Typical Online Course @ WCU

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Typical Online Course @ WCU

What does a typical West Chester University distance education course look like? There is no such thing as typical at West Chester University. Each online course is a unique experience shaped by the perspectives and personality of the instructor and the participating students; however, there are some common elements you can expect to find in every course. For starters, you will find clear communication about course expectations and how to get started right on the course homepage. A course instructor might do this by using a welcome video or welcome text. Maybe you will see a student lounge, which is a discussion area for students to introduce themselves, ask questions, and converse about course topics. There should be information about your instructor and how to contact them. You might also see updates appear in the announcement section as you progress through a course. Most courses have a support widget listing the contact information for the many support resources available to help you if run into difficulties. Finally, you will see a course modules section with links to the learning expectations and directions for each unit of study. How a course is organized will depend on the instructor, but most use a weekly structure. For each week you can expect to find an introduction that explains what you are going to learn and how you will demonstrate your learning. You will find the learning materials which could be readings, videos, websites, or other interactive content. After that will be the collaborative activities and assessment items where you put your learning into practice, demonstrating your understanding and mastery of the course content. In every online course is an inspiring and unique faculty member ready to connect with you and help you succeed.

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