The Truth About Ping Abuse In Online Games


The Truth About Ping Abuse In Online Games

What’s up guys Rogue-9 here and in today’s
video I want to shine a bit of a spotlight onto the issue of peeker’s advantage, ping
abuse and how latency in general will affect your experience when you are playing a first
person shooter that uses server side hit validation. Dying to a high ping opponent who manages
to kill you before they even pop up on your screen is super frustrating and as we all
know the higher the enemy’s ping, the more time they have to shoot you after
coming around a corner, right? WRONG! This is one of the most common misconceptions
when it comes to peeker’s advantage and in fact one that I myself used to believe for a long time. I will be explaining the various issues in
this video using Rainbow Six Siege as a basis but these concepts will apply to all games
that use server side hit validation, so the findings will apply to pretty much all modern
online first person shooter games out there. And with that, let’s finally get to it! Before I launch into an explanation of how
and why your opponent’s ping does not matter at all when it comes to peeker’s advantage,
let me first very briefly go over some of the basics to make sure we’re all on the same page. Ping, that number we see shown to us in online
games: that’s the time it takes for a message from your PC or console to travel to the server and back. Latency is the time is takes for a message
to travel on one leg of that journey, so from your device to the server or from the server to you. So latency is basically half the ping. Times are usually shown in milliseconds. Now, how does this affect gameplay? Well, when you provide any input to the game
on your device (e.g. moving your character, using your weapon or a gadget or anything
else really) that input is registered on the local game client on your machine and your
character performs the required action. At the same time, a message is sent to the
server informing it of what you have chosen to do in your game and it will take half the
time of your ping plus the processing time of up to one tick for the server to receive
and understand that message. I’m going to keep things simple in the examples
going forward and leave out the processing time on the server and client and we will
simply assume that they are equal for all players although of course a player running
the game at a very low frame rate will have be disadvantaged compared to others
but that it a whole other topic. So the message has now reached the server,
is processed and then of course it needs to get sent out to all of the other players and
the time it takes for the message of your original action to reach the other players
is dependent on their individual latencies. What all of this will cause is what we can
think of as a ghosting effect. When you move on your device, your character
as represented on the server will lag behind by half of your ping and then you will need
to add half of the other players’ pings on top of that to get the time lag when compared
to what they see on their PCs or consoles. Makes sense so far? Good! I tested this in game but before I show you
that, here’s a quick word from today’s sponsor! This video is sponsored by Drop, the company
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I can definitely recommend the PC37X and if you use the link in the description below
a $30 discount will automatically be applied for you during checkout! Many Thanks to Drop for supporting the channel! Let’s face it, playing with high ping is
never a great experience. For one, silly things like this can happen:
As you can see in this clip where both players have high ping, I landed a total of 5 headshots
on Rook here before losing the gunfight. 100% ridiculous and what’s even worse is
that in the death cam replay you can still see me supposedly shooting 5
bullets before Rook reacts! What really happened in this clip is that
Rook actually fired a split second before me and since his shots were registered on
the server first, all of my follow up hits were rejected and I lost the fight. It looks really sketchy both in the live play
and in the replay but actually, it worked perfectly as intended. The player that shot first (where both players
have a pretty bad ping) won the fight. But how does high ping affect peeking? Here is what it looks like to get peeked on
a server where both players have a pretty high ping… I think it’s fair to say that that was pretty
much an instant death; I really didn’t have any chance to react. Now let’s look at that situation in a local
match where the ping of both players is 1ms… Ok, that also was pretty much instant… In fact, if we put the two clips side by side,
you can see that they are virtually identical and any variance is most likely due to the
