There Aren’t Many Women Coaching College Sports, Here’s Why | NYT Opinion


There Aren’t Many Women Coaching College Sports, Here’s Why | NYT Opinion

[MUSIC PLAYING] From the end zone
to the locker room, he pushes you to be your best. Be perfect. It’s not about that
scoreboard out there. He shows you how to dig
deep and beat the odds. We shut them down
because we can. He’s a leader who takes
his team to the limit and to victory. [LAUGHTER, CHEERING] [WHISTLE BLOWS] Hey, women coach, too. [MUSIC PLAYING] Here we go. Hey. They call me Hutch. They don’t call
me Coach Hutch, they just call me Hutch I’m Meredith. I was a Division
I soccer player, and I have 20 years
of coaching experience across all different levels. I’m Coach Eddy, and I’m the
only woman coaching Division I men’s basketball. College sports
is a $14 billion industry with only a handful
of female head coaches, who are basically like C.E.O.’s
running their teams. In men’s sports, only 3%
of head coaches are women. But even in women’s sports,
we only coach 42% of the teams. Across all the
Division I sports, only one in four head
coaches are women. It’s time for change. [MUSIC PLAYING] I was a young kid in
the ’60s and early ’70s. We didn’t have varsity
sports for women. I was a cheerleader. All I ever wanted to
do was get to play. And Title IX brought
out the fact, if it’s good for young
men, why wouldn’t it be good for young women? It was a 1972 amendment that
guaranteed that there could be no discrimination based
on gender by any federally funded institution. I went to Michigan
State University and I played basketball
and softball there. We didn’t have a
good space to play — we had a leaky
roof and warped floors. We didn’t have a locker room. At some point, it really
hit us in the face that we deserve to be treated
just as well as the boys, not better. And we filed a lawsuit. And we won in an hour. In this late ’70s, which is
when I went to college, well over 90% of all women’s sports
teams were coached by women. Now it’s somewhere
closer to 40%. So you could say the
decline is drastic. Title IX did exactly what it
was supposed to do. It got more girls playing.
Title IX asked for participation. It didn’t ask for coaching. We’re moving backward in
gender equity in coaching. In other fields,
they’re making advancements. where have all the Women gone? And why are the
opportunities going to men? As the opportunities improved, we saw a lot more of
the other gender going into our coaching pools. Notre Dame head
coach Muffet McGraw is coaching in her
ninth Final Four today. When you look at
men’s basketball and 99% of the jobs go to
men, why shouldn’t 100% or 99% of the jobs in women’s
basketball go to women? I’m a big fan — I just got to meet her
recently — of Muffet McGraw. Men have the power. Men make the decisions. And when these girls
are coming out, who are they looking up to
to tell them that that’s not the way it has to be? And where better to do
that than in sports? I think there is a place
for men in our game. All I’m suggesting
is that we should have a pretty strong
representation of women in leadership positions
in everything. [CHEERING, CLAPPING] Go team! You’re not going to dream
it unless you can see it. [MUSIC PLAYING] I started playing
professional basketball. I played in the WNBA for the
L.A. Sparks and the Phoenix Mercury. And then after that, I decided
that I wanted to coach. [INAUDIBLE], are you with me? I heard a lot of no’s. I got 10 years of
no’s, actually. Good, you got pep, you
got pep, you got pep. I really want to be a
collegiate head coach. I hope that there’s an
athletic director that has the courage to
not see me as a woman, but just see me as
a qualified coach. Years ago, when
we were looking for a men’s basketball
coach, and it was mentioned to me by of course
one of our administrators — and the comment was we’re going to get the
best one out there. And at the time, Pat
Summitt was alive and well. The winningest coach in
all of college basketball — men or women’s. Coached, I believe, eight
national championships at Tennessee. And I said, are we going
to interview Pat Summitt? And of course, I
got a big laugh. Like, that’s funny. And I was dead serious. To all the people
that think that women can’t coach as well as men — try me. Go, go, go, go. What we’re doing here at the
University of Maine, which is really, really special,
is empowering these young men to have the confidence to
work with strong alpha women. When they go into
the workforce, they’re going to
work with women. We’ve seen a little bit
of the needle moving We’ve seen some of the women — and Major League Baseball
has hired some women as hitting coaches. You’ve seen the NBA — Becky Hammon certainly
broke that ceiling. We’re not there yet.
We’re still evolving. We’re supposed to
fit in and walk the walk, but we have to do it
in this really particular way That doesn’t necessarily
ruffle feathers. Double standards — you
see it all the time. If there’s a bad call in our game — Hey! — — and I run out there and
I get in the umpire’s face, — and I run out there and
I get in the umpire’s face, basically, I’m emotional. Jim Harbaugh is our
football coach. Five-yard penalty,
[INAUDIBLE]. Frustration building
for Harbaugh. In a football game,
when there’s a bad call and Jim Harbaugh gets
in that ref’s face and throws his headset and
people say he’s passionate, he’s intense, he’s
just leading his men. Lookie here, lookie here. [INAUDIBLE] Is livid
and I don’t blame him If you look at
male coaches who have been released
from their jobs — whether it be for not
winning, cheating — they resurface,
they get other jobs. When a woman loses her job,
she is branded and marked as no good. Sports are no different
from business or politics, tech,
you name it. It starts at
the top. People hire people who
they’re comfortable with. Male boards in
business hire male C.E.O.’s. And in sports, male athletic
directors hire male coaches. And 89% of Division I
athletic directors are men. The research shows that
diversity leads to success — that means hiring only men is
leaving titles on the field. The only way change
is going to happen is if organizations
and institutions hire more women. University presidents
should set a target and make it public so that
they’re held accountable. It’s not rocket science. Women are all great
enough to play the game. Women are great enough
to coach the game. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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100 thoughts on “There Aren’t Many Women Coaching College Sports, Here’s Why | NYT Opinion”

