Top 7 Most EXPENSIVE University Degrees (Most Expensive College Degrees)

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Brains and beauty is the creme de la creme
of any eligible suitor. To have the best of both, it’s likely they’ve
also got big bucks to back it up. Or just massive student debt. College degrees are notoriously inflated in
our modern world, and some universities have price tags that would take even the biggest
post-earners a lot of time and heartache to pay off. Grants and scholarships aside. Here are 7 of Dreamy Money’s most expensive
university degrees. #7 Johns Hopkins University Whether or not you’ve
smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins and Will Ferrel before seeing Step Brothers, it’s unlikely
you’ll get a free pass to sit in on these classes. The prestige of Johns Hopkins precedes itself. Shaking the hand of someone who earned a degree
from this University means you’ve shaken the hand of someone who once forked over $53,000
a year in tuition alone. What’s A Reasonable University Education Fee? Comment below and let us know! #6. Northwestern University This university located
in Illinois seems to be a place students are happy during school and thrive once they graduate. Just ask notable alumni like Julie Louis-Dreyfuss,
Stephen Colbert, or Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Success comes with investment. Befitting of royalty, one year at Northwestern
is worth over $54,000 in tuition. #5. University of Southern California The sunshine
of SoCal sounds like one dreamy place to earn your degree. The allure of LA’s prestigious college is
abundant. Those who have the funds to actually afford
it are much less plentiful. A year’s tuition alone is $55,320. #4. Duke University True basketball fans would
be honored and forever proud to receive a degree from Duke University. On the flip side, the high cost of tuition
could lead one to more scandalous side hustles, much like adult actress Belle Knox opted for. At $55,960 in annual tuition, it wouldn’t
hurt to get creative to be able to fund your degree. Enjoying the list so far? Make sure to Like, Subscribe and hit the notification
bell for more videos like these! #3. Southern Methodist University Southern Methodist
got caught up in some under-the-table payment scandals to strengthen their football team. If you’re not a lineman, the strength of
your dollar will have to make up for it. They’ve more or less cleared their name
of the 1980s disparagement and a year’s tuition comes at the price of $56,560. #2. University of Chicago Famed astronomer Carl
Sagan, the host of the original Cosmos, is a University of Chicago grad. In order to make stepping into this school
worth it, you better make sure your head isn’t in the clouds. A year there is now estimated to cost $57,263. Multiply that by 4 and you’re looking at
an astronomically-priced diploma. #1. Columbia University When Barack Obama transferred
to Columbia University in 1983, college tuition averaged around $10,000 per semester in the
United States. Now, getting a degree from this NYC Ivy League
fit for a president is worth upwards of $62,000, and that’s just for a degree in “General
Studies.” That concludes our list… While most colleges offer financial aid, grants,
and scholarships, there’s no denying the tremendous prices that students can find themselves
paying – or borrowing – for that esteemed university degree. Though a 4-year stint may cost a hell of a
lot in the long run, investing in your making your brain brighter is one of the only ways
you can be sure you might see that money again and take you one step closer to your Dreamy
Money. Should post secondary education be free for
all? Comment and let us know what you think! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and hit the
notification bell if you enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching!

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