The Try Guys Compete In A Pro Gaming Tournament


The Try Guys Compete In A Pro Gaming Tournament

– This week Zach and I
have four days to learn how to compete at a professional
level at a video game. – [Announcer] Let’s give
it up for the Try Guys. – Oh no! – Looks to be working. – [Announcer] The
possibilities are endless. – Come to me, come to me, come to me. – We’re in track, go, go! – [Announcer] Now down to
the Try Guys and Deadmau5. – Ooh, oh Korndiddy! – [Announcer] Korndiddy
falls to his death. (emphatic music) – It’s time for us to finally
compete with our thumbs. – This weekend Keith and I are playing in a competitive video game
tournament for charity. OGN is a gigantic
competitive ESports league that is huge in Korea,
that is just now launching here in America and Keith
and I have been asked to play at the inaugural event. Because when you think of
a Korean video game company you think Keith and Zach. – I’ve never done
competitive video gaming, but I’ve seen it. People with LEDs and everybody’s
got their headphones on and they’re clicking away,
they’re just clicking it up and they’re like, gah! The take their headphones
off, they go, gah! – Fuck! – Oh shit! – Fuck. – That’s what I’m excited for. – We’re playing PUBG which
is basically Fortnite, but not for children. (laughing) Now Jared, you are a PUBG expert. – No. – Have you ever done competitive gaming? – No. – Have you played? – Yes. – Good, good.
– Yeah, so impressive. Jared we asked you here
because you’re the only person we know that actually plays this game. – I gathered. – Can you describe the game PUBG to us? – Yes, so it’s 100 player
start, last team standing wins. You’re gonna start on a plane
with everybody over the map, you and the team will
choose where we wanna land. You start with nothing,
you’re gonna have to pick up a bag, helmet, weapon, also
I may pick something up that I don’t need, but you may need it. And we’re gonna share them. – How do we share them? – You drop it. – Throw it on the ground? – Yeah. – And then you pick it up? – Yup. – Just like when you hand
things to your friends. – Just like it, yeah. – So let’s learn the game. – Totally! The controls are pretty basic. A is to jump, if you tap B it’s to crouch, if you hold it it’s to lay down,
Y is to switch your weapon, tapping X is to pick things
up, holding X is to load, start button is overall inventory, tapping X will, tapping A will, R will, double tap, inventory, start to get into R1 and L1 will cycle
through your inventory. – [Both] Huh. – Growing up I was mostly a Nintendo kid. – I’ve never owned an Xbox. – Super Smash Bros. – I’ve played Dance Dance Revolution. I can’t wait to listen to Butterfly. ♪ Ay yai yai you’re my little butterfly ♪ ♪ Green, black, and blue
make the colors in the sky ♪ Yeah, you remember that song? You guys remember that jam! – I think you wanna. – I better jump out huh. – Yeah, so turn left. – Beautiful day, isn’t it? Go up the bridge. – Go up it if you want. – Yes, hell yes. Don’t fall off.
– Wait, I’m gonna fall. – [Keith] Don’t fall off! – [Zach] Whoa, look at
me go, look at me go, oh! – See this is what I’m
saying, the game isn’t just about killing, the game
is about experiencing life. – You have to think fast,
you have to move fast, your little fingers gotta be dextrous. I don’t have dexter fingers. – [Jared] Oh you almost got in there Zach. You hit him.
– You shot him in the ass! – You hit him in the leg. – You shot him right in the ass. I’m terrible at shooting games. I’m just one of those classic guys that when someone starts
shooting at me I freak out, I just freak out and I become the guy who’s shooting in every direction. Oh oh oh oh no! – [Jared] Wait for hi to get
in, wait for him to get in. – [Keith] Where are you? Get in the car! – [Jared] Take off, take off. – Shit! Shit, dude just kill him, I’ll be here. – Go go, look, get him. – [Jared] No, that’s your teammate. – [Zach] That’s a teammate – [Jared And Zach] Oh. – Oh, well, you know I got killed too. – We have four days to learn it. How good can we get? – Not good at all. – Okay. – I don’t think we asked that correctly. – You don’t seem to understand. Not only are we competing in a tournament, we’re competing against one of the best teams in the world at this game. – Cloud nine. Have you heard of them? (rock music) – Yeah, I think they right now are the best team in the world. – What? – We’re gonna play against Deadmau5. I love Deadmau5, he’s such a good DJ. (electronic orchestral music) – Deadmau5. – He can’t be good, right? He’s a DJ. – He’s a DJ. – I’ve heard he’s very,
very good at this game. – But I thought he was a DJ. – He kills people on the side. That’s an enemy. – Let’s shoot him. Oh, come on, come on, no. – You know what you did that was good? – I tried to aim. – Tried to aim!