  1. NathansHVAC says:

    Makes sense when most of the players dont have fathers.

  2. bum bam says:

    It's crazy now days how you just gotta choose a female representator just to have more women on display. What? You should only allow people qualified to do the job, period

  3. Brian H says:

    they ded

  4. Evan Fields says:

    The fact that there is a disproportionate percentage of lesbians filling those women's coaches roles should be a very clear sign that the job is highly dependent on psychological characteristics that may be lacking in the average woman. I am not making a value judgment, I'm just pointing out that women and men vary in distinct ways and that a lack of representation does not necessarily follow from discriminatory hiring practices.
    Forced equality is false equality.

  5. cj j rock says:

    Yeah but like a good percentage of them are lesbians mimicking Male characteristics so no real change there.

  6. Андрей Зажененко says:

    Cooking in the kitchen – my answer

  7. Rocky Comet says:

    Women are incapable of the kind of strategy and critical thinking that are required for coaching. It's biology.

  8. Maleebaba So says:

    Woman empower ! Always a move !

  9. Dexter Morgan says:

    That's ridiculous

  10. Robert P says:

    Unrelated comment to the video but I just want to tell the New York Times… CENK 2020!!!!

    HaPpY NeW yEaR!!!

  11. JB Snyder says:

    As long as they're hot and sporting a giant rack I'm ok with it!

  12. D DN says:

    Same place where all the woman miners are at.

  13. TyrranicalT-Rad says:

    I like being a man.

  14. Advanced Raymondology says:

    Someone start a sandwich-making league.

  15. Four Site says:

    Where the women at?

  16. 1 1 says:

    They can’t coach

  17. dev0n james says:

    it's never enough for women. never enough programs or resources to make them happy.

  18. egmeyerツ says:

    Keep women in the kitchen

  19. Daring Goldman says:

    That’s a woman?

  20. David Boson says:

    so make movies about them

  21. bltvd says:

    I would imagine institutions are hiring the best people to fill the jobs and the lack of woman in these jobs is more a reflection of abilities and not “that men just like to hire men”. That is really insulting to the men doing the hiring and being hired. Where is your actual evidence of a bias towards women? Why should anyone assume these women are not being hired because they are not the best?

