The TRUTH about LINGODA Online Language School | A FULL REVIEW


The TRUTH about LINGODA Online Language School | A FULL REVIEW

[Music] [Applause] [Music] so it’s about time that I became the student now what I’ve always loved about lingo des is how beautiful their website is and how easy it is to use and if you find that you still have a few issues or things that you’re not sure about then it’s very easy to ask for help and there’s always someone there to help you out in those situations so I got myself signed up of course I told them I was interested in learning Spanish they do also offer lessons in English French and German so I filled in my profile I set my time zone and I set my skill level which ranges from a1 to c2 I of course a 10.1 a beginner very much a beginner and then I set my schedule now this is something I really like about lingo de I am a very busy person my schedule changes from week to week they offer lessons seven days a week 24 hours a day so it doesn’t matter what my schedule is I’m always able to find something that suits my timeframe and they even manage to have a private lesson while I was traveling recently and stuck in the airport for a few hours I had Wi-Fi I had my mobile phone and so I organized a lesson and it made really good use of that time that would otherwise have been wasted lingo de definitely scores high on flexibility so the private lessons are held by a Skype and the beauty the beauty of Skype something I realized is that if you’re having a very bad hair day or perhaps you’re still wearing your pajamas when you come to your lesson time you don’t have to put the camera on so nobody has to know and then you have group lessons which are held via Adobe Connect and that’s all very easy to setup and if you have any problems with that whatsoever lingo de are there to walk you through it for all your lessons there is a topic set and along with that topic you can download the supporting materials which we’ll work through in the class but you can keep the supporting materials computer or you can print them off and use them as you like now I have to say I was really really impressed with the supporting materials they’re just really colorful well-thought-out challenging but but easy-to-follow yeah very impressed I was very excited about my first group lesson so much so that he even made a whole batch of cupcakes for all my classmates however on my first lesson there was only two of us in the group and so so it was bad in one respect because it meant I had to eat a lot of cupcakes a lot but it was good in the respect that I got so much attention from the teacher it was almost like having a private lesson because it was only the two of us so it was great value for money and after that I realized that most of the group lessons are very very small groups the teachers that I’ve met so far my journey have been faultless they’re all native which is really really important and no matter what time of the day I’ve had my lessons and they’ve always been so cheerful it’s like they just love their job it makes me feel happy and encouraged even when I find it hard and they’re happy because I’m happy and it’s just one big happy circle happy happy happy happy so once you’ve completed enough courses around 30 to 40 hours then you will qualify for a CEF our certificate and this will attest your level of comprehension ranging from a1 to c2 and these certificates are great they are internationally recognized certificates and they can be used on visa applications they can be used for university applications it just gives people a good understanding of your comprehension level so definitely a great way to keep you motivated I’ve got about 10 more hours of study to go so to sum up my experience will in go to great website really helpful supportive team amazingly professional happy native teachers fantastic supporting material which you can keep for as long as you like certificates which are very motivational flexible and therefore super convenient and really good value for money and if you are interested in checking out lingo de for yourself which I highly recommend as part of your language learning strategy then you are in luck because if you use this code along with the link in the description box below then you’ll get a discount of 50 euros I’m certainly going to continue to be a student of lingo de and I think you should try it for yourself too and if you have any language learning strategies that I haven’t mentioned then please do put it in the comments box below because I love to know and hey one day I will be fluent in Spanish with the help of Ling coda and you will be fluent in English thank you very much guys take care and

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42 thoughts on “The TRUTH about LINGODA Online Language School | A FULL REVIEW”

  1. yousif gentelman says:


  2. Ahmed Sofian says:

    very good

  3. عبدالرحمن عابدين says:

    I like you

  4. Saidul Hasan says:

    Everything is okay but the fee is so high.

  5. Horacio Salazar Gómez says:

    ¡Hola Anna! 🙂 Sorry for greeting in Spanish, but it's for your practice! XD
    I think we're in the exchange era where the communication tools are giving us facilities to make more connections around the world. Wether you decide to pay classes online or being a self-taught student, definitely the internet has shorten distances between people.
    Just wanted to share the thought.

  6. Ibrahim Abu Eraq says:

    This is a great presentation
    I will try the application

  7. Givaldo Mascarenhas mundo da comunicação says:

    Thank you very much teacher, SUCCESS for you !

  8. yordy garcia malca says:

    I will try lingoda.

  9. sameer salihy says:

    Hi Anna!
    I want take class with you… how can I contact with you ???

  10. aiM says:


  11. lovely english says:

    I wish i was native english speaker .like you .you are great

  12. Strasznik says:

    With all due respect, that's just a commercial not a review

  13. Jerry Raven says:

    The closer you get to the meaning
    The sooner you'll know that you're dreaming

    .. Black Sabbath Lyrics.

  14. Pavel Mikhalkov says:

    Looks like Russia is an important market for such schools 🙂 Both Lingoda and iTalki mention their discounts in RUR.

  15. *Yurika Lily* says:

    Can we choose British accent on Lingoda??