human factor of me not replicating the peek perfectly across both tests… But isn’t high ping supposed to cause a
major difference in the victim’s experience due to peeker’s advantage? Well, here is where the most common misconception
of peeker’s advantage comes in. The higher the ping of the peeking player,
the more profound the ghosting effect on the server will be BUT this will not provide them
with any advantage at all. Because we have server side hit validation,
it will take just as long for the player’s shots to be registered on the server and this
basically cancels out any advantage that would come from the higher ping of the peeker. Let that sink in for a second: The ping of
the peeker doesn’t matter, because any advantage in terms of the time they get to see the opponent
before the server registers the peek is eaten up by the time it then takes for the shots to register. Peeker’s advantage is still a real thing
but it is in fact the ping of the victim that is important here. Many seasons ago, the Rainbow Six dev team
shared a visual example in a blog post and why don’t I walk you through this step by
step to explain what I mean. In this example, we have player 1 (with a
high ping of 200ms) peeking player 2 (who has a lower ping of 100ms). Player 1 peeks and it takes 100ms (half the
ping) for the peek to be registered on the server. Then it takes 50ms (half of player 2’s ping)
for the info of that movement to be sent player 2’s PC or console. So at the time that player 2 gets to see the peek, player 1 has already been fully exposed for a full 150ms. 150ms after this, player 1 fires (we are assuming
a 300ms reaction time) and it then takes 100ms for that info to reach the server. As long as player 2 manages to shoot early
enough for their shots to reach the server first, they still win the gunfight and their
own latency of 50ms again plays a role here. What this results in, is a window of opportunity
during which player 2 can win the gunfight and that is player 1’s reaction time minus
player 2’s ping. In a perfect world, we would have no delay
at all and it would just be a case of whoever shoots first wins, so as long as you can aim
and shoot quicker than your opponent, you’ve got this. But since it’s all about who’s shots register
on the server first, the disadvantage for player 2 comes from the 50ms it takes to see
the opponent after the server has already registered the peek and then the additional 50ms it takes for player 2’s shots to register on the server. Player two is disadvantaged twice by their
latency, which adds up to their ping and therefore explains the peeker’s advantage window of
opportunity formula I mentioned earlier: Player two must react faster than player 1’s reaction
time minus player 2’s ping. I hope this little example helped clarify
what I’m trying to get at because it was a complete revelation to me when I found out
that it’s my own ping providing the opponents’ peeker’s advantage and not theirs. And consequently, there is actually no such
thing as “ping abuse”… If an opponent has a very high ping, they
get no advantage when peeking you but they do get a serious disadvantage when you peek them. Any kind of peeker’s advantage you perceive
against yourself is down to your ping and the processing time on the server/your machine. No more, no less. And beyond that, the disadvantage of a high
ping goes even further because if you are ever in a gunfight situation where both players
fire at each other at the same time on their clients, the player with the higher ping will
lose, because their shots will reach the server later and if they are already marked as dead
on the server, their hits will be rejected, resulting in an all-out win for the low ping player. BUT: Why is it then that we have these experiences
all the time where we die without the opponent ever appearing on our screens?! And why is it almost always against players
who have a bad ping?! Maybe the answer is that those deaths are
more down to perspective, than lag… Maybe we notice suspicious deaths more when
the opponent has a high ping because that fits in more with the usual understanding
of peeker’s advantage. I’m just guessing here of course but the
fact is that in games with server side hit validation; there is no plausible reason why the peeker’s ping should provide them with any kind of benefit. And that’s it; I do hope that my little
excursion into this frustrating topic has provided a little more clarity on the issue. If you learnt something today and enjoyed
the video, do leave it a thumbs-up and if you didn’t like it, that’s what
the thumbs-down is there for. Do leave any comments you have below and as
always, thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see
you in the next episode!

