my services…
free of charge. What do you say ? Ah… l think l’d be
a little afraid. Of what ? Afraid of making
a mistake. No mistakes in the tango,
not like life. lt’s simple. That’s what makes
the tango so great. lf you make a mistake,
get all tangled up, just tango on. [ Frank ]
Why don’t you try ? Will you try it ? All right.
l’ll give it a try. Hold me down, son. Your arm. Charlie, l’m gonna need some
coordinates here, son. The floor’s
about 20 by 30, And you’re at
the long end. There’s tables on the outside.
The band’s on the right.

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100 thoughts on “The Tango – Scent of a Woman (4/8) Movie CLIP (1992) HD”

  1. DON Cheney says:

    She is freaking gorgeous.

  2. Nora Nora says:

    أي حد عربي هنا يدوس لايك

  3. Sherlock Holmes says:

    What is the name of the music?

  4. Walaa Omar says:

    Nothing is perfect in life . It is just( love) gives meaning to things.

  5. Driss Meskour says:

    Al Pacino is the best .
    Look at him, so genius

  6. Michael Alexander says:

    Al at his best acting

  7. Alex Carbone says:

    What an actor only Pacino can do it from one to ten 100 amazing guy love from Shkodra

  8. Michael Bart says:

    Gabrielle Anwar is beautiful.

  9. A David says:

    No mistakes in the Tango..Darling

  10. Shine light michele says:

    I’m glad to be closer to sixty than fifty. I remembered how my chest got tight when I saw this scene. Al was amazing. I don’t care for current tv and movies. So glad I was born when I was. I observed and did the things my parents and grandparents did. Got to spend time with people who were born in the 1890’s

  11. Annette Shaylaina Summerfield says:

    So beautiful. Oh to have experienced a moment in life such as this.

  12. Beautiful World says:

    What a gentle man!

  13. maxpower252 says:


  14. João Neto says:

    Essa cena é magnífica. Um tango maravilhoso, Al Pacino numa interpretação magistral e essa atriz linda e delicada como uma boneca de porcelana. Tudo perfeito!!!

  15. Phil חשבון says:

    I saw this movie and as always, Al Pacino was superb!!!!

  16. Antonella Carzek says:

    I love it

  17. soolly 357 says:

    She was gorgeous

  18. Denise Cirne says:


  19. Anuar Saad says:

    No mistakes in Tango, only in lives.

  20. Long zhi Gong tian says:

    The colonel must be a real gentleman. And I’d like to follow in such character’s steps to be more attractive man….

  21. Alejandro Deobel says:

    The music is sublime. Tango 🙂

  22. rohit ranjan says:

    Love from India

  23. freethrice says:

    My turn please.

  24. Hannah Maria says:

    Who's crying, c'mon I can't be the only one

  25. grejpfrutek says:

    Does someone know the name of the song played at the beggining, while they are talking?

  26. Shubham Dwivedi says:


  27. Steven Pitts says:

    Isn't it amazing how Class feeds off of Class. The band was getting into it because of them dancing. They were getting into it more because of the band. The audience was feeding into it because of them and the band. There is nothing more beautiful then true class.

  28. 마크tv says:

    Believe in Jesus and go to heaven. Jesus will come to this land and He loves you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  29. seiji iwaguro says:


  30. metalore says:

    "I'm gonna need some coordinates here, son."

  31. Lucien luo says:

    Donna is a perfect women.

  32. Unikittytwins Beharwood says:

    I’m playing the dance song in my adv. orchestra 🙃

  33. Mauricio Carretilha says:

    Al Pacino é foda..👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  34. yann sai says:

    What is not like life, is that there's no man in life like him, neither a woman like her. But life is still not bad, cuz you can find a movie like this once a while.

  35. tricster 808 says:

    La vida es corta para apreciar esta escena.

  36. Benny says:

    Oo my God ,what a performance.😃😃😃

  37. Miss Sazi says:

    where can i find a man like al pacino

  38. Raquel Klotz says:

    Este filme é maravilhoso!!! A cena do tango? Simplesmente fantástico!!!

  39. Shelby K says:

    Charlie is so cute

  40. Adibullah Adib says:

    I have watched this movie just because of this scene. 👌

  41. Zina Selmani says:


  42. Richard Ray says:

    After seeing this movie I learned to tango (also rhumba :). So far, Gabrielle Anwar has not shown up to dance with me, but many other beautiful women have. It works!

  43. CAZADOR7471 says:

    Por una cabeza….clasico de peliculas yankis…..cuantas veces la usaron para una escena en sus peliculas????

  44. Norma Ríos says:

    Que belleza!!

