TRY NOT TO EAT CHALLENGE! | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food


TRY NOT TO EAT CHALLENGE! | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food

– Ugh!
– This one’s so good. – God! – This can probably be
classified as torture. – ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So, before you came
in today, we asked you to arrive with an empty stomach.
– Well, I’m ready to eat, that’s for sure. – Yeah.
– I’m suspicious, ’cause you guys like to mess with us a lot.
– Exactly. – (FBE) So the reason being
we’ve teamed up with Crunchyroll to have you watch the anime
Food Wars, where a teenage boy dreams
of becoming a chef and battles to survive at
an elite culinary school while mastering his skills.
We want you to watch some show clips full
of delicious foods while hungry and
tell us what you think. – I’ve watched Food Wars before.
Let me tell you, okay, if you can’t tell by my shirt,
I love anime. – I like anime.
I’ve seen Food Wars. – Anime food makes me so hungry
every time. – You eat with your eyes first,
so, you know, my stomach is gonna get ready for the food.
– Yeah, my eyes are hungry as [bleep] right now. – (Japanese dialogue) – I like how it’s like Dragonball Z
but with cooking. – I know, it’s an anime.
Everything’s so much more intense.
Oh, nice. Sticks the landing. – Yeah, this would make
an appetite for real. – Honestly, food in anime
is the most amazing looking thing in the world and I can never
tell what any of it is supposed to be,
but I want all of it. – Ugh, they make the food
look so good. – It’s so fluffy.
– Oh my God, look. They’re jiggling. – Oh my God, I love her. – Oh my.
– This is better than any Food Network thing.
– This is like Ratatouille on steroids. – (FBE) We got a chef
to recreate these delicious and one of a kind dishes
from the show. This is extra special,
’cause you’ll never be able to get these anywhere else.
– What? – Guys, I’m gonna cry. – Oh!
Look at that. – It looks like something you see
in a commercial, that’s how good it looks. – (FBE) I do have some news
for you, this is a try not to eat challenge.
– No! – (FBE) Whoever can get
through this and eat the least amount of food wins.
– No, no, no. This is gonna be so hard. – This is a challenge you
only could lose. – I know! – (FBE) So this is the
mouthwatering souffle omelette you just saw,
and it’s indeed fluffy and magical. Will you be trying this?
– I hate you guys so much. – I’m gonna eat it.
– I wanna taste it too. – Screw this challenge.
It’s so unique. – It is so worth it to eat it. – You know what,
I’ma take this quick L here and try this out.
– Ding. – Wow.
– The whole background just turned pink behind you
when you took a bite of that. – Do I have the heart eye
emojis? – That looks so good, though.
Okay, I’m good this round. – I want someone to look at me
the way she’s looking at that omelette.
– (laughs) – Yeah, I’m not gonna eat this.
I’m mad at you guys. – There’s other Japanese foods
that I really wanna try, but since it’s a challenge,
I’m gonna hold back. – Look at it.
It’s literally sparkling. – (Japanese dialogue) – My first thought was
“Nice try. I’m still not gonna eat healthy.” – Sauteed zucchini herb–
Oh my God. – That sounds good.
– It’s so refreshing. – It looks good. – (Japanese dialogue) – 14 different flavors?
What? – That’s intense.
That’s intense. – I might have to try this. – I’m more curious about
how this tastes, though. – That looked like something
that you get as an appetizer to a really fancy, fancy
restaurant. – (FBE) So now here is
the rainbow terrine. What gives this dish
the extra delicious taste is the allspice.
The show describes it as tasting like a mother’s love
and I can attest from trying it that it really does touch
your heart, so wanna give it a try?
– This looks ridiculously similar to what was in the TV show. – I expected not wanting to eat it
’cause it was gonna be vegetables, but this looks so tasty. – I’ll try it if you try it.
– All right, all right, that’s fair. – Ready?
– Cheers. – That’s definitely like
mother’s love. – It’s delicious.
– Wow. – It’s a roller coaster. – Do you want to?
That’s the question. – The thing is, I have
no self control. – Okay.
– So you can’t make me. Jordan. I don’t like this part
of the game. – I’m good, I don’t really
want this dish. – I feel like we’re just
gonna step it up, so save it towards
the end, maybe. – If this wasn’t a challenge,
I would totally eat it, but because it is,
I can’t lose this. – Whoa.
– Oh, it’s a roll. I’m ready for this.
– Look it, they all have it. – I–
this looks so good. Look at the eyes,
they’re glimmering. – Oh my God, it’s crunchy.