  22. Marius Thefaker says:

    Q. What's the difference between "You can't have this job because you're a woman" and "You're only getting this job because you're a woman"?
    A. Trick question. Nothing. Discrimination is discrimination. Affirmative action sucks.

  23. jk1289 says:

    Great video! As a woman of color, I have constantly been looked down on at for trying out for men’s d-3 volleyball team. I feel I am being discriminated against! Let’s put in place legislation so I can get on the men’s team and compete for a title!

  24. johnnydanger006 says:

    They are not up to the task, and are washed out when they fail. Thanks for your attention, NYT soy enthusiasts!

  25. 2GunsUpZ says:

    Now they like Nixon?

  26. Mike Stocker says:

    In the kitchen

  27. Sean Connors says:

    NYT, a horrible, anti-American leftest rag. Not even good enough for toilet paper. Just go bankrupt and fade away. Please.

  28. highway535 says:

    Women plumbers, electricians, scientists, coaches…

    These are things that interest men more.
    Bigger pool of interested people = More talent you're going to find. There's a bigger pool of men.

  29. melvin barnett says:

    Women complain so much; PMS? Gosh!

  30. yooser naime says:

    Why are there so few women coaches? Why are there no midgets in the NBA? Why isn't the summit of Everest wheelchair-accessible? Nature is at odds with our idealistic notions of equality. It's a fact. Live with it.

  31. Diggs4ever says:

    They are home getting there husbands supper ready! After a long day of coaching.

  32. Thorny Dig8 says:

    The New York Times… because even terrorist deserve a cheerleader 👌

  33. Абвгд АБВГД says:


  34. jay k says:

    Is the segregation necessary in sports let's compete discard all these women league. Compete and then speak.

  35. fsf dsfa says:

    Strip Pulitzer Prize from New York Times over Cover-up of Genocide in Ukraine in 1932-33 by its correspondent

  36. Sakinah Abdussamad says:

    It makes sense to hire female coaches to oversee women's sports teams. I believe there are qualified coaches and they can train female athletes how to be the best in their field.
    Women don't need to be concerned about ruffling feathers and being mis-characterized as emotional, we know we work harder and ultimately excel at any job we focus on.

  37. Dylan Grant says:

    Coaching volleyball

  38. Siobhan Mulvey says:

    Thanks for covering this topic.

  39. GravityLee says:

    Ive never witnessed my garbage be picked up by a female. Ive never seen a female roofer or paver.

  40. MUSTACHE SHARK says:

    @NYT: darkest year in journalism? It is because you insist on presenting and pushing garbage like this. You are still just butthurt Hillary didn't make it to head-Head coach.

  41. Leah Olmsted says:

    It should not be about women coach, I'm tired of this feminist ideology playing the victim car all thetime, it sounds desperate, why not A COACH WHO HAPPENS TO BE A WOMEN that sounds empowering. Women are being brainwashed with this ideology of YOU CAN DO ALL, it's a big lie, such power doesn't exist, every woman ceo, lawyer, politician, police officer, they are not doing all, someone is raising their children, is taking care of their house, someone is taking care of their husbands, I'm a woman I know from experience, we can't do all, we have to pick one thing, a family or professional life, I call that CHASING GOST. Studies shows rise of divorce, depression, loneliness, a generation with no empathy for others, kids been raised by the institutions, kids who don't have any family strength, they have to talk to strangers on social media to deal with whatever they are going through, generations when they cry instead getting affection from theirmother, they get the latest iPhone, ipad, gadgets, reason is that their parents are to busy with their professions.

  42. TimeKeeper Revelations says:

    Better question is how many kids on that team live on a friend's sofa ,but who cares in a liberals rich world .
    It's the agenda that matters destroy men.