  45. Mahmoud Abdulraheem says:

    Waw, amazing

  46. sarita schwedes says:

    Have no fear of life..🌸

  47. Marzena Dulska says:


  48. Simon Ngwa says:

    I wonder how many shot they did on this scene. because no earing on her in some frames.

  49. Nik Doodle says:

    You should see real tango dances. It is more sexier than having you know what i mean

  50. Khushi M says:

    Who says one is blind frm inside… 😊

  51. Bill Bateman says:

    Watch closely and you will see them talking as they dance? Just like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers used to. He would whisper "Now you're dancing…" when they got it right. Old school.

  52. jessica M says:

    She giggles in every dip hehehe

  53. Paul Hernandez says:

    I thought he didn't blink but he did.😔

  54. Stanford Leeham says:

    Blind man she cant see her but he can feel the daughter body so lovely and good beautiful and fine

  55. mario foster vidal says:

    Colocou a menina no bolso.

  56. Satria Raden Mas Sambernyowo 17 says:

    Oouff… I'm like crazy when see alpacino in dance scene , and the music make the heart ♥ bit so deep …perfect

  57. 王台麟 says:


  58. Mats# says:

    Así es como NO se baila el Tango.

    Se tenía que decir y se dijo !!!!! r

  59. Paula Trenti says:

    Un grande

  60. Amelia Ottenwalder says:

    I'm obsessed with this scene

  61. Marco Marquinho says:

    What a wonderful movie!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Arethose Potatoes says:

    That's the most touching scene eveeer , can't describe the happiness that I feel Everytime I watch it … Tooooo much LoVe ♥️🖤♥️🖤♥️🖤♥️🌠💥💯👏

  63. Bj Barlett says:

    Absolutely beautiful! One of my favorite scenes! ☝🏼😬

  64. Gergana Kardashimova says:

    Donna is a very beautiful girl!

  65. Francisco Andres Barrios Saenz says:

    Por una cabeza del gran Carlos Gardel

  66. AMAN PANDEY says:

    She is indian Muslim

  67. mira nisa özen says:

    Whats this songs name

  68. ArriNi Carlos says:

    Oct 2019

  69. SONA says:


  70. SINderelah says:

    What a beautiful dance~
    What a great actor~
    What a wonderful movie ~

  71. jmazzitelli says:

    one of the best movies I ever watched

  72. CUB NATION108 says:


  73. Bishwajit Paul says:


  74. L7N says:

    I can’t forget it 💔😭

  75. Stanford Leeham says:

    Its was double or triple? Say something alpaccio

  76. Andy Derbyshire says:

    Think she had little moment at the end 😉 you so tell she enjoyed that…as did the extras watching

  77. 白川千秋 says:


  78. N n says:

    Como amo esa cancion! Aguante argentina locoo!

  79. Karito Morris says:

    Es Carlos Gardel…. No Carlos Gradel🤦🏻‍♀️

  80. Silvia Seneci says:

    Al Pacino è un gran attore, ma Vittorio Gasmann è unico nell'originale "Profumo di donna"

  81. Osvaldo Grieco says:

    Hola, ¿ cual es la orquesta instrmental que interpreta el tango VIDA MIA y POR UNA CABEZA..SALUDOS…DESDE EL PARTIDO DE LA COSTA…ARGENTINA

  82. gaucho fierro says:


  83. Ron Metcalf says:

    This scene NEVER gets old.

  84. Vongola10Cd says:

    Mesmerizing performances, unforgettable dialogues, and fascinating characters…this movie is hands down one of the best.

  85. ernest7 says:

    Technically a terrible tango but a lovely movie

  86. LF99 o_O says:

    O título tá em português só no meu ??????

  87. SonAle LG says:

    Tango ♥️🤭

  88. Israt Jahan Promy says:

    I've just watched it a week ago. What a beautiful scene!I rewinded this particular scene like 5 times. Love Al Pacino ❤

  89. Lucia Martins says:

    Sensacional, isso é superação!

  90. Lucas Rahardja says:

    whats the name of this song?

  91. Matias says:

    An Argentinan Song

  92. Alek A says:

    This scene is great! a young woman who is afraid of making mistakes and a middle aged, blind, but confident man dance Tango in front of “high class” people and get applause.

  93. erock755 says:

    Bravo! Bellisimo!

  94. EmJae Ay says:

    My top favorite part of this movie

  95. EscapedConvict2007 says:

    I can't imagine what a player Frank would have been, if he didn't go blind.

  96. moroco says:

    always por una cabeza, there is more tangos

  97. Gary Miller says:

    Wonderful scene 👏🏼 always brings a smile to my face and a little teary

  98. Sasha like Иванова says:


  99. Roger Kincaid says:

    People still come here to view this scene; proof that this film is timeless.

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