Three Questions About Online Education

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Three Questions About Online Education

That’s a great question.
Historically online programs were typically business, I.T., sometimes criminal
justice but you really didn’t find courses that involve labs, clinicals,
field work assignments, those kinds of things. With the advance of technology
though, that’s really changed. What they are able to do with simulations with
even holograms really have opened up the door to so many more programs coming
online. There are a few that don’t fit well in the online format for example
Baker College has an occupational therapy program and those students have
to practice things that involve working with individuals. How to roll a patient
over in bed, how to correctly help them into a wheelchair, those programs aren’t
necessarily a good fit but other than that just about every program can be
offered online. Some questions that you might want to ask yourself regarding
online programs is: are you self-motivated? You don’t have to be at
class at nine o’clock, you don’t have to be at class at two o’clock but you do
have to go to your class and engage in your coursework sometime during that day
so you have to make sure that you can put it on your calendar, that you can get
yourself to your laptop and begin engaging in your coursework. It’s
important to ask yourself are you a procrastinator? All college courses have
assignments and due dates but many online courses are accelerated. That
means that it’s easy to fall behind if you’re not staying on track and turning in
your homework. So, if you’re a procrastinator you’re gonna have to
address that if you want to take an online course. That’s an outstanding question. I think
we’ve all heard about going and visiting a college campus where you walk around
and you see students playing frisbee in the yard and maybe you see a dorm and
you see a few classrooms but how do you visit an online campus? Well, there is a
good way to do it. I encourage you to start by checking out the institution’s
website and here’s some things to look for: Is it current? Is it organized? Is it
easy to navigate? In other words are they thinking about you and the information
you need to find? You also want to take a look is that website transparent? And by
that I mean can you find your program? Is there a description about the focus of
that program or is it is it easy to find out what courses you have to take? Or is
the website not very transparent? Do they want you to talk to an enrollment
advisor before you can find anything out about the program? The more transparent
it is, the better it is for you as a student. And if you’d like to learn more
about the online educational opportunities at Baker College please

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