Top Liberal Arts, Social Sciences and Education Grads Honored at Event

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Top Liberal Arts, Social Sciences and Education Grads Honored at Event

Before we get started again, if you haven’t done so already, please
do take a moment to silence your phones. And also just a quick reminder
that following the ceremony we will be having a reception
for all of our guests where we’d love to spend some time with you and get to know
you after the ceremony. All right, let’s get this started. Honored guests, please stand and join
me in welcoming into the auditorium, Southern New Hampshire University’s College of Online and Continuing
Education executive directors, associate deans and faculty. And now, to welcome the folks
that we are all here for, I’m pleased to introduce
into the auditorium Southern New Hampshire University’s 2018 College of Online and Continuing
Education academic award recipients. Last but not least guys, let’s give these
guys a big round of applause as well. Good evening, everyone. And on behalf of our Vice President
of Academic Affairs, Dr. Greg Fowler, and all our SNHU academic family, I want to welcome you all to our 2018 SNHU
College of Online and Continuing Education Academic Award Ceremony for Liberal
Arts, Social Sciences, and Education. I’m honored to be in this room with
each and every one of you tonight, the students, family members
and friends present. My name is Dr. Ruth Lahti, and I’m
the Senior Executive Director of Liberal Arts and Social
Sciences here, at SNHU. And I will be your master
of ceremonies tonight. Tonight, looking out at
each of our graduates, my heart is full of joy as we honor
your incredible achievements, achievements you have fought for through
a long journey toward your degree. This weekend is all about celebrating
you and those individuals who have supported you
through this journey, many of whom are here with you tonight. Our SNHU family is thrilled to
join you in the celebration. Here on the platform to
help honor you tonight are the leaders of the various
COCE academic departments, whom I ask to rise as
they are introduced. Dr. Jennifer Bachelor, Associate
Vice-President of Academic Programs. Dr. Gwen Britton, Senior
Executive Director, Science, Technology, Engineering,
and Mathematics Programs. Dr. Jan Wyatt, Senior Executive Director,
Business, Nursing, and Health Professions, Mental Health Counseling
and Education Programs. Anthony Siciliano, Executive Director of General Education and
Interdisciplinary Studies. Dr. Mark Wilson, Executive Director,
Mental Health Counseling Programs. Dr. Michelle Hill, Executive
Director, Social Sciences Programs. Dr. Denise Basillon, Executive
Director, Health Professions Programs. Dr. Peggy Moriarty-Litz,
Chief Nursing Officer. And in the front row of the auditorium,
are the associate deans and faculty of the various
programs here at COCE. This entire weekend is about
celebrating achievement. The students present here tonight along
with all of their fellow students who will attend commencement tomorrow
and all the students who were unable to attend commencement in person
will know the joy of celebrating the achievement of earning
their university degrees. And we, their families, friends, loved
ones, teachers and administrators delight in the opportunity to salute
them and celebrate with them. And while this weekend is definitely
about them and their stories of success, it is a no small way of
celebration as well. All of you who have come here
tonight to support students and to see them receive this honor
are part of their success story. Because of the support and love that you
have given them during their journey, we salute and honor you as well. In our commercials for SNHU, we say that the process of achieving your
degree has the ability to transform lives. We don’t only mean that this experience will help you on your
journey to a better career, through your hard work and dedication,