– I got scared. – Even though you lost,
the fact that you aimed was better than before when
you were firing from the hip. – Oh wow, look at you! How do I get in, oh I get on the back. Now, let’s go buddy, this is adorable. I mean come on, look at this. – I’m not here to try and
win, I’m not delusional, but I wanna compete. I don’t think we told you yet, when you win a game they call it, winner winner, chicken dinner. – This tournament is ending
with me buying a chicken dinner. That’ all I know. Although I’m pretty sure we will not win we will still earn some money for charity. – They told us that we got to
pick any charity of our choice and we are playing for Planned Parenthood and whatever we win as the Try Guys we are going to match that donation. For the next couple days we are spending as much time in between work just playing. – My strategy with us would be, if we hear gunshots, if we
see people, we’re gonna run. (gunshots) – Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I’m out of bullets, I’m out of bullets. – You have to get out of
there, you have to leave. – Well this isn’t good. I drove, I stole a
motorcycle, I crashed that. – [Keith] So we finally,
we found our fourth member. – What’s up gamers. It’s your boy. – [Keith] Every other option bailed on us. Yes I am about to kick some ass. Lets fuck it up. – It’s the night before the
competition so we’re just getting in our very final last practice. – (scream) (screaming) – (scream) I don’t know what’s happening. (screaming) (up beat rock music) – Hi, my names Michael Kerman. I’m the Senior Director at ESports at OGN. We are at the OGN Super Arena for our grand opening and launch event. Today the Try Guys are
going to be competing for charity against some really
talented ESports players. ESports has come a long way. It’s no longer something that kids are playing in their basements. Now you can actually make six
figures, even seven figures playing a video game professionally. Our mission here at OGN is
to really bring that to life. Give these players,
these talented athletes an opportunity to really
showcase themselves. – Wow, holy shit. Look at this room. They built this for me. – We built this arena to create the next biggest spectacle in ESports. Nothing like this exists in North America. So along with our 270 degree
led wall, we also have a capacity for over 550, fully vip lounge, custom gaming chairs, 12 cameras running, two gibs, and a wire cam. We have everything that
an NFL stadium has, which is pretty crazy considering
this is actually Esports. – Look at this, this is like- I feel like I’m in a wrestling arena. We’re gonna get to walk
out like WWE style. (woo-ing) – Wow, wow. – Yeah. – Boo! Boo. – Deadmau5 in the place. I hope he has his hat. (cheering and clapping) All I want to do today is
get one chicken dinner. Even if I have to buy it myself. – So today’s formats really unique. We’re gonna have four
teams but there’s gonna be four squads per team and
four players per squad. You guys are going to
be leading squad one, you will have squads two, three and four. Each squad that’s participating today are all competing for charity. First place will walk away with $20,000 towards the charity of their choice. Second 10, third seven and
fourth, certainly not least, 3. – So they’re doing the tech
run through and they’re just estimating that we’re
gonna be in fourth place. – I would at least guess second or third. – But hey, we’re number
one with the audience. – That’s gonna happen. – Fan favorites. – I’ll bet anything that we are number one with the audience. I’ll bet on that. (fast techno music) – We’re making sure that we all match. We’re a team. Gotta look cute, gotta look hot. We’re going shopping as
soon as this is over. It looks really good. (fast paced music) Guys, guys, guys. (dramatic music) – So we’re gonna play on the PC. – [Keith] We’re playing PC? – There’s no other options. – You can’t map it
yourself because the xbox controller has multiple functions
for buttons and scenarios. – You’re surrounded by guys
that play all the time, esspecially Cloud 9, talk to Cloud 9. – We’re not surrounded by them,
we’re playing against them. – We had to map the xbox
controller to work on this but it doesn’t, it’s not a seamless thing. Like some things won’t work on
the controller it just won’t. So we’re trying to learn the PC model. – We are about to go into the game using PC for the first time. It’s do or die and we’re
all probably gonna die. – This is horrible, we
can’t, we have to set our own controllers, might have to play on PC which I have never done before ever. (laughing) – You said you were going
to be driving a car anyways so all the car controls matter. – How am I supposed to get in the car? – This is going from bad to worse. – We’re in a bad spot. – Is this happening like this? Is this gonna be the way we die? – How do we jump out of the plane? – Oh! – I can’t believe you guys