  43. Jack Jacobi says:

    Progressive communist New York Times always trying to sow discord among peoples. But that's what all radical leftists do in their companies or as individuals. And of course we know the Democratic communists are experts at pitting people against one another and demonizing others with sins they themselves are guilty of. Bravo New York Times you're great marxists. I know I wouldn't take that as a compliment.

  44. Nicholas Ferrante says:

    Recruiting and booster relations were sorta left out of this piece. I’m sure women would bring a unique perspective to that.

  45. nhall00195 says:

    In the kitchen where they belong!

  46. nhall00195 says:

    Quota = reverse sexism. Simple as that. Enough

  47. Ernie Z says:

    I heard someone say the NYTimes is the "winecave media" and i think it fits just perfectly

  48. Geoff Lovig says:

    You lost me at “strong alpha” anything.

  49. TheCrimsonShadow21 says:

    I love the music. sad there aren't more omen coaches

  50. Eat Shit says:

    The New York Times is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. The building should be burned to the ground with every employee inside. Any person who manages to escape the inferno should be shot on sight with absolutely no hesitation. Treason , sedition , conspiracy , mass murder. The New York Times has been found guilty ! The penalty is DEATH.

  51. Mark Stephenson says:

    You do know that iran's murdering general was just killed by Trump. Right? It is strange that you are not covering it.

    Biased are we?….

  52. M says:

    maybe they dont want to,,, i guess demorats never thought of that one

  53. Facts First says:

    any time a group favors women, it's "natural," but any time there aren't many women, it must be "sexism." Have you ever thought that maybe it's because women make different choices?

  54. Harraz Rafiqi says:

    not a single soul:
    NYT: hEy wAmEn cOaCh tOo

    tbh i don't care whether a coach is man or woman. as long he/she performs that's good enough for me

  55. Nuala Loughran says:

    This video is great because women do need to do more in sports!

  56. TK UA says:

    Next make a video on underrepresentation of men in fashion lol

  57. Zachary Burch says:

    I totally agree with this opinion. We need more women

  58. T T says:

    There is no women coaches in Male sports because it is male sports. Also a lot of the Men Who coach are also former Pros and have gone through what they are coaching.. There strategies are based on experience. How many women have played any pro sport with men to develope the experience necessary to understand what they are coaching.

  59. Sage Orca says:

    We use the best coaches not the mediocre ones whether it be men or women we should not have coaches based on gender just bc their are less women doesn’t mean their should be less men. You have to be the best and that’s all.

  60. Fintastrophe says:

    Imagine being so addled and afflicted by TDS that you defend the lives and actions of terrorists who have killed American servicemen and women. Imagine that. That's the New York Slimes ( a former newspaper).

  61. Bbss Bsbsb says:

    Ummm🙄mens sports are much more exciting & tons more appealing….

  62. RonBear says:

    Its because naturally men are better leaders than women. Why do you think there has never been a female president in the U.S?

  63. Baachus says:

    Explain how 20 miles = 1.5 km!

  64. Alex Daniel says:

    Isn’t this a lob sided interview? Where are the men commenting on this subject. Where’s David Beckham calling for more female coaches in men/ female’s soccer? No point talking to women about why there isn’t more representation. Talk to the men. Talk to text men who run things.

  65. Eliabeteth23 says:

    As a D1 athlete I’ve never had a female coach in all my years of competing( middle school, high school etc.) Not even an assistant coach. I’d like to think if I had at least one woman in my corner to motivate and mentor me, my college athletic achievement would’ve been different….sports is hard cus the double standards is apparent. With race with gender with everything. I just wanna be good at the sport I’ve always had a passion for. It’s hard when there’s no woman to see it from your side. That’s the only thing male players have over us.

  66. Geo Gutierrez says:

    It's because women don't understand the game of basketball like men do (and football). A man's world is faster and stronger, thus the pace is pushed. Women just don't understand..

  67. ULTRA AnimeGod says:

    Okay you all get drafted to WWIIl

  68. Merrybandoruffians says:

    Lol, lots of dudes triggered in the comments.