you model for your family and friends, and especially children in your world what
it means to persevere through challenges. And speaking of challenges, I just realized I forgot to
ask you all to sit down. Please be seated. I was wondering what that signal buzz
in the back saying go like this. Well now you all got your extra
steps and exercise in for the night. Thank you for bearing with me. Through your hard work and dedication,
you model for your family and friends, and especially children in your world what
it means to persevere through challenges, prioritize multiple
responsibilities like work, family and school, and
what success looks like. We, the members of the SNHU family
take great pride in your achievements and we are honored that we
play a part in your success. Now to the reason that we’re here
tonight to honor our students beyond just graduating this weekend, the students in this room hold
an additional distinction not only did they achieve their
dream of earning a university degree, they did it while achieving the highest
GPAs in their respective programs. Each of these individuals and there
may be more than one per program are among that elite group to be called, the best of the best in
academic performance. We celebrate all our student
graduates this weekend but tonight we pay special honor to
those of you who through your dedication and hard work have earned
this added distinction. We know that tomorrow will be the big
day for you as you receive your degree, but we also want this to be a big evening
for you as you receive this recognition of your outstanding academic performance. And so as each of you comes forward this
evening to receive your certificate, I ask you to remember that no matter where
you go, no matter what you achieve, and no matter what else
happens to you in your life, no one can ever take away the
honors you receive this weekend. They are yours for life. At this point, I’d like to invite
Dr. Michelle Hill to come to the podium to introduce our distinguished
students from Social Sciences. Good evening. I’d first like to introduce associate
dean of faculty, Dr. Nick Dominello to join me on the stage to
help hand out the awards. And I would also like to invite the
rest of our associate dean team, Dr. Jeff Czarnec, Dr. Barb Blesniach
and Deb Magnotta, to join us off stage for our receiving line to
greet our award winners. And now I would like to invite all of the
students in the Social Sciences programs to please rise and line up
to the right of the stage. When your name is called, please
come up to receive your award and make your way back down to your seat. All right. Our first award winner is Ashley Aubin. Lindsay Gayle Burns. Ashley Amber Kaycee. Patricia Sesneros. Wanda R. Cross. Lisa DeRepentigny. Sorry about that Lisa. It was close. Sara Beth Glazier. Courtney Fidler. Janiel Gordon. Rebekah Hope Hull. Stephanie Hurst. Christine Kohl. Kristin Grace Lindemann. Patrick Maher. Michelle Renee McCorkell Whitaker. Melissa McFadden. Thomas J. McGrath. Rebecca Lee Orndorff. Tara L. Patrosinsky. Kimberly Ann Rafaeli. Kara M. Rodriguez. Angela Marie Solomon. Rebecca Diane Schneider. Carolina Vega Suarez. Amber Lee Summers. Tara Whiting. Carolyn Whittaker. David Weisner. Jennifer Yeaton-Parris. Allison Sharkey. Stephanie McGrath. And we’re out of envelopes. Come on up, what’s your name? Laura Bello. Laura Bello. And I’d like to ask everyone
to give all our award winners for Social Sciences another round
of applause, congratulations. Thanks Michelle. At this point, I would like
to welcome all of the deans from the liberal arts area to join
us on this side of the stage, and for Dean Derrick Craigie
to join me on stage. Will all the students in
the Liberal Arts programs, please rise and line up in alphabetical
order at this side of the stage. Our first award winner,
Ashley Mallack Amire. Deidre Anne Ashe. Suzanne Lynn Araldi. Frances Henry Boudouin. Laura Michelle Bellow. Oh, I think that was our
social science stint. There we go.
