The Top 7 Questions We Hear about PA Virtual Charter School

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The Top 7 Questions We Hear about PA Virtual Charter School

– Hi, I’m Andie Byron, enrollment specialist here
at PA Virtual Charter School. Today I’ll be answering some
of the most common questions that parents ask before
they enroll their child. I hope this information helps you as you get ready to make
an important decision about your child’s future. First, let’s go over the
basics of the school. PA Virtual is the top
performing cyber charter school in the state of Pennsylvania. We’re a public online
school serving students in grades K through 12. Because our model is online, every student must have a parent or designated adult at home
as their learning coach. And of course families
must have internet access so students can get to school resources and work with their teachers online. One of the questions I hear most often is do all students take online classes? Here at PA Virtual, we offer
two instructional formats. We call them synchronous and synchronous. For families who prefer a
more structured scheduled and daily interaction with
teachers and other students, we offer synchronous classes. That’s live classes conducted
in a virtual classroom. For families that prefer
a more flexible schedule, we offer asynchronous classes. Students don’t take classes in real time. They learn in an independent manner with teachers monitoring
their academic progress. Either way, learning coaches
work alongside their children in both formats. Families can request the type
of model for their child. But keep in mind, PA Virtual
can require live classes for students that are
working below grade level or need more guidance. On a typical day, students start
by logging into Blackboard. If they have synchronous classes, they’ll have a schedule of class times throughout the rest of the day. The first live class of
the day starts at 8:15, and attendance is taken in
every synchronous class. If a student’s asynchronous, they’ll start working
from their daily plan, completing reading, online work, and assignments for each subject. All students must complete
five to 5 1/2 hours of schoolwork a day, and learning coaches will log that time at the end of the day. PA Virtual provides
everything a student needs to complete the school year. We provide a laptop, printer/scanner, and headset for live classes, as well as curriculum materials like books, workbooks, art
supplies, and science kits. While our younger students will have lots of materials to get their hands on, our older students will have
mostly online materials. We also offer a monthly internet
stipend for each family. Sometimes parents ask me
about special education. At PA Virtual, we service
a variety of students who receive special education services. During the enrollment process, parents have a chance to speak to a member of the special
education department to learn more about what services for their child would look
like in a virtual setting. To enroll, go to our
website, Click Enroll Now and fill
out the application form. If you’ve already done that, check your email to schedule
a phone call with me. I’ll explain the enrollment
process and get you started. Families are always excited to know when their student can start. The final step of the enrollment process is your enrollment conference call where you’ll get your official
PA Virtual start date. Remember, students must
stay enrolled and attending at their current school while completing the registration process. Thanks so much for
taking the time to watch. I hope you are ready to join
the PA Virtual community. (bright music)

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