are on the controller, I don’t know. – [Keith] Can you teach us how to use PC? – Like see if you shoot and
you pull down just a little bit, like you control your recoil. – [Zach] Shift to run. – [Keith] Can you text it to us? Some other dudes from Cloud
9 was teaching me how to play I got about four minuets in. But in that four minuets I
felt way more comfortable using the computer than I
ever did using the xbox. – There will be a first,
second, third and fourth team. If the Try Guys get anything
other than fourth I will be beyond impressed. I will let them pie me in the face. I will be that impressed. – [Try Guys] Wow, game on. – Looks like it’s time
to get started everybody. My name is Joel and I’m here
to bring you the hottest launch event on the west coast, the grand opening of the new OGN Super Arena. – Nervous as hell. Oh shit, here we go, here we go. (rap music) – [Joel] Our next team of competitors exemplify the definition of viral. Gardening over 1.5 billion views across their social channels. We’ve got Keith, Zach, their
friends Jared and Miles or as everyone else knows the crew, lets give it up for the Try Guys! Lets get this straight, this
is the first ever Esports event you guys have came to. – [Keith] That’s correct. – [Joel] I actually got word,
like 30 seconds before we went live that you guys actually started playing PUBG 96 hours ago. – Yes, we started playing PUBG this week. We learned the PC controls
about an hour ago. We came here for the free
lunch and kick some ass and lunch time is over. – [Joel] So lets go ahead and
get this inaugural match over here at the super arena
underway and moving to Erangel. – Oh shit, oh shit, its going. – Oh god, oh no. – Alright, I’m jumpin’. – I’m jumping. – Three, two, one, go. There’s a little cluster
of houses down there. You see us? – Yeah, we wanna go straight down. – [Joel] Alright I think we are out in the middle of nowhere. They should be able to find
a little bit of leaf for themselves, but the main
thing is that they should stay safe here while they learn these controls. – Oh my god. (laughing) – [Jared] This is so bad. – [Keith] This is a nightmare. (laughing) – [Joel] In this lobby as
we see korndiddy, trying to find something other than this uzi. I’m caught up in watching them. Cause remember, they’re
still adjusting to this whole situation so you can see
it’s like okay look at this. What do I press to get the door? – How do we get out of first person? – Guys I got a gun and I got a helmet. – Oh my god. – I’m just literally
pressing every button. – [Jared] Korndiddy we’re coming to you. – Alright, sick, I don’t
have a helmet or a vest yet. – [Keith] I don’t have anything. – [Joel] I like this strategy, apparently they’re full committed. They’re like okay we’ve
got to figure this out. We’re just going to buy out our time. Creepwalking. It’s like watching a baby squirrel. – [Jared] There’s a guy to my right. There’s a guy to the right. They see us, we’re fucked. – [Keith] Oh fuck, I’m not. – [Jared] Where are you Miles? – [Miles] I’m on the goddamn ground. I’m jumpin’! – Utoh, I’m stuck down here. (gunshots) – [Miles] Well, kill em. – Nice. – Nice. – [Joel] There is a lot of
purple squads still left on this map, Try Guys still have a shot. – Oh my god, Sara you’re still alive. – I’m gonna hold out dude. Yo, is Try Guys in? We’re in. We’re purple right? – [Joel] Try Guys still
in the running for the win and the 10 points. (cheering) – [Miles] Dude, we have some good players. – [Joel] Our Try Guys
squad is still in this and might have a winning. (cheering) – [Joel] Four men up for the Try Guys. – [Jared] Oh we’re gonna win this round. – [Keith] Oh my god. – [Jared] Ha ha, we’re gonna win! – [Joel] No they found em
now, that’s gonna be it! (clapping) – There we go Try Guys,
while goin out early do manage to net themselves
10 points off of that round. I love the fact that the
Try Guys are so≥ supportive of the other squads that
are back behind them. You can see like they’re
cheering on, every time something happens they pop up and run
it back over there giving the hand shakes, giving the congratulations. So, round one officially completed. – Thanks a lot guys
we’re back, we’re here. Map number two is gonna get
started but first we thought we’d have a little bit of a conversation with our map one victors. The Try Guys got themselves the victory. – We’re all about just
going out, giving your best effort and having a good
time and I think that’s reflecting throughout the whole team. – I gotta say, Try Guys is
kinda sneaking in there. I gotta say, they were
definitely the dark horse. We talked about, they’re
kinda new to this whole PUBG thing but, looks like