Thank you. We found it. All right. Sarah Alice Putts. Jeremiah Brown. Matthan Brown. Erin Chartier. Jennifer Elizabeth Chase. Jule Clyde. Robert d’Angelo. William J. Doyle. Mindy May Farmer. Bethany Guthrey. Nicole Decker. Erica Carolina Fernandez. Tracey Lynn Giri. Joanna Gibson. Joshua Bryan Gigere. Valerie Grayson. Joanne G. Hoffmeister. Charles Johnson. Kallie Jones. David Peter Iverson. Ann-Marie Keeney. Kaitlyn Kelly. Jenna C. Keppick. Emma Bronwyn Lang. Danielle Lawson. Nicole Marie Ladopoulos. Kai Lee. Jennifer L. Scott Madison. Devin Moore. Nancy E. McKenzie. Rebecca Catherine Mitchell. Matthew Joshua Morgan. Tracy Lee Music. Amy M. Nowerta. Kayloni Pearson. Samantha Prost. Samantha Jane Raymond. Amy Renicker. Grant Roberson. Michelle Renee Olson. Lyn M. Rikentol. Victoria L. Schartz. Heather Fawn Shaw. Jeremy David Singer. Melissa Christine Sotto. Susan Elizabeth Speckman. Carol Stenson. Stacey Sweeney. Christina Toman. Pamela Anne Waldon. Bethany Webb. Stephen Michael Weir. Holly Michelle Weyer. George Daniel Mateo. Mamet Eyas. Amber Shey Maine. And last but not least. Abigail Noronho. Please join me in congratulating
all of our Liberal Arts winners. At this point, I would like
to introduce Dr. Jan Wyatt. Good afternoon. May I ask Dr. Daniel Tangway, Associate
Dean of Programs and the Faculty for Education Programs,
to please join me on the stage. Thank you take your time. May I ask the award recipients
from the education program to please join me to the
right of the stage. So last but not least, so
everything about going last, I have a little bit of power, right? Because here’s the thing, I know that
you know that there’s food over there and I’m what’s standing
between you and that food. So I can pretty much get you to do
anything that I want at this point. So I have a couple of requests. Can I have the associate deans
and the faculty, please stand. And can you please hold
your applause till the end? These are the people, these are my colleagues who you
may not recognize the faces, you might recognize the names
but these are the folks who over the last few years of
your journey have been there, supporting you, fighting for
you, sometimes fighting with you to get you to the point
where you are right now, standing in front of your
families and friends graduating. So please, one more time. Thank you. Okay, one more request. To our education students, take a minute to see if you can
find in the crowd your loved ones, your families or your friends,
and give them a round of applause they have also been there
supporting you all along the way, every step being your greatest advocates. Thank you. And that was touching, that was nice. But from this point forward, the rest
of the next few days is about you. The next few days is
about your hard work, your sacrifice, the great
choices that you have made. When your friends were out partying,
you are at home studying. When your kids were
screaming and fighting, you were letting them scream and fight, and you were doing your exams. You put in the time,
you put in the effort, and the next days is our congratulations
to you, you deserve it. Congratulations. All right, thank you. As I call your name, please come forward. Christina Casela. Donna Dukeshire. Elizabeth Marie Forte. Joseph Gunnison. Eva Freemanez Linnea Eileen Hilchey. Christopher Scott Johnson. Karyn Jordan. Mary Krier. Jennifer Wollensack Lussier. Todd Martin Medovich. Ashley Rae Parkhurst. Jody L. Peters. Daniel Pullen. Emily Marie Robinson. Christine Sargent. Crystal Lynn Sexton. Rachel Barbara Shaughnessey. Lisa Shuman. Joanne Statler. Okay. Barbara Zabriskie Tomaszewski. I almost made it through. Tomaszewski. Tomaszewski.
Thank you [laughter]. Stacey Welch-Andrade. Pressous Avante Green. Elizabeth M. Blough. Thanie William Philip. Barbara Green. One final round of applause for
Education program graduates. Honored guests, that brings us to
the end of our ceremony tonight. If there are any students who are
present whose names we didn’t call because they may have checked in after the
ceremony started, please raise your hand. Anybody? We want to make sure that we honor
each and every– oh, please come up. I saw that tiny little hand. Come on up. Come on up. She gets the long applause here. Come up.
Oh no, come up. I want to read your name. We’re not letting anyone leave here
tonight without reading their names. And you got to shake everybody’s hands. Everybody’s hands. Abigail Noronho, everybody. We got one more. One more, all right. Come on down. Come on guys, we can
keep the energy up here. Ladies and gentlemen, Michelle Nelson. Anyone else? Going once, going twice. I’m looking for timid hands
there in the audience. It looks like we’ve got everyone. All right. Well, I will ask that you remain
seated until the platform party and students have recessed
out of the auditorium. Again, on behalf of SNHU, I
congratulate each and every one of you on this amazing distinction,
and on your graduation. We look forward to seeing all of you
tomorrow at your commencement ceremonies, and good luck as you move
forward into the world to continue your journey of
personal discovery and success. We invite you all to join us
now for light refreshments, and as you take your leave,
please travel safely. Thanks, everybody.

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