The University of Oslo: Blindern Campus Guide


The University of Oslo: Blindern Campus Guide

Hi, this is Jonas from OsloPro! In this video I’m going to show you Oslo University campus, also known as Blindern. I’m standing now at the center of Blindern, which is called the Frederikke Place. And, that’s a statue, that’s a fountain, that’s the math building, and there is the university library. That’s a facility building which houses stuff like a book store, where you can get all of your curriculum, or you can buy expensive merchandise like a t-shirt or a cup with the university logo on. And there is also a pharmacy and a medical center where you can get stuff like free condoms, or if you don’t care about that you can also have a drop-in STD check. They will also take care of your medical bills if you fill out the right forms. And, that is the main facility building of Blindern. It is called Frederikke, and it houses On the left side there is a pub, and there is a chapel, church kind of a thing. And there’s a café, and inside there is also a career center! A bakery! A hamburger joint! A gym! And this is the main canteen, where you apparently can’t film, but you can eat. And you can normally choose between like an el-cheapo dish, and a vegetarian dish, and a halal dish, and a kind of a luxurious dish. There’s also a hair dresser, and a small grocery shop which will take care of all of your beer needs. This is the main university library. Inside there is a café, a canteen, 3.6 million books, and there are study rooms for mostly anybody. And these are the desks inside of the university library. It’s quite nice, but a little too nice for my taste actually. Your eye starts to wander, if you know what I mean. This is the physics building, one of the oldest buildings on Blindern. And of course, physicists, they love pendulums. And this one right here is supposed to prove that the earth orbits the sun, and not the other way around. Now I’m at the top floor of the physics building. And I was gonna show you the magnificent view from the balcony, but it is locked. Anyway, from here you can see downtown Oslo to the left, the Oslo Fjord straight ahead, and the Holmenkollen area to the right. And also straight down is the Vigelands park. And a fun fact is that the physics building is build in-line with the Monolith at the center of Vigelandsparken. There’s also a really cool.. study room in the tower of the physics building. But unfortunately now there is an exam going on, so we can’t go in. Maybe we can sneak a peek. This is Villa Eika, the student parliament. The student representatives have their offices here. And what does the student representatives do? Nobody knows! But, I’ve been to a few parties here, and I think that’s what they do. When you get tired of the pasta stuff you get at the university canteens I have a great tip for you. Head over to this Turkish bakery. This is actually what kept me alive for the last few years at the university. It is really nice, and they have böreks, samosas, chicken, meatballs. And lots more, and it’s really cheap. At the north of Blindern, you can find Domus Athletica. Outside of here, there is a tennis court and a football field. There’s also an indoor football field. And an Olympic sized swimming pool. And most importantly, a very good weight lifting gym. You can have all of this for 169 NOK per month, if you are a student. And that also gives you the right to use four other gyms in Oslo, including the one down at Blindern. If you are very keen on going to the gym, you can of course get an apartment at the Vestgrensa student housing. This is the Department of Informatics, where I got my master’s degree. An that red brick building right there, is the informatics pub which is called Escape. What an original name. Art outside of the informatics building. Looks like something that came out of Matlab. Don’t ask. If you really enjoy campus life, you could get a room here, at Blindern Student Home. This is an American style dormitory where you would most likely have to share a room with somebody, but they provide you with food. It is on campus, and the Frederikkeplassen, the main square of Blindern is right over there. I’ve been to a few parties in here, and somewhere inside of here is a really cool lounge. The kind with stuffed animal heads sticking out of the walls, and leather furniture. I this probably that’s the closest thing to a fraternity you can experience in Norway. This concrete slab right here is the Norwegian student society. It isn’t really on Blindern, it’s a ten minutes walk down towards Majorstuen, and it’s called Chateau Neuf. Of course, that being French, meaning “the new castle”. Oh, it doesn’t stop there, because it’s a pun actually. The mascot of the Norwegian student society is His Majesty the Pig. And neuf is the sound that the pig makes, like oink. So that makes this, Chateau Oink. Ingenious, isn’t it? Well, that’s all I had in this episode of OsloPro. Thank you for watching, and remember to subscribe.

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