Transitioning from Online High School to College: How Virtual School Prepared Anna for College

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Transitioning from Online High School to College: How Virtual School Prepared Anna for College

“I’m Anna Marie Ridenour and I’m a recent graduate of Connections Academy. I was in the program for eight years and I am an honors student and I was the valedictorian for my class. I find that I actually enjoy school a lot more with Connections Academy, because I can do it on my own time and I’m not being forced to do it when I don’t want to, even though I am responsible for getting all of my schoolwork done; I feel like it’s more enjoyable because I can do it on my own time. The thing I like most about Connections Academy is just the teachers and how they’re always willing to help, always willing to go the extra mile, and give you any help that you need. We have a great library in my town. With Connections Academy, I can do my schoolwork wherever there’s internet. I can use that resource, do research on a paper if I need to, have a change of scenery and just take a day and do my schoolwork there if I want to. I’ve met a lot of people through Connections Academy, a lot of other students through LiveLessons and field trips. You can meet people from all over the state and even all over the country. I’m pretty much just a normal teenager. I hang out with my friends and we go to movies and play board games together. I play piano and play with my dog. Connections Academy really just allows me to do a lot of things outside of school. I’ve been involved in a peers reading program my junior and senior year, that’s where students help other students in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry They do one-on-one LiveLessons and it’s really helpful for students to just get that extra help. I feel like I’m doing something good and helping other students, while also practicing my math skills and practicing my teaching skills for when I become a math teacher. Now that I’ve graduated, I know I am going to miss Connections Academy, but hopefully in four years I’ll be back as a Connections Academy math teacher. Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve talked to you guys. I am now a couple of months into my freshman year at the College of Mount St. Joseph. It’s going really great and I’m having a lot of fun here. I feel more prepared for college because I went to Connections Academy. I already had a similar schedule in high school and so that was easy for me to transition into the schedule of college. I am used to being responsible for getting my assignments done on time, and also, because I have such a close relationship with my teachers. It’s helped me to be prepared to also have a close relationship with my professors here at college. Connections Academy has also helped prepare me for college by doing campus tours, and LiveLessons about the college application process and the steps you need to take in order to make it into college. So far my favorite things about college are the independence of living on my own in the dorms, meeting great people, and making really good friends. I am majoring in math here and my plans are to graduate and become certified in teaching high school math and to come back to Connections Academy in four years as a teacher. So it’s been really great talking to you guys, but I have to get to Calculus, so I’ll talk to you later.”

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