they got a couple of ringers sitting back behind them. – It seems that way. Somebody keep an eye on these guys. Great game by that squad all together. – [Joel] Here we go we
are moving into round 2. Making our way over towards Miramar. Everybody is already up in the plane. – Hey guys, welcome back. If you’re just joining us,
Try Guys are doing great. (laughing) Hey Chad, where we headed? – [Jared] We could do Graveyard
Zach if you wanna do that. – Graveyard, alright,
we’re going to Graveyard. The four of us are playing
as women because we were told they’re harder to shoot. Because this game has
unrealistic body standards and look at that. Look at that impossible tiny waist. – [Jared] Keith, you need a vest. – [Keith] I know, there’s nothing man. – I have a gun I can
drop to one of you guys. – [Joel] Gotta say korndiddy
is looking like a master looter at this point. There you go, you got it. – Can we cast for someone looting? You can do it, you can do it. Aye, korndiddy got it. He’s got his AK, he’s got
his level two vest now. He’s got everything he needs
to survive and this squads sticking together, making
sure they support each other. And they’re in the lead! – That’s the way it works. – Car coming? – Holy shit. – [Zach] Oh car coming. – Popkin are we actually
going to see the Try Guys get their first kill on a PC? – Get it get it, you seize it. Got the scope, yay! – Alright! – [Joel] Getting his first kill there. – Alright, lets go. – [Miles] Are you sure
there’s more of these guys? – [Jared] Dude, somebody shot
at me after I knocked that guy for sure, unless one of you did. – I didn’t shoot. – I didn’t shoot. – Or maybe he ran, maybe he’s a coward. Oh shit. – [Jared] I’m down, come up and revive me. They can’t see me through the smoke. Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry come revive me. Come revive me. – I’m comin, I’m comin, I’m comin. – [Joel] Oh no, its gonna be
nerve that’s one back over taking shots at korndiddy. – Fuck, I’m down too. – Oh shit, I’m down, I’m down. – Where is everyone? – Hot Keith, it’s just you baby. – [Miles] I’m down, Keith,
revive me, revive me, come on. – What do I do? – Just hit F. – [Zach] Crouch, you gotta crouch Keith. – [Keith] I’m reviving you. – [Zach] Alright hang on,
alright here we go, here we go. Where are you Popkin? – There’s no way,
they’re using us as bait. Fuck. – You guys gotta protect your neck. I’m done, I’m done. I’m out, I’m out. – They’re shooting at us Keith, come on. – Oh my god. – [Joel] So you can see
Miles, Hot Keith, still alive. Looks like they’ve decided,
sorry buddies we’re just gonna go ahead and run out of this. Just Hot Keith, looks like
he’s just trying figure out where to go, Nerf’s just
trying to clean this up. This is like shooting fish in
a barrel at this point, Nerf. You gotta get the shots on to this. – Oh, shit. – [Keith] I had no cover but- – We’re the worst team in that round. – We’re out. – It is time, lets go head and make our way into the next round. Try Guys, they’re holding it
down in second place right now. – [Joel] Alright, here we go. Map is underway. – [Jared] I see someone else. I see four people converging on this town. – Oh no. Well I don’t know where I am, but I’m gonna try to find a car. – [Joel] Hey look, we got
our Try Guys over here, remember still adjusting to controls. Couple of them using controllers
but we have been told that the one thing that
they excel at is driving. – Yes, get in the car. (laughing) – [Jared] Going to the girls trip. – [Keith] Get in, we’re going shopping. Girls night, girls night. Girls night! Wooo! (fun music) Girls night, girls night! (gun shots) (yelling and swearing) – Oh I’m shot, I’m hurt. I’m really hurt guys. – [Keith] Oh no, oh no. Get the fuck out of here. – [Joel] The vehicle is
smoking, fortunately for them not on fire just yet, you can see. Cause they are going to
have to pop out of this, find a place to call home
and maybe get a little heel going on here. I’ve gotta say, I really
appreciate the group unity in matching uniforms here. They’ve got the school girl
skirts, working to perfection. – Where are you? – [Keith] Girls trip. – Oh there you are, hey girl. This is our weekend. – Hey girl. – [Jared] We got a second, I see him. (gunshots) – [Miles] I’m shooting. – [Joel] This is Try Guys,
they’ve gotta beat in they managed to collect enough information. I’m telling you, this
is Nerf Squad right now. Try Guys are feelin real
frisky with this one. Popkin can stay very, very low. He’s gonna make it to the tree. This is korndiddy landing
the shots from range. They are gonna be able to get the rest. Can you see them through the wall? Yes he can. Whoa, hey. Trying to hit the shot, he hit em. He’s a god! – I got the kill! – [Keith] I’m here, I’m here. – Yous guys, I gotta kill. – [Jared] Yes! – [Joel] Billy Bobby still