  69. J Vukovics says:

    The argument that men only hire men because they are comfortable with them is ridiculous and kinda of sexist. People are hired because of the ability to get it done. That’s how it should be. Forgot anything about if they are a man or woman. Think big.

  70. Shaan Andalkar says:

    Booty pipe

  71. BossFinale says:

    Money, money, money. Bring in the money!

  72. Steven says:

    stop letting mentally ill dudes take womens sports over then talk to me

  73. Sergio Trevino says:

    Not as good at sports though

  74. Marco Zappala says:

    Great piece, thank you NYT.

  75. BlixstarBlitz says:

    If the teams had a hot coach they could perform much better

    So please

  76. cal30m1 says:

    The NY has disabled all comments on recent Iranian news, check it out!

  77. cristian valarezo rodriguez says:

    All i can think is that Glee was so ahead of this time

  78. illiam way says:

    Everyone gets a trophy

  79. Mary Elliot says:

    this video said it all. as a female varsity athlete this has been something on my mind for a long time but i never fully comprehended the true depth of the inequality. the coaches interviewed in this are also incredible. just seeing these women who are defying gender roles and taking on leadership positions has inspired me immensely. let’s keep fighting for all kinds of diversity

  80. Anti Woke says:

    iran and solomoney good nyt the best orange man bad

  81. John Miller says:

    Why would you need women coaching sports? That's just dumb. Use your brain people

  82. John Miller says:

    Sport is natural to a man. It's competitive and rough. Boys do this naturally, girls do not.
    It's not society it's genetics.

  83. John Miller says:

    Funny how women have to become more masculine like men when they want to coach.. Use your brain people. Femininity is beautiful masculinity is hard. Can someone be a feminist while denying the reality of the feminine? Feminists gaslight women into believing their natural tendencies are wrong and bad.. feminism is cancer.

  84. A Chaps says:

    Why is the video all strobed out and choppy omg hard to watch

  85. Andrew Jeff says:

    well if army was good for young men so the army should drafted the young women too because young women deserve to be treated just as well as the boys.

  86. Henry Morgan says:

    Bottom-line: The ladies need affirmative action!

  87. P.T. Pete says:

    If men have been producing them then if it ain't broke don't fix it🤷‍♂️

  88. P.T. Pete says:

    If you could never play at that level how can you coach at that level?

  89. Chillin' says:

    The video itself makes good points, but i never want to here the sentence ‘alpha female coach’ again. Or really, ‘alpha’ anything. Can we stop calling people ‘alpha’? 😂😂

  90. Monarch says:

    The title card being added at the end blocked the statistic numbers

  91. GonzotheGonz1 says:

    I'm sure this problem will be solved, when enough MALE athletes start identifying themselves as women. lol!
    – Why should women coach men in sports, by the way?

  92. Ann Sophiarobb says:

    What’s next, too many men in construction? ..

  93. wingsandstrings says:

    Women belong at home raising their kids. That's what nature intended.

  94. Dave Otuwa says:


  95. Dave Otuwa says:

    6:12 my alma mater

  96. Dave Otuwa says:

    3:34 feminine mating franchise of the Lakers, NOT the Clippers

  97. Dave Otuwa says:

    #5 item on the list entitled "Schools That Hire Female Coaches"————my oldest brother's alma mater

  98. Louana Eso says:

    Part II of this video:
    The lack of diversity in the female coaching pool. Coaches that are female and coaching, are overwhelmingly white majority. The percentages are completely lopsided.

  99. single batch23 says:

    im 9 years old and krugman touched my peepee #metoo #pizzagate

  100. Demphure says:

    Love this video, really brings up an issue that I've always thought was so stupid. Finding a good coach is about finding someone who performs well and knows how to get their players to do the same. Basically it's a position that shouldn't have any sort of politics around it because it's so closely tied with results that are hard to argue, yet good coaches are ignored and snubbed because they happen to be female. Whenever I see an example of that like with Pat Summitt, I can't fathom how skewed the men in charge of hiring's views must be to just ignore a potential new coaches PROVEN ability and results

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