– Oh. – Oh, it’s fried–
– We’re getting chicken! Jordan, we’re getting chicken!
– (laughs) – (Japanese dialogue) – This show is amazing.
– No dude, food brings people together. – Ahhh!
Me, right now. Ah no!
That one looked so good. – (FBE) Presenting the
karaage roll. I can attest that the chicken
is as flavorful, crispy, and juicy as the anime said.
So, you guys gonna try this one? – (laughs) That looks really good.
– Man, that chicken looks good. – Ugh!
– So good. – I’m gonna refrain.
I’m refraining. – I’m sure you are.
– Yeah. Oh my gosh.
– This is a really weird comparison–
oh, she’s losing! Ha ha! – I’m just gonna lose.
I don’t care anymore. You know, whatever.
– Okay, done. That’s bomb.
– That’s fire. – That is good.
You know when you taste something so good, you get mad?
I’m mad. – This one’s really hard,
but I think I’m gonna pass on this one.
– No, you know what? I’m gonna win. – I’m not gonna do it.
– You’re not– dang it, wait,
I don’t wanna lose. This is the worst challenge
I’ve ever done. – Ever! – Oh, it’s a business.
– Business people, wait. – Sabotars.
What’s the word? Saboteurs. – “I asked you for juicy meat.”
(laughs) – I love anime.
I love it. Look at him.
– He putting his whole arm into that food.
– Look at that beautiful slow motion, look at that. – Oh, the salt bae.
– Salt bae. – Oh, nice.
– It’s like the Naruto of food. – Can’t say no.
– What is that!? – (Japanese dialogue) – Ugh. – I’m starting to cry a little.
– (laughs) – I’m just getting so hungry.
It’s unreal right now. – How can I not eat this?
– Did he say potatoes and bacon? – (FBE) So the delicious dish
in front of you is called Gotcha pork roast
and has potatoes and bacon in it. So, are you gonna eat it?
This your only chance to ever try this dish.
– Oh, I gotchu pork roast. – Stop, this is our only–
Eric, a chef made this. – How can we–
it would be– – It would be rude. – Yep.
– Wait, let me smell it. Oh my God, it’s bacon heaven. – It’s worth it.
I’m gonna try. You wanna try with me? It’s so good.
I can’t even keep in my seat. – Gotta keep it halal, guys.
Shoutout to my non pork eaters. Keep it kosher.
– But I want it. – Tom, go at it, bro.
– All right, I’m gonna eat it. – I love potatoes.
I’m not gonna– Nope, I’m good.
I’m past it. – You don’t have to eat it.
We’re good. – We’re not gonna eat it.
– We’re good. – We’re not gonna eat it. – I just wanna say,
I want my life wrapped in bacon. – Oh, the steam.
Oh, it’s this– Oh my God, I’m definitely
eating this. I remember this scene. – Ooh, is that a steak?
Like a beef? – That looks so good. – Oh, we’re going in.
– (both laugh) – “I can’t stop eating.”
(laughs) Same. – That’s so relatable.
I just want it to be me right now. – They’re not even chewing.
They’re just swallowing. – The fact that I’m expecting
this to be in front of me soon makes this such
a different experience. – I’m those two girls
in the corner. Me and Brooklin.
(both squeal) – (FBE) So, this is the steak don.
I tried it and couldn’t stop eating it, either.
It had to be pulled away from me.
So, will you be trying this one? – Oh yeah, hell yeah.
I’m eating this. That’s so good.
Bruh. – I wanna win though.
– You know you want it. – (laughs)
Okay, yeah, [bleep] it. – All in your mouth.
– Ah, it’s so warm. – Okay, wow.
– It’s so good. I’m gonna do my food dance. – I’m glad that I get to
watch it and eat it at the same time.
I don’t care if I fail this challenge. – I refrain from this one.
This is all you. – Cool, I’m eating this
for lunch, then. – Enjoy.
– Thank you Jordan. – This is pure torture.
– This is the best day of my life. I don’t think it’s too much of
an overstatement to say this is the best thing
I’ve ever had. – This can probably be
classified as torture. No, I’m not gonna do it.
I’m not gonna do it! – I can smell this, but
you know what I can smell more? I can smell victory.
– (laughs) – (FBE) You guys both won. – Yeah!
– Yeah, you know, I’m not even gonna applaud that.
That sucked. – (FBE) Some people have lost.
– All or nothing, baby. – Yeah. – It was worth it.
This is good food. – I don’t care.
– Whoo! We did it! – I’ve lost a lot of challenges
in my day. This is one challenge
I was happy to lose. – Exactly. – Thanks for watching our first
ever Try Not to Eat Challenge on the React Channel. – New shows every day,
so Subscribe. – If you like anime and good food,
hit that Like button. – Bye guys! – Hi guys, it’s Katie,
a React Channel producer. Big thank you to Crunchyroll
for sponsoring this episode. You can watch Food Wars
on Link is in the description.
Thanks guys, bye.

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