  16. Βy glycol Τest says:

    you are unbelievable…

  17. Ahmed Alshamry says:


  18. Mary De Nóbrega says:

    I've been using Lingoda for 4 months and it was wonderful until they launch a promotion called "Language Marathon" and everything becomes so lousy. Now we have lessons with more than 5 students per class and also the audio and the new classroom are slow and it has frequents hangs. I'm so sorry for newcomers students experiencing this, I don't recommend using Lingoda now. I recommended before, but not anymore. If the situation changes, I will come back and let you know.

  19. Michal V says:

    Lingoda is a nightmare. I have only bad experience with it. I became a participant on the marathon. A lot of people have have problems with their software. I do not recommend anyone.

  20. TJ Law says:

    Lingoda is a scam. I signed up for their Language Marathon because their website says "Average class size of 3". I am still shocked the average size of my classes is 7. I asked other students who took classes at unpopular hours. None of their classes were smaller than three. I am pretty sure the average class size of all English classes held by Lingoda in January must be more than three. Basically, online lessons are useless if there are more than three people. I asked Lingoda if that was a misrepresentation, they gave me lame excuses. I asked for clarification, the call centre guy hanged up on me.

  21. Berlin 991 says:

    This is a commercial… ohhh

  22. masterp77557 says:

    nice lips

  23. Carlos Garcia says:

    Do they teach American English or just British English ?

  24. Ulises Lira says:

    Anna to be honest!
    You teach better English that the chanell English with Lucy.
    The best for you. ❤

  25. stephen marsh says:

    I agree with Strasnik. That's a commercial. She sounds sickly too. Put me right off. Going to try Babbel.

  26. iqra khan says:

    Can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell where to put code?

  27. jestinsasi says:


  28. Omar Alhaffar says:

    Do not fall into this trap! Make sure you read all the absolutely ridiculous conditions on their website before you sign up. one especially interesting one reads: "The Participant agrees that the promotion will roll into a paid monthly subscription at the end of the marathon,…". Mind you that they will not send any email reminder about this at the end of the marathon period and they would refuse to refund or credit those classes.

    Lingoda service and support felt like a scam, I think it is absolutely not worth it, save your money!

  29. tooth0702 says:

    Italki is better.

  30. Terry Noonan says:

    They pay the teachers €9 an hour. That is awful. They exploit their workers. If you feel guilty about travelling by plane because of your carbon footprint, then you should not help a German company exploit British teachers for profit.

  31. make somali great again says:

    Can you tell me please if I have right to finish 6months, courses from A-c2

  32. pierre sakr says:

    It is an advertisement , and I think I m not interested anymore is using lingoda’s service if they paid for an advertisement on YouTube to look like a review , what a shame 🙁

  33. JaniS says:

    Lingoda marathon is a sham.

  34. Dali says:

    How much did it cost to take a group spanich course? I'm an english learner though lol

  35. pooja Parmar says:

    there is anyone who can help me to find out useful online website or something to improve my English

  36. Rainy Day says:

    Lingoda Full Marathon

    i have a trouble with the payment. please please help me. i am a student of full marathon and i dont know what should i do in this situation. my account was paused and 27 may marathon will start but , technical support doesn't answer my question and i don't know what should i do in this situation ?

  37. Tekela Tarvin says:

    DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! It is a total scam. You can judge for yourself
    by the fact that they do not have a phone number where you can reach
    them. This is a huge red flag and I should have followed my first
    instinct. They refuse to refund money that was fraudulently charged to
    me after I told them before the marathon ended that I did not want to
    continue. I understand that I couldn't cancel during the marathon
    because I committed to it, but there was no option on their site to
    cancel it. And sure enough, which is I'm sure exactly what they thought
    would happen, I forgot to cancel it online after the marathon was over.
    They charged me, although I have not used the credits, and they refuse
    to refund it.

  38. Jollystr says:

    All pros no cons? WTF?

  39. nortevalpo says:

    Of course, this is a commercial not a full fledge review. How much did you get paid? And no, a native speaker isn't absolutely a good solution. You need someone who has gone through a regular university with a degree in teaching the language. Not the average jane doe who knows a lot of language but doesn't know anything about teaching it. I'm an English teacher, whose native language is Spanish. But I wouldn't dare teach Spanish, I was not trained for that. Grammar is not the essence of a language. Yes of course I can hold a conversation with someone who is already fluent or good at Spanish…but I wouldn't dare correcting their mistakes! I don't have the knowledge to find out what is CAUSING their mistakes. What are the influences of his native language on Spanish. How could I? Now…yes teaching a language is a decent job for those of you who are abroad for a while and want to make some dough to buy beer and hamburgers. That being said. Leave teaching to the pros.

  40. Guilherme P. says:

    Stupid catchy title. Gets a thumbs down for this.

  41. Sonia AMADEO says:

    Whatever you do, do not choose LINGODA. NEVER EVER GO TO LINGODA as they do not treat you as a customer. They steal your money, keep you hostage and do not respect you as a customer at all.
    There's no real person for you to talk to, nobody answers their phone number. LINGODA is totally disorganized, they don't have updates on their courses or anything. Flee LINGODA at all costs!

  42. Blue Room says:

    This advert is really cringy. But I guess whatever it takes to make a few extra $$.

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