Top 5 Tips to Start Your Online Course

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Hey, MDC Sharks. We’re here from
Virtual College so that we can review the five most
common questions students have before they start
their online course. This way you’ll be able to
dominate your course just like a shark
dominates the ocean. So here we have a
very special guest with us today, Mr. Jose Sanchez,
the Virtual College advisor and help desk supervisor. Jose, do you want to
introduce yourself? Definitely. Hello, my name is Jose, and
I’m the help desk supervisor of the Virtual College
department, Wolfson campus. There are actually three ways
that a student can actually contact us, and one of
them is by coming in person to building 3, room 3704
at the Wolfson campus. That’s where we are located. The second way, you
can also contact us via e-mail at [email protected] And the third way is over
the phone, at 305-237-3800. Also, keep in mind,
the first week of classes we’re open from 8:00
AM to 6:00 PM to help students. And after that we’re open
our regular schedule, Monday through Fridays
from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Please, if you
have any questions, if we can be of any
assistance, don’t hesitate to give us a
call, send us an e-mail, or come by in person and you
can meet either one of us here. Thanks, Jose! Any time. See you guys. So before we get into the
five most common questions, I think it’s
important for students to know how to even get started. It’s easy. Just by going to
the MDC homepage, there’s a Blackboard link. Students just use their
MDC username and password, and then enter Blackboard and
click on the Courses link. Then they’ll be able
to see all the courses that they registered in. So once they’re there
they can actually access the course itself. And once you’re
in the course, you would then click
on where it says Getting Started or Start Here. And it’s in this section that’s
located on the left hand side, on the course navigation
pane, that students can access important information about the
course, about their instructor, but more importantly about
the Meet Your Classmates assignment, which is a first
assignment this semester. That’s right. Another important document
that’s in the course is the syllabus. Please, if I recommend
anything it’s to really review
every part of it. There are expectations and
competencies about the course. And you can access it
during the entire term. So the students can help
manage these expectations and also stay organized by
utilizing the course calendar. The course calendar is
what has all the deadlines of the course. So you can also make
your own appointment to stay on top of
these deadlines, but more importantly, make
sure that you submit all of your assignments on time. Another really important
tip that we have is to use the Course
Messaging tool. This is an email
feature that you can use to email your
instructor, classmates, or you can even shoot one
email to the entire class. So now that we’ve finished
up that, let’s talk about probably the
most important thing we want to discuss, which
is attendance requirements. And this has to do with a
common question that we get, which the students want to
know how they can avoid being dropped from their classes. And the best way
that you can do this is by submitting
assignments, because that’s what record attendance here
at the Virtual College. Keep in mind that each course
might have different attendance requirements, so make sure
that you review your syllabus for this information. For the most part, submitting
one assignment at least once a week is enough to keep
you active in the course. But remember, you don’t want
to miss those deadlines. That’s right. So with that, we want to
thank you for listening, and we want to say,
have a great term. We wish you success and We’ll see you online!

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