Toggl Time Tracking Beginner Tutorial –


Toggl Time Tracking Beginner Tutorial –

hey guys Talia I’m going to talk you
through toggle to your ggl calm easy way to track your time easy way to work out
for projects what you’ve been working on I’m going to show you the basic set or
the basic features you can use it for your team so if you’ve got projects
working you can get other team members to login and book their time to the
projects you can sync it with with various accounting software to
QuickBooks Online stuff like that but for this for this tutorial I’m just
going to show you the most basic features to get you started and then
we’re going to deep stuff later on other videos but so you can go to toggle to
your GTL calm and login so sign up right pricing wise I’ll show your pricing as I
start a version for $9 a month there’s a $18 a month version and a $49 version
will probably there’s a free plan so I’m using the free plan at the minute I’m
not going to jump through all the pricing brackets but so am like a
sign-up and it’s going to ask me to sign up if you’ve got a Google account just
sign up with Google so I’ll put in full tests Paul Nicholson comm Paul first
agree and you’re in so it’s always asking for it’s not asking for anything
else and you can jump straight into tracking time so this might be describe
your activity recording toggle video create a project I’ll just call it
YouTube videos I’ve got a pretty read answer no client add a client
I’ll put blue jeans media because that’s where the training videos are going to
go the head over to Billy’s Mediacom lots of free training create projects
right so now it’s a YouTube videos and recording title
video so I just start it off so the two waited trucking time you can do it where
you just touch start a timer and stop it later you can add this is billable you
can add a tag maybe toggle press command under so I
enter YouTube online you know if general Tagge in general project stuff I can
decide here whether this is billable or non-billable so obviously this is a
video that I’m just going to send out so it’s non-billable so I’m going to leave
it in there I will stop it so that’s now going to track to that now maybe I’ll
put in so this if you see here there’s a manual mode and a timer mode so why
don’t I put in I don’t know building the p-n website
right out of project Falls websites this is whatever customer buy the project you
use it will create new project Paul’s test works but I’m not sure about
workspaces and maybe I will come to that I’m going to put in Paul Nicholson calm
as client for Nicholson calm it’s a client private project or public I like
that private so I can say well maybe yesterday I worked on this from 900 to 1200 ticket I can go back here and say
it was billable Greybull silent restart feature so you have to look great for
billable time stuff so the start features 9 bucks a month I think you’re
going to get value out of this for nine dollars a month and what else so then
you’re going to go let’s add some more time you’re going to go down here so if
you don’t want to log in to their site there’s
actual app that you can go so desktop app the mobile app so you can use it on
your phone as well and I should or maybe actually hooked it up on my phone and
showed you working there because somebody is a you know the ideal if you
walk into a meeting that’s available meeting or a time meeting you know I
work for a lot of people and I realize that you do a lot of time stuff that’s
not billable and it’s good to show them the non billable time it’s good to say
is what I did an hour work but then I did 30 minutes research hearing and you
not say no look at what I’ve done for you just make you need to make people
aware when you’ve done five hours non-billable time for them when you’ve
done things over and above what was explained and so they get the gist that
you’re you’re giving them more than the painful and so if you’re going to a
phone call you know the phone call customer you might not charge for this I
talk to you whether you whether you tell them or not but you might just say well
yeah we have spent or your boss might say well what’s that what you how much
time you put into that project if you know when and then they can say well you
know our guys just spent a lot of time on the phone with you and it’s not
chargeable we haven’t billed you for it but what we are doing is we are keeping
an eye on that you are getting over and above what were charging for so I think
tracking everything is a good idea is what I’m saying whether you tell people
are not is down to you so you could say 10-minute phone phone
call I can quickly add that to Paul’s website I can make it visible again
it’ll tell me you can’t because she’s not been on the plan I can edit the time
so that’s cool too you can you if you forgot to start it and you actually
start at 10 a.m. and finished at 10:55 you know you can then see it that way so
I was going to what’s going to a desktop app so you go to desktop app and you
download it I’ve already got it running so what did I do
for tests for Mickelson comm pour test and that’s going to show me that desktop
add up and all the all the time I’ve currently done so I can go for new time
here no description but I’ll put in another YouTube video so I think is
really cool it’s a really cool project see everything sink in which is great
was all fast to YouTube video 18 second started out you know tags and
do anything with so I can record from my phone my desktop and directly from the
website itself and you can see it’s actually sinking because it’s 34 seconds
here and 37 seconds down here teams I could added team I don’t know I had it