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    Similarly, if the ping of the victim dips as the server sends the peeker's actions, the action will be shortened. This doesn't mean the victim can be shot before the peeker peeks on the victim's client, but it could be perceived as inhuman reaction times…

    Unless it's possible for one packet to be received before another. I'm sure the server only processes one "action" per client per tick, but if it takes the first action it receives, then theoretically, the peek could get stuck in traffic while the shot takes the expressway. In that weird scenario where the latency of a peek is 300ms but the latency of the shot plus the peeker's reaction time is, for some reason, 200ms, then the server receives the shot first, sends the shot to the victim, who saw nothing, and then receives the peek and sends that to the already dead victim. I don't know enough about how the killcam works to say whether this is in line with everything else, but the flowchart checks out.

    This would only happen for peekers with high ping because you can only temporarily dip when you have high ping. In this scenario, we're talking people with well over 400 ping and some very lucky timing.

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    Also, don't the shots register at specific time stamps? For instance, if a player with one second ping shoots at point 0.1 where player two is at; info is sent to the server that this shot from place x with trajectory y was fired at 0.1. The server gets this info at point 0.6.

    Then, a player with 9ms ping shoots at the high ping player at point 0.3, the server gets this info at 0.345. Because the server gets the info so much sooner the high ping player should die, right? But when the server gets the info at 0.6 which indicates that player one actually shot earlier than player two according to the time stamps, shouldn't the players trade at minimum? Let alone the fact that player two should be dead before even pulling the trigger. This scenario assumes that the ghosts and clients would be in the same spot.

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    Just a few side note: Movement is more interesting in this case. That is way holding an angle is weaker, than peeking. (that is why everyone using pixel holds) Not to mention the situation if the 2 opponent are not aiming at each other at the beginning of the gunfight. The real problem is the kill-cam de-sync and something changed on the servers around operation Para Bellum. If anyone still remember, this problem was almost fixed after Operation Health. The shots felt so crispy back then. It was great until Para Bellum. Now i feel like the servers are more and more overwhelmed in every season (or something like that, not an expert on networking, i just feel it in game). Something off, i wonder did they change anything on the server side, or in the server hardware…

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    Well, I have 2 questions then.
    1) Why was there a (long) period (a long time ago, but still) where we could see people with 900ish "cheated" ping? And why did Ubisoft invent a high ping autokick system? I mean, I'm not saying that you misinform us, but on the other hand "everyone but you" (including Ubisoft) has the wrong idea about this, so they did useless things?
    2) "Matter of perspective", well, care to make a video about cases where I see an empty window shooting me, then looking at the killcam I see someone taking it's time to aim at me, and shoot, sometimes even multiple times? Take note that I'm a good ping player, don't remember the time when it went above 40, but it sometimes it goes as low as 9.

  90. Eric Mussett says:

    so I've noticed in games. Especially siege. that the time it takes for them to appear and shoot is much shorter than when I appear for them and they shoot. It's like this in almost every kill against except for the wall bangs. I have a good ping of around 16 when the games going, so whats going on here? I don't fully understand the videos explanation fully.

  91. Tristan Pouw says:

    Laughs in 9 ping

  92. Deathcage says:

    Important to note that the timings on the ubi chart get clamped to the server tickrates as well. If you're unlucky and just miss a tick you could have that window of opportunity flipped on your head by 50ms +/- if you're counting the worst case scenario (for yourself/the victim). Now add that timing to what you mentioned briefly with local fps for output traffic and you can lose more, that would explain why people die before the peaker rounds the corner, with of course no direct fault to either players ping time.

    Just like people want max fps to cram through the pipeline to the screen, cramming higher server tickrates also improves the problem but it's so many variables.

  93. Rythim says:

    When I play r6 and I get into cover with 100+ ping, I always get shot then die by the ghost effect 🙁

  94. milknugget says:

    Y'all be talking about having a 100+ ping in Africa or Russia or something

    I'm literally NA and have one stfu

  95. sh9jscg says:

    I get called a ping abuser but I just live literally in Central America, it’s a HUGE disadvantage on a millisecond reactions based game, managed to smart my way through Gold 1 with 200 permanent…I still don’t understand how that’d be an advantage

  96. DrPotato Cat says:

    I'm stuck having 240 steady ping because all my friends that play Siege are in NA, I don't have friends in South East Asia :')

  97. Wheelman714c says:

    SO, quit complaining and come to the realization that you simply made a mistake in a gunfight when you die. Its a game people, just play another match, raging, complaining and EXCUSES get you no where. PSA served

  98. Contact Wombat says:

    Am I a ping abuser, nope just Australian

  99. Baddy Kay says:

    I mean 300ping is my average so i guess i cant fall victim

  100. Shadow Genesis says:

    If there's something that can bring out the violence in gamers, it's not violent games but high ping.

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