alive trying to get the res up. New safe zone has popped
just a little bit down in front of them. Try Guys not necessarily knowing,
this could be their moment they gotta get down, they have to go. – Push, push, push, push, push. (screaming) – Go get em, they’re down, go. (yelling and cheering) – That’s gonna be it. Nerf is gonna go down. The scores of the server has
been taken out by the Try Guys. (cheering) – Oh shit, shit, shit, shit. I’m down, I’m down. – We got two kills between
me and miles got a kill and Jared got a kill. We’re having a great time. – I got a kill! I did get a kill. I did it. I did it! – Hey, you know, maybe we
didn’t win a chicken dinner but we did win an asparagus dinner. – That was great, it felt great. – [Jared] And then Keith, way to go. What good team work to get us that one. – That was a team. – Final round of the day now. Of course team Deadmau5’s
looking like they’re in a fairly comfortable lead but this
is the final game, the final game, we’re on Miramar,
anything can happen. I gotta say Try Guys really
have been stepping up. You can see an increase
in play coming out of them every single time. They are just getting better
and better to where they were hunting fights in the last round. – They wiped Nerfs squad and we saw what Nerf was capable of doing. And they just absolutely ran
through them like a steamroll. – [Joel] Lets give it up
guys for the final round. Lets bring it home. – Alright, so this is our last- – [Jared] Oh fuck,
there’s another team here. – Yeah and they didn’t
pull their shute till- – [Jared] Lets redirect where
there’s not another team. – [Miles] Go right. Pull right. – Okay there’s someone
on the ridge behind me. By 15. – There’s a lot of people dropping east. – Oh shit, north east. – [Joel] Here we go. We’ve got our Try Guys dropping
out in the middle of nowhere but they do have Kefer
that’s over there next to it. – But the Try Guys, I’ve got
to say all today have been sticking very, very close
together as you see our leaderboard there in the
top left, Deadmau5 with 29 points, the Try Guys in
second with 11 points. – [Keith] There’s somebody over there. There’s somebody by the building. – [Jared] Give me a number. – [Keith] Right ahead of you Popkin behind that big brick building. – [Joel] Looks like they’re
starting to get down some strategy as well, every
single round just evolving a little bit more. Starting to be able to
spot these players out. Right now team 16 has no idea that the Try Guys are here and
collapsing upon them. – [Jared] On my right, on my right! (gunshots) – You can see Keefers
trying to run through. Keefer doesn’t even have a gun out. Keefer run and get away Keefer! Oh he gives it up. – [Joel] Nice shots coming
up from Popkin there. – [Try Guys] Get em, get em, get em. – [Joel] Now they’re at least gonna know. The other teams gonna have
some type of idea where the Try Guys are at. – [Jared] We gotta be careful
if someone else is around us. – Oh I see em! I got you, I’m so sorry. That was friendly fire. Come to me, come to me. Go, go, run. – Where are they? I don’t know where they are. I don’t even know. – [Zach] Oh shit, oh no. – [Joel] Steps up and its
gonna be cryptic that’s getting another down instant flush. – On top of the stairs Keith. – [Joel] She’s gonna get
taken down and cryptic one man solos everybody on Try Guys. – That’s so frustrating. What a horrible way to lose. I was having a great time to
be out so early really hurts. – But, at the same time like
every other squad out here actually does this so. (fun music) – Yeah, we did it! – Shot our best. – We’re all winners. (cheering) – Wow, that was a pretty
incredible experience. I got my first kill ever in
front of millions of viewers. Our team got one chicken
dinner which means we got to go have one chicken dinner,
so that’s pretty awesome. – I had so much fun and I
have a total new found respect for this as an art form, as a competition, maybe even as a sport. – $20,000 for extra life, its
gonna go to team deadmou5. Thank you for coming to the
grand opening event of the OGN Super Arena. – [Keith] We got third with
$7,000 to Planned Parenthood and we’re gonna match that so
we raised $14,000 to Planned Parenthood, that’s awesome. – [Zach] It’s a spectacle,
its a competition, and it requires the strongest
muscle of all, the brain. Brain’s a muscle, right? – If the try guys get anything
other than fourth I will let them pie me in the face. (slowed down) I will let
them pie me in the face. – Thank you for having us. – Loved it you guys. – Wow, I love the OGN Super Arena. It’s my favorite arena, its
the best arena this PUBG event was really stellar. Could you believe that 270 degree screen? (upbeat music) – [Keith] None of us have helmets. Girls night, girls night. Don’t hit this tree. Oh…

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