TVF’s Dating Qtiyapa


TVF’s Dating Qtiyapa

Shit! I am never coming on a blind date again. It’s okay, Parul. Calm down. Rahul said that the guy
is very interesting. It’s okay. It’s all going to be good. Why hasn’t he reached yet? Moin? Bhai. I am Moin bhai. You are looking good. Oh really! Even you are looking good. Let me show you a magic. Come. Come here. Keep looking around. Why? Hey, what are you doing? Hey, what the hell are you doing? -What is all this nonsense?
-Hey! -Help!
-What help? I know it. Wait. -Is anybody there?
-Look. Help! Is anybody there? Help! What help? See its done. Idiot! This is my car. You drive then. I am not going to leave you. Stop. Sit, sit. Actually my mom doesn’t let me go out of the
house alone so Sattu came along with me. Okay. I hope he is not coming
with you to college. It’s okay. Absolutely fine. -Now he can go out and have ice-cream.
-No. I actually avoid UV rays. You should. Good, good. Pooja, here cheese sandwich is nice. -Should we order?
-No. Sister doesn’t like cheese and
here sandwiches are not good. I keep coming here for a date. Order three greek salad. He is very cute. -Vey innocent.
-I am not innocent. I am very much mature. You carry school bag
to college but I don’t. I carry mature and sporty bag to school. Try to understand about Karl Marx. It is not about the marks about Marx. It has marks on step marking and… We met because of Shalu aunty and
she is very good friend of my mother. So I will be very honest with you. Okay? You are amazing. But you are not my kind. I respect your decision. But since I am an activist, I would like to go against
it and protest peacefully. ‘Freedom from rejections’ I don’t want any advice and date anyone. Okay? You guys don’t know what exactly I want. May be the past era was good. People met at a fair, fell in love and would
send a flower with a letter. That was the best. I even don’t know how Laila got Majnu. And Shivi, I can’t believe
that for my love life you wanted me to worship
this Greek God of love. I mean… Oh madam! I told you to use OkCupid, Didn’t tell you to bring Cupid’s photo. But online dating. I am looking for a serious relationship. Yes. OkCupid is for serious relationship. Don’t tell me that you and
Rahul met through this. No, no. I met him in a fair. But you will find your
kind of person there. Okay then!
I am getting late for the concert. Arijit Singh is coming. Carry a tissue box along with you. He is a real hero. The real one. -Hey, brother!
-Hey? Where are you going? At the border. Can’t you see that I am going on a date. That tution girl Rinki got
permission from her father. Come here. Sit. What happened? He is going on a date. And you didn’t even
think that there is a roommate who is experienced
in dating science. You should take some tips from him. Who? This guy? Not him, me. Tried and tested and some
smart ideas that I have. So listen carefully. First thing, as soon as you get down from your car, open the door for her. Madam… Madam? Madam. My love. Second thing, -as soon as you enter the restaurant…
-…Best pav bhaji. I am telling you. Don’t go and sit directly, brother. Pull the chair first for her. Excuse me? Brother! Is there any other place to sit? As soon as you get the bill, don’t take out 20 or 50 rupees
change from your pocket. Girls love cashless guys.
Directly remove your card, brother. Please swipe the card. Fourth one, Listen carefully, Don’t pay the full amount. This is a generation of equality. -Half you will wash…
-…Half the amount she will pay. Half I will wash. If you follow all these,
then this will be the best date ever. You have got to be kidding me. Hey, I am cleaning. It is all brother’s ideas. Go and apply. Go and live your life. As per the profile,
he looks intelligent and sensitive. I hope he dosen’t spoil my mood
with his creepy cheesy lines. Don’t even think of spoiling my mood
by sending some creepy cheesy lines. Oh, no! How will we start
with a conversation? Okay. We can talk about
who is more careful. Of course me. I forget my charger at home
while leaving for office. Sometimes I sleep a lot and forget going to office. Don’t pretend to be funny. Are you trying to impress
me with your poetry, quantum physics and everthing or
you are seriously interested? Since childhood I had only one
motive that I can impress you. ‘When you cross through any observer,
I get collapsed through wave function. Please don’t spoil everything
by asking my contact number. -Jay, Jay, Jay…
-Yaay! Do you remember Asha? Remember? Today she called me. She was saying that she wants to meet me. Literally me. After completing our graduation,
meeting her after 5 years. This means… This means that… I don’t know what to do. What gift should I give?
Phone, teddy bear, my own property? -Let’s give her my own property, Jay.
-No, no. Asha… Asha. Asha. Since last 5 years, I was waiting for this call. Believe me Asha,
there is no one in the world like you. -No one.
-Aman? I want to be with you. You please become a member of this scheme. Two of them are already there. Make three members by yourself. And then this chain should go on. 3 to 9 and then 9 to 27, from 27 to uncountable. You can earn lakhs and
lakhs of rupees from home. So tell me. Will you support me? Nice. -Hi.
-Hi. You could have called if you are waiting for so long. Actually, it’s been 15 days Parul
you haven’t shared your number yet. Oh. Nice dress. Thanks. Even you can give a
compliment for my shirt. Shirt is okay. Not that great. Actually it belongs to my friend. So no problem. But you are looking good. I was just joking. This is mine. So you like me then? Yeah I like you after talking to you.
Rest I can’t say anything right now. Hmm… Do you know that when
you start liking someone, slowly your face will look like his face. This scientific theory you
must have created. Right? No. I am serious. You will come to know after a year. You never know, may be after a year
your face will unlock my phone. -What?
-Yes. Since how long you were
planning for this joke? Since 3.5 days. That’s it. So I see. You have sweet tooth. Huh?
So many cookies. -Only because you’re sweet.
-Ohh… -…Shut up!
-But now atleast give your number.

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