seemed to be honest ago I just had an email should probably read but it said
right oh yeah so just add an email and I’ll probably get an email saying you’re
added so I can add time to that project you can see the clients you can see
project work here so pulls website at three hours and go up here and oh no the
is obsolete is there’s a little image here on the on the paid version that
shows you the detail breakdown so obviously like anything when you pave
that little extra feature you get in little bits of more detail they’re
giving you a little extra features but for basic time tracking you have to pay
oh then I will probably in the future videos if it’s requested if you’d
looking at this a lot and I’m getting lots of questions over all other parts
I’ll pay for the upgrade and show you more insights into into what features
are willingly available for you so reports like anything you’d expect you
know three hours here building website you can obviously click around and
three hours here workspace I don’t know what workspaces for the icon figuration
creating your workspace but they’re great for different companies and teams
so you see you better name it accordingly I also assist pull you to
invite ya I’ll invite my team members to that workspace now ask me for to upgrade
again the nine dollars a month billable rate and limited time to eat team size
time estimates so what you can do on the on the paid version is go to a project the total it projects gone I create a
project I don’t know a new website right maybe it’s a set project as well you can
just copy it across create project and down here in the nine dollar version
there’s a place to estimate time you say probably 10 hours or 14 hours that
project you can do an estimate obviously you can’t do it on the free version
which is interesting I’m a current show you my version because this client info
on that I don’t need to see so sorry that I’m not showing you perhaps what it
can do for the paid version but you can see the limitations of the free version
but I think if you log in and start tracking your time and start playing
with it you’re going to see the benefits or not it’s up to you I know it depends
what your team needs what you need to track it’s fully added two bullets jump
about a bowl that word you can you can you know bounce around I think it’s
really fun it’s just a really fun way of tracking time profile saying there’s
going to be settings where it’s going to ask you where to round up or round down
enable your Google login if you haven’t when you set up profile settings
achievements and I guess you’re going to get things if you were do things so it
is all sorted and I didn’t want this video to go long
I just wanted you to see the free version that I just started using ask me
any questions if I get plenty of questions and I will upgrade this
account and pay and go down some more in-depth questions about I’m sure I’m
pretty sure it toggles it syncs to toggle QuickBooks if it doesn’t maybe it
doesn’t sing to quit what was QuickBooks Online toggle alright so you can do is
lose a Pia as a peer in it however you can do it from integrations are all
different videos these but as I said it was a listen to drag out all you do
although you jump in you stick yeah you whatever you’re doing you add the
project if it’s a project or a new project other tack say it’s billable set
the time rolling and and you away I think it’s really simple really easy to
use and so you know I’m a spreadsheet timesheet man and I’ve got to get away
from it I’ve got to start in depth seeing where meetings going worry me I
really should be tracking mine on billable time that I do for on my
website on my own is you know my YouTube videos themselves two hours to make and
really start to see where my hours are going where should I prioritize my hours
where should I be working in you know am am i doing of billable versus and I’ll
consider this number level time because it’s obviously building my connection
with people but just getting on top of the data it definitely make good things
for me so any questions let me know leave a comment wherever you’re watching
it like or dislike you know I’m going to try I’ll try and help you out as best as
I can with any of those questions so have a great day thanks for watching and
see you all again soon

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9 thoughts on “Toggl Time Tracking Beginner Tutorial –”

  1. Kritika Pandey says:

    Toggl is very simple to use. I've had team members use it so I can see what they spend the most time on to improve their efficiency. It's as simple as adding or selecting a previous task and starting the timer. Once you are done, stop the timer and switch to your next task. The best thing about the product is it's ease-of-use.

  2. wee lynn says:

    Thanks for this Paul, very helpful

  3. Sergio Eliot Rodriguez says:

    Great stuff, Paul! It was great instructory video and useful for me! I am a freelancer and thinking to track better my time, I stumbled upon Toggl on a blog post, and now I needed a video tutorial. Many thanks!

  4. Beckie says:

    Thank you! I would love to see a paid version!

  5. Sebastian DC. says:

    Hi Paul, thanks for this! One question, is there a possibility to share files in Toggl with a team you working on a project?

  6. Jiyaad Naeem says:

    Thank you for this

  7. Paul Nicholson Introducing says:

    Toggl Free Training and Forum:

  8. Clifton S. says:

    Great presentation!

  9. Loren's London says:

    I love your intro with the kids "working"!

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